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  1. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  2. So lately I've been replaying the Layton games as I plan to eventually get the new Lady Layton game and I'm doing a run-up to that sublime moment. Except now I'm on the third game and starting to regret deciding to play it. Not because anything's wrong with the game, but because it has one of the saddest endings to a game I've ever played and I'm not sure I'm ready for this.
  3. I listened to this album all the way through and I believe the last song works just as well with a mother as with a father. The feels are strong with this one. I also appreciate that Still In Love, instead of being clichéd and going for slow and sappy, sounds almost aggressive in execution. An interesting choice but offers better emotional catharsis.
  4. I wouldn't say bad, just looks more like a popcorn action flick than I was expecting.
  5. Maybe he's not aware of the first album and he's now in for a treat.
  6. What does French flavor sound like in music terms?
  7. That being said, if it has to lose to anything, I'm okay with Alter Bridge being the one, since they make equally intricate work.
  8. AVENGED SEVENFOLD: THE STAGE Capitol October 28th The Stage Paradigm Sunny Disposition God Damn Creating God Angels Simulation Higher Roman Sky Fermi Paradox Exist ALTER BRIDGE: THE LAST HERO Napalm October 7th Show Me A Leader The Writing On The Wall The Other Side My Champion Poison In Your Veins Cradle To The Grave Losing Patience This Side Of Fate You Will Be Remembered Crows On A Wire Twilight Island Of Fools The Last Hero
  9. I hate to side with Dragon on anything, but he's right in this case. This is the best album they've made since City Of Evil and it's a very varied and intricate piece of work with an interesting concept to the lyrics. I trust you've listened to this album before making your judgments?
  10. Crafty!
  11. Were you trying to quote him or...
  12. Albums for life.
  13. I probably told you to fuck off because you were being a fucking moron, not because I was a fan.
  14. If they can be stickied in the subforums, then I don't see an issue with separate sports Gots if no one else does.
  15. I found out about them a while back. They're a good listen for sure.
  16. One of my favorite what?
  17. NORMANDIE: INGUZ InVogue March 11th Fight Awakening Collide Believe Loop Hole The Deep Cold Calling Starting New The Storm Epilogue DEFTONES: GORE Reprise April 8th Prayers/Triangles Acid Hologram Doomed User Geometric Headdress Hearts/Wires Pittura Infamante Xenon (L)MIRL Gore Phantom Bride Rubicon
  18. Get the fuck out.
  19. Get the fuck out.
  20. I'm scared then of what variation you want as I also agree their last album was varied and may have even been their most ambitious.
  21. LETLIVE.: IF I'M THE DEVIL... Epitaph June 10th I've Learned To Love Myself Nu Romantics Good Mourning, America Who You Are Not A Weak Ago Foreign Cab Rides Reluctantly Dead Elephant Another Offensive Song If I'm The Devil... Copper Colored Quiet YOUNG GUNS: ECHOES Wind-Up Records September 16th Bulletproof Echoes Careful What You Wish For Paranoid Mad World Awakening Living In A Dream Is So Easy Buried Mercury In Retrograde Paradise Afterglow
  22. I PREVAIL: LIFELINES Fearless October 21st Scars Stuck In Your Head Lifelines Come And Get It Chaos Alone Outcast RISE Already Dead Pull The Plug One More Time My Heart I Surrender Worst Part Of Me OUT CAME THE WOLVES: STRANGE FATE Roadrunner October 28th 96 Queen Mary Bleed Baby Blue Strange Fate Kodiak ILoveHateYou The Curse Skin And Bone Lowland Hum
  23. WITH CONFIDENCE: BETTER WEATHER Hopeless June 17th Voldemort Keeper Archers We'll Be Okay Gravity Keys Long Night Dinner Bell Higher Waterfall KORN: THE SERENITY OF SUFFERING Roadrunner October 21st Insane Rotting In Vain Black Is The Soul The Hating A Different World Take Me Everything Falls Apart Die Yet Another Night When You're Not There Next In Line Please Come For Me
  24. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: THE GETAWAY Warner Bros. June 17th The Getaway Dark Necessities We Turn Red The Longest Wave Goodbye Angels Sick Love Go Robot Feasting On The Flowers Detroit This Ticonderoga Encore The Hunter Dreams Of A Samurai ISLANDER: POWER UNDER CONTROL Victory August 5th Darkness Bad Guy Green Slime Man Better Day All We Need Devil Red A Boat Going By Beelzebub Think It Over Last Forever Casket Wait For It
  25. TOO CLOSE TO TOUCH: HAVEN'T BEEN MYSELF Epitaph September 23rd Sympathy Crooked Smile What I Wish I Could Forget Translate Miss Your Face The Art Of Eye Contact Modern Love Affair Inside Voices What A Shame For Your Sake Eiley WOLVES AT THE GATE: TYPES AND SHADOWS Solid State November 4th Asleep Flickering Flame War In The Time Of Peace Anathema The Aftermath Fountain Weary Ground Lowly Broken Bones Convalesce Chasing The Wind Hindsight