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  1. Add Blue October to my list.
  2. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  3. Yeah, add Godsmack, Muse, Frank Turner, Pearl Jam, 30 Seconds, and Snow Patrol to my list.
  4. This is a win for everyone involved.
  5. I mean, at least Spider-Man should be as that's how he deals with fear.
  6. Calling it right now, the movie will end with Thanos' infamous finger snap. It has to.
  7. Gonna add Sevendust, Jonathan Davis' solo album, and Chevelle to the list.
  8. Per Jonathan himself, May 25th is the drop date for this album via Sumerian Records. He admits he still doesn't have a title for the album yet. In related news, Korn is apparently working on a new album and believe it or not, they still intend to release that Korn covers album one of these days and have covers of Billy Squier's "The Stroke" and The Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" to add to it. Maybe one day...
  9. Off the top of my head? Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, APC, the new NIN EP Trent just talked about recently, uh... maybe Tool? Hoping?
  10. Thor Ragnarok did the best out of all three Thor movies, so you can stop talking out your asshole.
  11. Hey, here's the new trailer in case anyone wanted to see it instead of just reading DD's thoughts. I found the Star-Lord+Iron Man and the Spider-Man+Dr. Strange interactions hilarious and that's exactly what I'm looking forward to most about this movie, everyone meeting each other and reaching Defcon 1 levels of snark.
  12. Listening to this album now and I love it. It's so fucking 90s. It feels to me like a mix between Purple and Tiny Music, and frankly if you told me that this was made with Scott, I'd have believed you, because Jeff's voice is that uncannily similar.
  13. Sounds pretty big to me. I'm digging it bunches.
  14. It's odd to think cause Toys R Us was the second biggest toy retailer and the biggest pure toy retailer. Hard to believe they were doing so poorly.
  15. 2017 feels so far away.
  16. I'm not sure if they're working on a new album or just a new EP, but I just took a RateTheMusic survey for two new songs from them. One is called Anybody and sounds very synth rock, and the other is Heaven's Got A Back Door, which is more folky. Both were alright, but not what I'm used to from this band. Anyway, thought someone might like to know.
  17. Dropping April 13th via Cleopatra Records, the same label that put out 12 Stones' last album. This will be their first new material since their dual EPs in 2013 and their first full-length since 2005's Sisters Of The Red Death. 01. "Swim" 02. "Wild and Dangerous" 03. "The Dreamers" 04. "Encantado" 05. "Where There's A Will, There's A Pinche Guey" 06. "West of Birmingham" 07. "Deceiver" 08. "The Unending War" 09. "No Way Out" 10. "Acquiesce" 11. "Til You Have Forgotten Me" 12. "The Circle" No singles yet unfortunately, but Cleopatra Records did put out this small teaser. Playing the following dates, some with He Is We, and some fascinatingly with Puddle Of Mudd. Vendetta Red with He Is We Tour Dates 03/16 @ Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT 03/17 @ The Shredder – Boise, ID 03/18 @ The Big Dipper – Spokane, WA 03/19 @ Hawthorne Lounge – Portland, OR Vendetta Red with Puddle Of Mudd Tour Dates: 04/27 @ Herman’s Hideaway – Denver, CO 04/28 @ Sunshine Studios Live – Colorado Springs, CO 04/29 @ Liquid Joe’s – Salt Lake City, UT
  18. The Void is pretty good. Looking forward to this album. BTW, no track list? For shame. 01. “Wishing Wells” 02. “Prey” 03. “Absolute Power” 04. “Cemetery Bloom” 05. “The Void” 06. “I Hope You Rot” 07. “Shadow Boxing” 08. “In Blood” 09. “Chronos” 10. “The Colour Of Leaving”
  19. Decent song. In line with their punkier material.
  20. Didn't that end in Metallica dropping the suit because they didn't initiate it and had no idea?
  21. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  22. This isn't a movie, but I finished the new season of Jessica Jones last night.
  23. This from Billy Howerdel. It's weird to think we might get a new APC album before a new Tool album, but I'll fuckin' take it. Also tour dates if you like that sort of thing. 04/06-08 Las Vegas, NV – The Pearl 04/10 Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre 04/11 San Diego, CA – Open Air Theatre 04/13 San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic 04/14 Reno, NV – Reno Event Center 04/15 Salt Lake City, UT – Maverik Center 04/17 Denver, CO – 1st Bank Center 04/19 Kansas City, MO – Starlight Amphitheatre 04/20 St. Louis, MO – Chafietz Arena 04/22 Tulsa, OK – BOK Center 04/23 Grand Prairie, TX – Verizon Theatre 04/25 Austin, TX – HEB Center at Cedar Park 04/26 San Antonio, TX – Freeman Coliseum 04/27 Houston, TX – Smart Financial Center 04/29 Jacksonville, FL – Welcome to Rockville 04/30 Ft. Myers, FL – Fort Rock Festival 05/02 Atlanta, GA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 05/03 Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena 05/05 Charlotte, NC – Carolina Rebellion 05/07 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
  24. Sell it to me so I can give it a good home.