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  1. I think I like this song more than anything on their last album.
  2. Listened to half of this and it's pretty sick. You know, the awesome kind of sick.
  3. August 31st via Epitaph. 01. "Is This Thing Cursed?" 02. "Blackbird" 03. "Demon and Division" 04. "Little Help" 05. "I Can’t Believe" 06. "Sweet Vampire" 07. "Pale Blue Ribbon" 08. "Goodbye Fire Island" 09. "Stay" 10. "Heart Attacks" 11. "Worn So Thin" 12. "Throw Me To The Lions" 13. "Krystalline"
  4. Do you need a shovel? You know, to help you dig that hole?
  5. If we're just talking older bands that had the most influence, then maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doors, and Van Halen to add to your list. Metallica and Nirvana for latter day.
  6. It's doubtful that it's from a new album since Evolve just came out last year and they're still touring behind it for the rest of the year.
  7. I didn't want to create an album thread as I don't feel it's really my place, but I did want to comment that I decided to listen to some of this album and I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like it. Normally I'm turned off by albums where I can't understand the vocals because they're being screamed at me, but the music backing up the words is so ornate and beautiful that I can't help but still enjoy it, and quite frankly, the screamed vocals compliments it. I'm surprised I'm enjoying it as much as I am.
  8. Obviously the winner. Meanwhile, I've always thought Collective Soul was a pretty nice band name.
  9. David Lynch has been scientifically proven to cause brain freeze.
  10. What if you've got no transportation and need to wait for the Popsicles to come to you?
  11. What's he got against Popsicles? They're delicious.
  12. Wes has gone on record as stating he is now 11 months sober. He hopes for Puddle Of Mudd to put out a new album soon, and they're set to work with a producer that has not yet been named.
  13. Of the two I definitely prefer Jumpsuit. I get a Heavydirtysoul vibe from it, but more aggressive. Nico And The Niners is okay, but I wish there was more going on in the song besides generic hip-hop beats. I do find the jumpsuit references in both songs interesting, and I wonder if this might be a concept album of sorts.
  14. Dunno if this is where he found the info, but a quick Google search brings up:
  15. Thank you for bringing this up as I had no idea and Mad At Gravity is one of the few bands not on Spotify that I dearly wished would pop up. This led me to investigate some others, and I found another band that finally got their sole album up on Spotify, Pre)Thing, for which I am eternally grateful.