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  1. It looks... like they combined Godzilla with Mighty Joe Young. I don't know, it's the kind of thing where the lack of a plot for the source material can either work for it or against it. The trailer is fine, but not enough to not make me skeptical of the whole scenario.
  2. 2017 feels so far away.
  3. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  4. They just got dropped in the wake of the allegations against Jonny. Saw that coming.
  5. They just got dropped in the wake of the allegations against Jonny. Saw that coming.
  6. I gave this album a shot maybe a week ago and found it actually pretty good. I don't know if it's that my defenses were down or what, but I actually think this album restores my faith in their music. I may go back and listen to their discography and see where it falls but for now I'm probably going to put it just below Comatose and definitely above Awake. I don't know where Collide fits in or Rise, the former cause it's been so long since I've heard it and the latter because I was never able to give it much of a chance because of the vocal production hurting my eardrums.
  7. So this has been happening. What a piece of shit. I'm glad that the current climate is dragging these monsters into the light. What sucks is there are people out there defending Jesse. It's horrible.
  8. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  9. This from Billy Howerdel. It's weird to think we might get a new APC album before a new Tool album, but I'll fuckin' take it. Also tour dates if you like that sort of thing. 04/06-08 Las Vegas, NV – The Pearl 04/10 Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre 04/11 San Diego, CA – Open Air Theatre 04/13 San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic 04/14 Reno, NV – Reno Event Center 04/15 Salt Lake City, UT – Maverik Center 04/17 Denver, CO – 1st Bank Center 04/19 Kansas City, MO – Starlight Amphitheatre 04/20 St. Louis, MO – Chafietz Arena 04/22 Tulsa, OK – BOK Center 04/23 Grand Prairie, TX – Verizon Theatre 04/25 Austin, TX – HEB Center at Cedar Park 04/26 San Antonio, TX – Freeman Coliseum 04/27 Houston, TX – Smart Financial Center 04/29 Jacksonville, FL – Welcome to Rockville 04/30 Ft. Myers, FL – Fort Rock Festival 05/02 Atlanta, GA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 05/03 Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena 05/05 Charlotte, NC – Carolina Rebellion 05/07 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
  10. I saw Thor: Ragnarok. It was pretty awesome.
  11. Finally listened to this and it is quite the jammy jam. Melodic but brutal and I hear equal Korn and LP influences in the music. Very solid.
  12. Listen, I can't speak for Jason Tate, but the way I take it is just that we need to change the way we address these situations because while the current climate has made people take these cases more seriously, it's been more the norm that these cases get brushed aside. Even now, all these accused still have their defenders, even the ones that have admitted to wrongdoing, and that's sick. We need to put more trust in the victims, give them more support, create a better environment for them to come forward, because that hasn't been the case and that's the only reason why all these stories are coming out now instead of when they happened. The IGN story is especially awful, because when the victim originally came forward, their HR rep had them sign a document that more or less stated that they had been in the wrong and if it "happened again", they could be terminated. To the staff's credit, when they learned this happened they went more or less on strike and that's why it's all coming out now, but the damage has already been done, and the offender already left IGN for other reasons. The HR rep got canned, so that's certainly a plus. All I'm taking away is we need to create a safer and more supportive environment for victims to come forward. That's all.
  13. If we put the onus on the victim to prove someone's guilt for us to believe them, then we contribute to the culture that makes it possible for people to get away with this behavior and keeps victims silent. Again, pretend you're a victim. Wouldn't you want people to believe your story? Am I saying every accusation is true? No. But I do believe we have to take a harder stance on these matters if we hope for any real sort of change. We have to change the way we approach these things. Have you read any of the stories being told by these women? These are horrible things happening that are only getting told now because the climate is making people more willing to come forward. It should never even be a question about coming forward, but we make it that way with the way we treat these situations.
  14. Frankly, I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather believe the crime first, because the opposite is exactly the kind of culture we've bred to drown out the voices of those affected. Why have these allegations taken so long to come out? Because we would rather believe in our heroes than the victims. Jason Tate of has made a mantra that honestly I think makes the most sense in these times: always believe women. Is that suggesting an allegation is incapable of being a lie? No. But starting from the perspective that it must be a lie to proved true is exactly the wrong way to approach this. If it was you, wouldn't you want people to believe you?
  15. It's because they have some Facebook show they're highlighting so people will tune in. I think it's pretty stupid all around and Rotten Tomatoes is forgetting that they're an aggregate site and not a reviews site.
  16. Oh hey, now we can add The Downtown Fiction... And We Came As Romans...
  17. The list is now expanded to include Mike Fuentes... And Jonny Craig... Jesus Christ. It's like an avalanche.
  18. I meant to add this to the thread. It looks like a lot of these kinds of stories are coming out of the woodwork. Just today I also read about a DC editor being fired and IGN fired both an editor and a human resources employee after allegations of sexual misconduct came to light. The only shame is that it took both a public eye and a gathering storm to make these things happen. In a perfect world, these matters would have already have been addressed, or better, never happened in the first place.
  19. This is a fair and interesting analysis, and I've thought about this multiple times in the past. I think it partially has to do with when we first get introduced to bands and fall in love with their sound, as I wager both that if asked, most people would say a band's best album is their first or second, but I'd also wager it's either the first or second album of the band that they've listened to. Personally, I find all those albums you've mentioned to be solid in their own ways and I'm enjoying listening to them. To me they just feel like excellent additions to growing discographies. But I also would never call any of those albums the best the bands have put out and where they'd fall in my rankings would vary. In that light, it might almost be a little unfair to judge an album against the weight of emotional attachment. As you say, it might be more fair to judge the albums against their contemporaries rather than the past.
