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  1. It'd be my dream to make this an actual news destination again if I could but the reality is that I'm not financially stable enough to focus on something like that. Hell, I'm not financially stable enough to contribute monetarily to this site.
  2. The problem with trying to get new forum dwellers is that we're just an island on the internet. We have nothing to offer other than our company and most of us are vitriolic enough to only attract that kind of persona. Without some kind of incentive for people to join and want to take part in our community, I don't really see what can be done to draw people in.
  3. This is what I wanted to come back to. I think the way they see themselves is as straddling genres. Not quite rock, but not quite full pop, full stop. This interview with Wentz about the song adds to that perception. And for what it's worth, they recognize that Young And Menace is out there and say it's the weirdest song of the album, although whether that's true or not, I guess we'll find out. But he's so right to say that making those kinds of songs is necessary. A band can't be afraid to experiment because that's how interesting things blossom and how they grow as artists. I was also reading their Wikipedia article today and around their hiatus and reunion, the impression I got is that when they reconvened they made a deliberate attempt to break down the band and rebuild from the ground up. The shift to a poppier direction was deliberate. And frankly that was the whole point of the My Songs video, where they burn away their past. As for why they should still be considered rock, rock is a vast enough genre to include both Coldplay and Metallica and just because FOB chooses to dabble in other genres doesn't mean the core of their approach isn't still from a rock perspective. To me the energy embedded in this song, that's making a rock song out of a pop song. Rock is sometimes about more than instruments.
  4. He looks weirdly different.
  5. That is weird. Has Andrew ever taken a hiatus? EDIT: Should I be bothered that the last time he posted was in an "argument" with me?
  6. I've seen the whole series but I barely remember much of it because I was a kid at the time. All I remember is the ending where it turned out the entire show was the Roseanne character writing a novel about her life with all kinds of details changed to make the book more interesting. And I also remember that the original actress for Becky came back and they alternated between the two Beckies for different episodes. Good times.
  7. But will they have both Beckies?
  8. I have more to say on this after work but for now I just want to point out that when you say they're being someone they're not, how much of that though is just you projecting onto them what you think they are or what you want them to be? Food for thought. I also want to stress I'm not saying it's wrong to be disappointed, cause it's not. But just as a band staying the same can be viewed as both stale and consistent, changing things up has a risk that some bands think is just worth the reward. If their fans choose to follow them on their journey, that's secondary.
  9. I really hope you don't take offense to this, but to me this level of thinking for a music fan is quite honestly selfish and at its worst, toxic. You may not like the direction they've taken but to claim that they're stabbing their fans in the back is the same as saying "You should only make music for me". This is original stuff. It's creative. It shows they're willing to take risks, and you may not think so because you're comparing it to other pop music, but the fact that this is ruffling your feathers so much shows that it was a risk, and they did it anyway, because it was the music they wanted to make. From my perspective, I think the verses are meaningful and the chorus is energetic, and I still see no difference between what they've done on the chorus here and what BMTH did on "Can You Feel My Heart", although whether that means anything I guess depends on whether you like that song or not. And while we're discussing other people's viewpoints, for a counterpoint check out the thread on where Jason Tate takes a ton of people to task about this song in his usual vitriolic manner. He makes a lot of great points. But the bottom line is if you don't like the song, that's fine, but to be angry and upset? At the end of the day, the band doesn't owe their fans a particular style of music. They owe it to themselves to make the kind of music that they want.
  10. I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. It's funny but I kind of feel like in a lot of ways, Fall Out Boy has become more a band for me as they've become less a band for you.
  11. I like it. I really want Nickelback to come out the other side of their cock rock era cause I loved their early stuff and I know they still have that in them. They're two for two on this album with me so far, so fingers crossed.
  12. So I'm nearly done with Yooka-Laylee. I cleaned out four main worlds and the hub world of collectibles and now I've just got to clean out the fifth and then take on the final boss. Since I'm super close to the end, I now have a clear idea of what I liked and did not like about the game and what I'd like to see fixed in a future sequel. The rolling mechanic in the game is fine up until the point where you learn how to speed boost, and then it's frustrating to be in the right position to not shoot myself off of a ledge. I would really like some kind of sight or target to indicate if I'm lined up properly and that would ease the issue immensely. They have a targeting system already for the shooting mechanic so to me it's just a matter of application. The flying mechanic is frustrating when you're trying to use it to grab items and it's the one place the camera becomes a problem for me as I spin around in a circle like an animal to find my target. What I wish is that instead of pressing a button to get more height and the analog basically control the camera, I'd like a button to just start automating forward flight and use the analog to move my position in the sky, and then just press the button again to come out of it. Like if I was flying a spacecraft, basically. I feel like that would solve so many issues. The Rextro arcade minigames and the mine cart challenges are great ideas. Love them when they run on all cylinders. The problem is that they sometimes don't, and the goals to get Pagies from them are frustrating beyond belief. I'm all for a challenge and I don't mind fucking something up a couple times before I get it right, but it feels like absolute precision is needed especially when getting the high score and that can get extremely agitating. Also agitating: if you're going to require beating the Rextro minigame for one Pagie and getting the high score for another, DON'T make me do them separately. If I get the high score while I'm beating the game, I should get both Pagies, no questions asked. And the goals for the minecart challenges need to be either taken down a peg or the cost of getting hit by an enemy needs to be decreased. Same for Rextro, actually. I'm frankly not sure if the issue is that you need precision or just that the cost of failure is overpriced. Either way, it needs rebalancing. The transformations aren't an issue so much as it's a little sad that with five worlds, there are only five transformations and a couple of them aren't really given a lot to do. You'd think with world expansion you might open up another transformation or at least give the one there a lot more to work with, but nope. Transformations were always one of my favorite parts of the Banjo series and it's nice to have a change of pace gameplay-wise once in a while. I hope that in a future game we see if not more worlds for transformations, more transformations per world. And that's it. Overall the game is really enjoyable and I'm sad that I'm nearing the end of my run. I really hope that we get a sequel in the future as my heart craves more of this kind of game and I really think that while this game is not perfect, it has the start of something good that can be built upon.
  13. I found myself really digging their last album and this song leaves me looking forward to their next one. They've really improved over the years.
  14. I like the chipmunk vocals? I think it's a neat effect and fits the kind of song it is. It's not that far removed to me from the effect Bring Me The Horizon uses on Can You Feel My Heart.
  15. Nah, they're awesome.