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  1. October 26th. 01. "One Shot" 02. "Faithless" 03. "Into The Night" 04. "Red Flower" 05. "Headspill" 06. "The Censor" 07. "Give It Up" 08. "Cliffhanger" 09. "Loudmouth" 10. "Nothing Is Enough" 11. "Wonderful Creatures" 12. "Under The Overpass" This rips.
  2. Case in point, I actually think the above song is pretty solid, and a demonstration that their core still has legs, but I also agree that it doesn't offer something especially fresh, and yet I'm not sure what would improve it.
  3. Like Godsmack, I agree that Disturbed is in need of a bit of a reinvention, but unlike Godsmack, I don't really know where to begin, because IMO Disturbed has a solid enough foundation for their sound that is somewhat versatile, able to cover songs like "Land Of Confusion" and "The Sound Of Silence" and not sound all that far off from their core, and when they fire on all cylinders, they're really good. Godsmack felt like they were just going through the motions for some time. I don't necessarily feel that way with Disturbed, but I do think they need to look elsewhere for some more inspiration. Industrial's been mentioned a few times which is interesting because their early work, mainly The Sickness, very much borrowed a lot from industrial and it's by filtering out that influence that the Disturbed of Believe and Ten Thousand Fists was born. Maybe it would help to filter that back in, but then I think of Device, which wasn't really all that great, and I think maybe it could go either way. It's hard to gauge.
  4. That's news from February 2017, so it's damned old, but I'm pretty sure it was never posted or mentioned here. And I felt the need to post this because for one, I had no idea that J. Loren was ill in any sort of way and that his illness is the reason why Hurt's been inactive for so long. I'm wondering if anyone else knew about this and if so, why it was never posted here. In any case, I miss Hurt and I hope one day we'll have more music from them.
  5. A brief look at Wikipedia reveals that the entire album, This Is Acting, is made of songs she wrote for other artists that were rejected. Hence the title, because it's, in her words, things she wouldn't say.
  6. October 19th. It's actually called Helix. 01. "The Score" 02. "365" 03. "Inferno" 04. "Countdown" 05. "Helix" 06. "Dream" 07. "GG6" 08. "Breakthrough Stardust" 09. "My Haven" 10. "Iconic" 11. "Unified" 12. "Momentum"
  7. I'm sorry to hear this. And I truly mean that.
  8. That's... surprising considering the games chosen are considered some of the greatest to grace either console. Did you grow up with an NES or SNES?
  9. BTW, with the way Nintendo's adding characters to the Smash roster (Simon Belmont and King K. Rool were just announced today), if nothing from StarTropics makes any kind of appearance in the game, even as an assist trophy, I'm going to go loco-bananas.
  10. I hear ya. Right now besides Zelda I have Pokemon Quest and Fortnite because they're free, and I bought Picross S, Blaster Master Zero, and Mighty Gunvolt Burst because they're $10 bucks each. I'd love to get Odyssey, Kirby, DKC Tropical Freeze, Xenoblade... but like you said, they're never on sale and I can't just drop $50 bucks or so on one game. I'm hoping as time goes on that Nintendo will introduce some kind of budget brand for titles that have sold well, like they have for consoles in the past. It's about my only hope right now, I suppose.
  11. Out October 5th through their own label, 15 Passenger. I was actually talking with AI about this band last week and how it'd been such a long time since they released an album. I've been into these guys ever since 2003's The Ugly Organ. I highly recommend that album to anyone, and the stuff they put out afterward is all fairly solid. 01. "Free To Be Or Not To Be You And Me" 02. "Pick Up The Pieces" 03. "It's Gonna Hurt" 04. "Under The Rainbow" 05. "Remorse" 06. "Ouroboros" 07. "Everending" 08. "Ghost Writer" 09. "Life Savings" 10. "Noble Soldier/Dystopian Lament"
  12. What games?
  13. August 31st via Epitaph. 01. "Is This Thing Cursed?" 02. "Blackbird" 03. "Demon and Division" 04. "Little Help" 05. "I Can’t Believe" 06. "Sweet Vampire" 07. "Pale Blue Ribbon" 08. "Goodbye Fire Island" 09. "Stay" 10. "Heart Attacks" 11. "Worn So Thin" 12. "Throw Me To The Lions" 13. "Krystalline"
  14. I agree. And using the script is a fair enough compromise if Disney chooses not to wise up and rehire Gunn. I will say I don't envy the guy who takes over, cause that will be one tense set. I also love the joke article of Disney hiring Jose Gunnberto: Gunn with a fake mustache. If only.
  15. You really never heard of Sbarro? They're mall pizza! Can't beat mall pizza.
  16. I took Jay's post to mean you fell for it in that you responded to him.
  17. What? I had no idea either and I follow them on Spotify. Why didn't this show on my release radar? On the other hand, yay, surprise Cyrenic!
  18. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  19. On a different, less controversial note: Okay, they've sold me. I'm so down for this. Even if it's a dumpster fire, it'll be an entertaining dumpster fire.
  20. No one is actually defending the jokes, and nothing Roseanne said can be construed as a joke, but let's explore this a bit. Do you like South Park? Did you know one of the first episodes (maybe even the first) was about a child being anally probed? Does that mean Matt Parker and Trey Stone are pedophiles? I mean, they must be, right? Cause they wrote about a child being anally probed. That's the logic being used against James Gunn by morons and alt-right trolls, and yet South Park went on to become not just popular, but iconic in pop culture. I guess the whole world must be made of pedophiles.
  21. Interesting approach, but they have to know ballad won't win.
  22. Also there's a huge difference between someone claiming they're going to make a version of The Giving Tree where the tree gives the protagonist a blow job and someone directly calling a real person an ape.
  23. Exactly. It would be different if Gunn's comments were current. Hell, I'd even be more understanding if this was caused by people who were legitimately offended, but it wasn't. It was deliberately dug up from the bowels of the Internet by people coordinating a deliberate attack on someone in response to his political stance; people who have not only said far worse more recently, but in seriousness, and not as an attempt at shock humor.
  24. So the entirety of the Guardians have posted a joint message in support of having James Gunn rehired. This includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, Karen Gillan, and Pom Klementieff. Meanwhile, the petition to reinstate him has accrued over 300,000 signatures. I'd be actually really surprised if Disney stuck to their guns under this amount of pressure.
  25. I've joined teh slack.