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  1. I was thinking more Nelson.
  2. Ha.
  3. I also want to add that I get that everyone has their principles and it's easy for people to want to "fight the good fight" and stand up for said principles. I just think that it shouldn't be this hard to either have a reasonable discussion or to simply not participate. I get that it requires some effort. I'm guilty of it too. I just get tired of all the hate. Not just here, but in the world. I would love to be able to find some area of the world where people are actually proving that humanity isn't doomed to mutually assured destruction.
  4. I can't remember a time when you've enabled anything. That's the problem, this isn't a new situation for us. It's started well before Trump; the political climate has just exacerbated it. It's not too much of a stretch to say that this forum has never gotten along with each other. It's been so easy for everyone to lash out at each other and get hostile. The harder part has been trying to get people to back down. I'm not going to comment on the Matt situation because that frankly goes far beyond my usual day to day experience, but everything else I feel is way past unnecessary and I don't understand how it benefits anyone. I also don't understand why getting along with people is a concept worthy of derision.
  5. I'm curious if Nixon has any light to shed on this, but I'm willing to bet you're wrong. Technology is still an expense, it's not like it's all about software. You can't download a recording studio off the internet.
  6. I'm not deleting anyone's accounts; I'm just making that clear. And the reason is because this is fucking stupid. Addendum: I do however want to either shake this forum until candy comes out or punch it into a rebooted reality a'la Superboy Prime.
  7. Jesus Christ, can't anyone here be less of a tool to each other? This forum is, unfortunately, a microcosm of what's happened to our country. Spoiler alert, my brother is a Trump supporter. And no, I'm not happy about that and yes, we did have a heated discussion about it, but we reached enough of an understanding to move forward and not let that affect us. The reason I bring this up is because we, here, can't have a discussion without getting personal, or ugly, or hateful. I don't know if it's because we've known each other too long to bother with any sort of politeness, but you'd think that would have the opposite effect. I just get tired of it. And no, Mike, I'm not deleting your account.
  8. It's important to also highlight just why they did this. It's a shame it took something this awful to get them to make music, but I'm glad they were able to put their differences aside to do this, even if it ends up a one time thing. Songs are a jam too.
  9. I mean, I think we can talk about other things; it's just funny to me that even after all these years of getting to know each other on this forum, we still struggle sometimes with basic civility.
  10. God no, Reddit is awful. I had wondered before though if we shouldn't have like a Zoom chat room or something similar. That might arguably be worse though.
  11. On a less serious note, I'd love to see a BTA/Kalt buddy comedy. Maybe a road trip?
  12. You guys are only making it easier for me to make a decision. Being real honest though, as much as I would hate to see this place shut down, I've also had less and less of an interest in participating here. There's too much negative energy that comes out, especially during times like this, that becomes toxic if you let it. I'm not singling anyone out, cause we're all equally guilty of it, and I do include myself in my worst moments. It's just not fun, and when it's no longer fun, it's time to run. That being said, it's not my call or responsibility, and as long as Nixon keeps this place up, I'll continue to poke my head in.
  13. When this is over, I think I will lock this thread as previously suggested. Clearly it's impossible for anyone on either side to discuss this rationally.
  14. She Hulk is a character that's been around for decades and is a really great character, by the way. And Jane Foster as Thor was an interesting and entertaining run on the character that deserves adaptation. Neither are replacing their male counterparts. As for Bond, I've seen and read nothing to indicate she'll be Bond moving forward in movies, just that she's taken over 007 the code number in this one, which makes sense because in this ongoing plot, Daniel Craig's Bond has been aging and becoming less fit for the role. It was a major plot point of Skyfall. In this one, he's actually coming out of retirement. So slow your roll.
  15. I'm glad Lo Lamento is on this and not forgotten about.