  20. So after Pokemon Go piqued my interest, I decided to check out the world of mobile gaming to see what it had to offer, and so far I'm finding some really cool games out there. Pokemon Shuffle: This is the first one that caught my attention and it's a nice matching puzzler with the hook being that each level you beat nets you the chance to catch the Pokemon of that level for use in later stages. There's lots of content like special stages and harder difficulty matches and it seems to have a fairly deep system with simple execution. My one complaint is that every time you play a level, win or lose, you lose one heart and when you lose all your hearts, you either have to wait for hearts to refill (which takes 30 minutes I think) or you have to buy more. It sucks because it's a fun game but this limits the time I can spend with it to short bursts. I'd gladly pay for a version that doesn't have me doing that but I imagine they get more money the other way. Layton Brothers: Mystery Room: This is the Phoenix Wright game I never knew I wanted, and I say that because even though it technically involves Layton's son, it seems to run a little darker plotwise and the gameplay is way more reminiscent of Phoenix than Layton, as there are no puzzles to be found but there is a whole lot of investigation, evidence gathering, and crime solving. The intro and first two cases are free but the remaining six cases are in two packs that together will run you $5. Way worth every dollar and I'm excited to play through the whole game. Pocket Mortys: I saw this game played by Achievement Hunter so I already knew it was a good get, but basically it's a spoof of Pokemon but in the Rick And Morty universe. Instead of Pokecritters, you get different versions of Morty. Everything else seems pretty much the same, and I like the bent kind of style the game goes for. Haven't played much beyond what Achievement Hunter got to but I'm interested to see what's next. Rayman Adventures: This game is the best endless runner I've ever played, basically taking the idea of an endless runner and applying it to the platforming havoc of Rayman games. Stages involve you either collecting lums, freeing Teensies, defeating enemies, or beating a time trial in order to win gems that can be used to purchase items (real world cash can be used as well in a pinch, but I haven't had to do that yet for any reason). Aiding you in these endeavors are little gumball-shaped furry creatures with different effects. Some protect you from damage, some vacuum up lums, some help you locate secrets. It's a really fun game and although the endless runner aspect can make the gameplay somewhat frenetic at times, it hasn't gotten frustrating to me; just made me want to try again and do better. Final Fantasy: Brave Exius: I'm digging this game so far but I'm not entirely sure of the longevity. The plot so far seems pretty bare bones (save the crystals and the world from eeeeevil) and the gameplay seems to just consist of going through battle after battle. There is a town to explore but so far I haven't seen any dungeon crawling and there only seem to be two main characters, with the remainder of your party being filled out by "visions", which is another term for "characters from other FF games that have nostalgia factor but no actual bearing on the plot". Still, so far it's entertaining me and I'm not expecting something on main series level. We'll see if it continues to enthrall me. Kingdom Hearts X Unchained: This seems similar to Brave Exius but a little more involved. Your main character seems like just an avatar and I think the plot for this game might have something to do with the Keyblade Wars cause the idea seems to be that you and other players are working together to build your skills and fight the darkness. Meanwhile, gameplay is pretty much you choosing a mission, running around a small play area battling enemies and picking up items, and then moving on to the next little story bit. Actually, kind of resembles 365/2 Days in that aspect. The combat is extremely simplified and mostly just involves swiping enemies. If there's more to it, I haven't seen it yet, but then again I'm only in the first Disney world now, which is Snow White. Even still, it seems a little more compelling than Brave Exius plotwise so I'm willing to keep going with it and see where it takes me. Plus I loves me some Kingdom Hearts. Loves! Marvel Future Fight: I find myself really enjoying this game from a fanboy level since I can recruit pretty much the entire goddamn Marvel universe to my team, but I will say this: the amount of customization and expansion you can do for each character seems way too complicated for core gameplay that basically involves you running around small "stages" fighting the baddies, beating a boss, and moving on to the next mission. I also find they've given me way too much bonus stuff to power up my initial characters as so far nothing has been a challenge for me. I don't know if that's deliberate for some reason. That being said, there appears to be a lot to do in the game besides story missions, much of which I haven't unlocked yet. There also seem to be special missions that are done from time to time to keep things interesting, as I just did one based around the New Avengers. It's a lot more fun in execution than it sounds on paper, and I'm interested to unlock the rest of the game to see what else it holds for me. Anyway, the point of this post wasn't so much to review my experiences (but you got that anyway), but to ask if anyone has any other recommendations for mobile games that I should check out? I'm considering buying Adventures Of Mana and Final Fantasy Tactics as well as getting Ghost Trick since it's free and maybe Marvel Puzzle Quest, but does anyone know anything fun and interesting I should be exploring?
  21. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  22. You're really going to start this kind of conversation?
  23. I haven't listened to this album beyond the first three songs but I can already tell this album is a far more interesting and emotional album than what they've previously put out. Apparently this album was heavily inspired by the death of a close friend of Bert and if that isn't apparent with the first song, I don't know what to say. Anyway, it's interesting you say initial reviews aren't good because today I took a gander around the internet out of interest and all the reviews I've seen so far are four stars on average.
  24. Drops July 1st. 01. "Reborn (Intro)" 02. "Breakout" 03. "Stronger" 04. "Where You Lie" 05. "Breathe" 06. "Take It All Away" 07. "Dead Inside" 08. "Lights" 09. "Blood On My Hands" 10. "Damage"