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  1. Not any more than any of their previous albums have...
  2. I know right? You need to do better, Lucas.
  3. "Dig"? "Love Hurts"? "Anna-Molly"? Not even "A Kiss To Send Us Off"?
  4. Also, Imago was not their first album.
  5. Ye gods.
  6. You missed something.
  7. Do we know for sure that these are the segues? Anyway, I just read physical editions come with a download card with the other songs on it. Doesn't change anything about what I said though.
  8. There's something deeply ironic about the band having avoided digital for so long and now not only are all their albums on digital, but they've fully embraced the concept of the digital version of a new album having more tracks. Intriguing.
  9. In case I was too clever, the spiny puffed up sea creature is a blowfish.
  10. So if anyone remembers the hard rock band Cinder from back in the day that is best known for making a debut album with Jay Baumgartner, John Kurzweg, and Scott Weiland that never got officially released, well, they're back. Today their first album since 2006's House Full Of No Trust dropped, titled The Machine. Released through ArtIsWar Records, a relatively new label that features the likes of Onesidezero, Skinlab, and The Nixons, among others. It sounds pretty good, albeit different from either of their other albums, but it's a welcome return IMO.
  11. Imperfect Circle drops November 1st via UMG Nashville. First album in 14 years. First single "Rollin" drops September 6th but if you preorder you can hear it now. Ed Sheeran co-wrote a song called "Wild Fire Love" with them. Interested to see how they sound after so long.
  12. While I realize 9 tracks is still the least amount of tracks of any Tool album, bear also in mind that Lateralus and 10000 Days both had their share of not just interludes, but multi-part tracks that segued into each other. If anything, this just means the tracks aren't broken up on this one.
  13. Someone's a Salty Sam.
  14. The sequel to this thread: It's finally happening. Welcome To Galvania drops on September 13th via Pavement. 01. You Don't Know 02. Uh Oh 03. Go To Hell 04. Diseased Almost 05. My Kind Of Crazy 06. Time Of Our Lives 07. Sunshine 08. Just Tell Me 09. Kiss It All Goodbye 10. Slide Away 11. Uh Oh (Come Clean Version) I actually like the new song. It's not special, but it has a very 90s vibe that I dig. Frankly, it sounds a bit like a Lit song. I'm glad to see Wes is finally back in the game. Looking forward to this.