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  1. Manzier. I hope someone gets that reference.
  2. I make a nice thread for Marvel TV and this is the shit I get.
  3. Okay Charlie Brown.
  4. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: THE GETAWAY Warner Bros. June 17th The Getaway Dark Necessities We Turn Red The Longest Wave Goodbye Angels Sick Love Go Robot Feasting On The Flowers Detroit This Ticonderoga Encore The Hunter Dreams Of A Samurai PHANTOGRAM: THREE Republic October 7th Funeral Pyre Same Old Blues You Don't Get Me High Anymore Cruel World Barking Dog You're Mine Answer Run Run Blood Destroyer Calling All
  5. STEPHEN: SINCERELY Halfway House May 10th Start A Fire Your Life Remembering Myself Line It Up Fly Down Solid As A Stone Outro Mr. Man Crossfire Sincerely AGAINST ME!: SHAPE SHIFT WITH ME Total Treble/Xtra Mile September 16th ProVision L-3 12:03 Boyfriend Crash Delicate, Petite, And Other Things I'll Never Be 333 Haunting, Haunted, Haunts Dead Rats Rebecca Norse Truth Suicide Bomber All This (And More)
  6. POETS OF THE FALL: CLEARVIEW Insomniac September 30th Drama For Life The Game The Child In Me Once Upon A Playground Rainy Children Of The Sun Shadow Play Center Stage The Labyrinth Crystalline Moonlight Kissed ISSUES: HEADSPACE Rise May 20th The Realest Home Soon Lost-n-Found (On A Roll) Yung And Dum Made To Last Flojo Hero COMA Rank Rider Blue Wall Someone Who Does I Always Knew Slow Me Down
  7. BLEEKER: ERASE YOU Five Seven October 21st Highway Free Getting Out Erase You I'm Not Laughing Now Still Got Love Radio Radio Where's Your Money Emergency Close My Eyes Every Time You Call BASTILLE: WILD WORLD Virgin/Universal September 9th Good Grief The Currents An Act Of Kindness Warmth Glory Power Two Evils Send Them Off! Lethargy Four Walls (The Ballad Of Perry Smith) Blame Fake It Snakes Winter Of Our Youth
  8. NIGHT VERSES: INTO THE VANISHING LIGHT Equal Vision July 8th The Future As History: I Love You Dead Connecting Hexes Drift A Dialogue In Cataplexy Vantablack Faceless Youth Panic And Pull Your Heart Out Growing Out Of Orbit Blue Shades Of The Sun Strange Graves Phoenix III: Into The Vanishing Light FROM ASHES TO NEW: DAY ONE Better Noise February 26th Land Of Make Believe Farther From Home Lost And Alone Shadows Through It All Face The Day Downfall Breaking Now Every Second Same Old Story You Only Die Once
  9. PANIC! AT THE DISCO: DEATH OF A BACHELOR Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 January 15th Victorious Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time Hallelujah Emperor's New Clothes Death Of A Bachelor Crazy=Genius L.A. Devotee Golden Days The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty House Of Memories Impossible Year YELLOWCARD: YELLOWCARD Hopeless September 30th Rest In Peace What Appears Got Yours A Place We Set Afire Leave A Light On The Hurt Is Gone Empty Street I'm A Wrecking Ball Savior's Robes Fields And Fences
  10. SIXX A.M.: PRAYERS FOR THE DAMNED/PRAYERS FOR THE BLESSED Eleven Seven Music April 29th/November 18th Rise You Have Come To The Right Place I'm Sick Prayers For The Damned Better Man Can't Stop When We Were Gods Belly Of The Beast Everything Went To Hell The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground) Rise Of The Melancholy Empire Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed) We Will Not Go Quietly Wolf At Your Door Maybe It's Time The Devil's Coming Catacombs That's Gonna Leave A Scar Without You Suffocate Riot In My Head Helicopters WOVENWAR: HONOR IS DEAD Metal Blade October 21st Confession Censorship Honor Is Dead Lines In The Sand World On Fire Compass Stones Thrown Cascade Silhouette Bloodletter 130
  11. SICK PUPPIES: FURY DrillDown May 20th Black And Blue Stick To Your Guns Let Me Live Where Do I Begin Just The Beginning Walls (You Changed) Killing Time Earth To You Beautiful Chaos If I Stay Here With You BANKS: THE ALTAR Harvest September 30th Gemini Feed Fuck With Myself Lovesick Mind Games Trainwreck This Is Not About Us Weaker Girl Mother Earth Judas Haunt Poltergeist To The Hilt
  12. Everyone who voted for Skillet will pay for their transgression.
  13. (death glare)
  14. See, when I said they were pretentious, what I really meant was amazing.
  15. I listened to some of this last night based on this and I'm going to be honest, while I see why some of these comparisons were made, I went into this album with certain expectations based on these comparisons and found my expectations were not met. That isn't to say what I heard wasn't enjoyable on some level, but I think the only band of these four that this band is the most like is 10 Years, but I found myself comparing them more to a band like Demon Hunter than anything else. They're heavy, they have melodic and progressive tendencies, but they're not so radio friendly that I could see them getting airplay on Active Rock.