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  1. pen received reputation from Lucas in Disturbed online poll   
    Interesting approach, but they have to know ballad won't win.
  2. pen received reputation from Bladenit09 in Amaranthe - "365"   
    October 19th. It's actually called Helix.

    01. "The Score"
    02. "365"
    03. "Inferno"
    04. "Countdown"
    05. "Helix"
    06. "Dream" 
    07. "GG6"
    08. "Breakthrough Stardust" 
    09. "My Haven" 
    10. "Iconic"
    11. "Unified" 
    12. "Momentum"
  3. pen gave reputation to Andrew in Got (Gaming) News   
    I modded my SNES Classic to give it about 100 total games and it's the greatest machine in the history of the world.
  4. pen gave reputation to Omar in Got (Gaming) News   
    Yeah I ended up returning my NES Classic. I still have the SNES, but I honestly barely play that too. Cool novelty but not a lot of saying power for me.
    i did purchase a Switch last month though, which is GREAT. 
  5. pen received reputation from Lucas in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    I agree. And using the script is a fair enough compromise if Disney chooses not to wise up and rehire Gunn. I will say I don't envy the guy who takes over, cause that will be one tense set.
    I also love the joke article of Disney hiring Jose Gunnberto: Gunn with a fake mustache. If only. 
  6. pen received reputation from Lucas in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    No one is actually defending the jokes, and nothing Roseanne said can be construed as a joke, but let's explore this a bit.
    Do you like South Park? Did you know one of the first episodes (maybe even the first) was about a child being anally probed? Does that mean Matt Parker and Trey Stone are pedophiles? I mean, they must be, right? Cause they wrote about a child being anally probed.
    That's the logic being used against James Gunn by morons and alt-right trolls, and yet South Park went on to become not just popular, but iconic in pop culture. I guess the whole world must be made of pedophiles.
  7. pen received reputation from Lucas in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Also there's a huge difference between someone claiming they're going to make a version of The Giving Tree where the tree gives the protagonist a blow job and someone directly calling a real person an ape.
  8. pen received reputation from Lucas in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Exactly. It would be different if Gunn's comments were current. Hell, I'd even be more understanding if this was caused by people who were legitimately offended, but it wasn't.
    It was deliberately dug up from the bowels of the Internet by people coordinating a deliberate attack on someone in response to his political stance; people who have not only said far worse more recently, but in seriousness, and not as an attempt at shock humor.
  9. pen received reputation from Vigo in The Next Four Years of American Insanity   
    I took Jay's post to mean you fell for it in that you responded to him.
  10. pen gave reputation to Cfw828 in Cyrenic - Nightingale   
    Had no idea these guys put out new music, this album was released two weeks ago.
  11. pen gave reputation to TaNbULL in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    James Gunn's were from a decade ago, and he had already apologized for these in the past, and acknowledged they were in poor taste. Disney hired him after the tweets were made (I don't for one second believe they didn't vet him before hiring him.) Roseanne's were made more recently, which means she's still that same person.
    Gunn being fired basically says that it doesn't matter if you've grown as a person, you will still be fired for the person you were 10 years ago. Especially since he had already apologized for these in the past.  
  12. pen received reputation from Lucas in TL FF 2018   
    But we could be. We could call ourselves Chicken Tongue, or Hen Lips. You know, something really original and cool.
  13. pen received reputation from Lucas in Meg Myers - 'Take Me to the Disco'   
    Listened to half of this and it's pretty sick. You know, the awesome kind of sick.
  14. pen received reputation from Lucas in New Thrice   
    Palms drops on September 14th.

    01. "Only Us"
    02. "The Grey"
    03. "The Dark"
    04. "Just Breathe"
    05. "Everything Belongs"
    06. "My Soul"
    07. "A Branch In The River"
    08. "Hold Up A Light"
    09. "Blood On Blood"
    10. "Beyond The Pines"
  15. pen received reputation from Lucas in Daughtry 2018   
    This is more like what I was hoping for. Wonder how much of the album is like this.
  16. pen gave reputation to Andrew in General Discussion   
    Indian food is totally top tier and you're doing yourself a disservice by missing it.
    Mexican is my fave too though.
  17. pen received reputation from Chris. in Nonpoint - X   
    August 24th.

    01. "Empty Batteries"
    02. "Chaos And Earthquakes"
    03. "Fix This"
    04. "Crashing"
    05. "Passive Aggressive"
    06. "Dodge Your Destiny"
    07. "Wheel Against Will"
    08. "Milestone"
    09. "Feel The Way I Feel"
    10. "Position One"
    11. "Paralyzed"
    12. "Fix This (Acoustic)"
    13. "Generation Idiot (Live)"
    "Even Fred said when we were on the phone, he's, like, 'I want to make this a kick-in-the-dick record. I want people to feel like they just got clobbered.' I don't want someone to go, [nonchalantly] 'Hey, have you heard the new NONPOINT record?' I want people to go, [excitedly] 'Yo, did you hear the new NONPOINT? Have you heard the new stuff?' I think people are going to be like, 'Wow, I've been waiting for this record from these guys for a long time.'"
  18. pen received reputation from Lucas in Solo: A Star Wars Story SPOILERS   
  19. pen received reputation from MU_BeastMode in New Tool album   
    I was going to say, it's been so long that it's already probably moved past hype and out the other side into a sort of non-hype that only Chinese Democracy has previously inhabited.
  20. pen received reputation from Lucas in Deadpool 2 SPOILERS   
    Wait until they start really covering his origin.
    Are you ready for him to walk up to Cyclops and say "Dad?"
  21. pen gave reputation to It's Harty! RUN! in E3 2018   
    Also I'm pretty sure graphics engines go to new consoles. Battlefield 4 got a new engine that is still used
  22. pen gave reputation to TaNbULL in E3 2018   
    For the second time: It isn't a graphics engine. It's a GAME engine. That can be used over the course of the next several games. The Halo games have been using the same ENGINE since Halo 1, just with upgrades made here and there. 
  23. pen received reputation from Ruiner II in E3 2018   
    If Echo plays Destiny like he listens to Simple Plan songs, probably pretty good.
  24. pen received reputation from Mike in E3 2018   
  25. pen gave reputation to Vigo in sad news from joan red camp   
    The anniversary was a couple days ago and it was likely a google search. Hopefully she searched his and the band's name here on the forum and saw all the praise and the posts saying how missed he is.