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  1. You realize a rerelease with additional footage is exactly how Avatar made so much money, right?
  2. Still waiting for that album cover of a man eating an anteater.
  3. Vol. IV: Because Of The Brave drops on July 19th per Pavement's website. 01. Persistence 02. Walk The Line 03. Because Of The Brave 04. Conquer This Climb 05. Wake Up 06. Sign Of The Times 07. Everything 08. Prayer For The Lost 09. On Your Feet 10. Lest We Forget
  4. That's some really nice work there. Very much looking forward to hearing more. I'm glad Nixon and co are able to keep making wonderful music like this.
  5. I like the Link's Awakening art style. Makes me think of Claymation. Your response to it also reminds me of people's response to Wind Waker's art style when that was originally announced. For a remake of a Game Boy game I think the direction they took is the best possible compromise between still making it feel like it resembles the game and also doing something interesting with the graphics that makes it pop and stand out. They could have just done like Square's doing with Trials of Mana, but I applaud Nintendo for doing something a little more creative.
  6. Yay!
  7. It's got flaws, but for anyone who loved Rare platformers back in the day, I maintain that it's an excellent love letter to that genre. That being said, it looks like this game is taking a different approach, with a mix of an overhead view 3D overworld and 2D side-scrolling levels. I'm excited.
  8. The season was initially 13 episodes and was cut back to 10, so adding more episodes would have been impossible. There's conflicting reports of the exact nature of the situation, but it looks like it ultimately boils down to a misunderstanding over funding. Apparently there was some amount that was claimed to have been expected from North Carolina tax breaks that they didn't receive, but the officials in NC deny this is the case and state that DC knew exactly how much they were getting from them, so who knows what actually happened. Either way, the show stopped being cost-effective.
  9. Surprised to see that "All Out Life" was apparently a one-off single.
  10. I feel like that's neither here nor there and I'd rather get the movie than not get it. If it's going to be entertaining, it will be just as entertaining now as it would be then. I trust Marvel at this point to not make decisions haphazardly.
  11. Fat Thor was hilarious and one of the best and most poignant turns of the film. I'm intrigued to see how he gels with the Guardians, and how Valkyrie fares as a ruler. I feel this is way more interesting and entertaining than Thor just being Thor for the hundredth time. Black Widow deserves her own movie and writing off a prequel as unnecessary is shortsighted as there's still so much about the character that's unknown and worth exploring. Thanos died easy at the start for two reasons. One, he was weak from Guantlet use. One of his arms was practically useless. Two, he was resigned to his fate because he won. He didn't need to fight, unlike the Thanos of Infinity War or the Thanos in the back half of this film. Even then, it still took the combined forces of the strongest Avengers to restrain him.
  12. Just read a transcript of a Q&A with the Russos where they confirm Thanos and Maw reverse-engineered Pym particles offscreen. They were also asked about Cap returning the Soul Stone to Vormir, and if he'd get Nat back, but the way they make it sound, returning the stones doesn't have to mean exactly as they were found, since for the Soul Stone, that's impossible. It's just as well, since re-injecting the Aether into Jane sounds kind of cruel for Cap. They also hinted it's possible we may get the story of Cap's time adventure at some point, which would be epic. BTW, loved the movie, especially now that all my concerns about potential plot holes via Cap are resolved. "On your left" and all that followed had me tearing up. Such a brilliant conclusion to the saga.
  13. I was super against the Child's Play reboot and then they announced Mark Hamill is the new voice of Chucky. I have never been more conflicted in recent memory than now.
  14. Been enjoying this album for a couple days now. Reminds me a little of Flyleaf at times.
  15. To be fair, the same exact thing happened with Weiland on the first album, where he called the band a scam.