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  1. I'm still allowed to be disappointed though, right?
  2. That doesn't make sense. Maybe for Killer Instinct, but the other Rare games are under Nintendo's umbrella because they're Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. Why would Nintendo be able to include the first game and not the sequels?
  3. That and the other Rare games are the most glaring omissions to me. But hey, Kirby's Dream Course, right? Stoked about Star Fox 2 though. That's huge.
  4. I SEE STARS: TREEHOUSE Sumerian June 17th Calm Snow Break White Lies Everyone's Safe In The Treehouse Running With Scissors Mobbin' Out Walking On Gravestones Light In The Cave All In Two Hearted Portals Yellow King SICK PUPPIES: FURY DrillDown May 20th Black And Blue Stick To Your Guns Let Me Live Where Do I Begin Just The Beginning Walls (You Changed) Killing Time Earth To You Beautiful Chaos If I Stay Here With You
  5. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB: GAMESHOW Parlophone/Transgressive October 14th Are We Ready? (Wreck) Bad Decisions Ordinary Gameshow Lavender Fever Invincible Good Morning Surgery Je Viens De La HACKTIVIST: OUTSIDE THE BOX UNFD/Rise March 4th Our Time Hate Deceive And Defy Taken The Storm No Way Back False Idols Rotten Elevate Outside The Box Buszy The Storm II
  6. GOJIRA: MAGMA Roadrunner June 17th The Shooting Star Silvera The Cell Stranded Yellow Stone Magma Pray Only Pain Low Lands Liberation INTO IT. OVER IT.: STANDARDS Triple Crown March 11th Open Casket Closing Argument No E.Q. Vis Major Your Lasting Image Old Lace And Ivory Adult Contempt Required Reading Bible Black Who You Are Does Not Equal Where You Are Anesthetic The Circle Of The Same Ideas
  7. CROWN THE EMPIRE: RETROGRADE Rise July 22nd SK-68 Are You Coming With Me? Zero Aftermath Hologram The Fear Is Real Lucky Us Weight Of The World Signs Of Life Oxygen Kaleidoscope SALIVA: LOVE, LIES, AND THERAPY Universal June 10th Trust Tragic Kind Of Love Bitch Like You Unshatter Me Broken Wings RX Breakdown Go Big Or Go Home Loneliest Know Refuse To Lose They Don't Care About Us Hand In Hand
  8. HELLYEAH: UNDEN!ABLE Eleven Seven June 3rd ! X Scratch A Lie Undeniable Human Leap Of Faith Blood Plague I Don't Care Anymore Live Or Die Love Falls 10-34 Startariot Grave DANCE GAVIN DANCE: MOTHERSHIP Rise October 7th Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortoise Young Robot Frozen One Flossie Dickey Bounce Deception Inspire The Liars Philosopher King Here Comes The Winner Exposed Betrayed By The Game Petting Zoo Justice Chocolate Jackalope Man Of The Year
  9. SYLAR: HELP! Hopeless August 26th Help! Soul Addiction Assume Me, Myself, And I Doubting Out Dark Daze South Street Lullaby I Know, You Know, I Know Gambit Rogue Delight Pleasure Paradise Maintain Closure NOTHING BUT THIEVES: NOTHING BUT THIEVES Sony October 16th Excuse Me Ban All The Music Wake Up Call Itch If I Get High Graveyard Whistling Hostage Trip Switch Lover, Please Stay Drawing Pins Painkiller Tempt You (Evocatio)
  10. NORMA JEAN: POLAR SIMILAR Solid State September 9th I. The Planet Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda 1,000,000 Watts II. The People Death Is A Living Partner Synthetic Sun Reaction III. The Nebula The Close And Discontent An Ocean Of War A Thousand Years A Minute IV. The Nexus AFTER THE BURIAL: DIG DEEP Sumerian February 19th Collapse Lost In The Static Mire Deluge Laurentian Ghosts Heavy Lies The Ground Catacombs The Endless March Sway Of The Break
  11. BEAR HANDS: YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS Spensive Sounds April 15th I Won't Pay 2AM Boss Deja Vu Too Young The Shallows Like Me Like That Chin Ups Marathon Man Winner's Circle I See You Purpose Filled Life NIGHT VERSES: INTO THE VANISHING LIGHT Equal Vision July 8th The Future As History: I Love You Dead Connecting Hexes Drift A Dialogue In Cataplexy Vantablack Faceless Youth Panic And Pull Your Heart Out Growing Out Of Orbit Blue Shades Of The Sun Strange Graves Phoenix III: Into The Vanishing Light
  12. I'm cool with it. You?
  13. Cynicism aside, you can't deny Nickelback has had a large influence on the state of active rock for some time now.
  14. The Bon moves forward. New set will go up tonight when I come home from work.
  15. We will need someone to break this tie that I caused.