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  1. I assume you're talking about Civ. I actually have a couple of those games but I've never gotten around to them. Have tried out a couple of the Tropico games though. I don't know how similar the two series are but they seem cut from the same cloth. I wouldn't call myself a fan of the genre but I'd be lying if I didn't say playing Tropico was more entertaining than I expected. There's something about building something you can call yours and making it all work that's immensely satisfying.
  2. Was this a drunk post?
  3. Congrats. Looking forward to hearing it.
  4. According to what I've read, doing so would require a complete overhaul, cutting out a lot of the bits that play-tested so well and convinced them to move forward with the project in the first place. In other words, I wouldn't hold your breath.
  5. Depends what you want, I guess, cause your list covers a wide range. You mention Baldur's Gate, so a natural recommendation would be others of that ilk like Planescape Torment or Neverwinter Nights or spiritual successors like Pillars Of Eternity or Torment: Tides Of Nemumbra. You also mention Civ so maybe other sim or strategy games like Tropico or SimCity? Or since you're talking about resource management, a survival game like Don't Starve? Just some thoughts.
  6. Actually, his voice in the trailer puts me very much in mind of his voice from the old cartoons, which makes me very nostalgic.
  7. The difference between the first Sonic trailer and the newest one is shocking in how much they fixed the character in such a short amount of time.
  8. I was very impressed, and I physically applauded multiple times. The moment they did the syncing song and I realized what I was watching, my joy was palpable. I want that soundtrack on Spotify yesterday.
  9. Man, that's a funny dig at Panic sounding a lot like Fall Out Boy, eh Lucas?
  10. It's funny, I was reading earlier today about another game designer that seems just as eccentric as Kojima; Suda 51. He made Killer 7 and No More Heroes, but his second game ever was a title in the Fire Pro Wrestling series. What you'd expect to just be a typical wrestling game has a story mode where all of your character's friends die and even after winning the final bout, he's so depressed by what he's lost along the way that he commits suicide. I just thought I'd share that nugget.
  11. Don't quote me cause I may be conflating what Harty said with what I've read. I can't find an article with any conclusive proof, although the consensus is that there are quite a lot of long, overdrawn cutscenes and I have read some reports that the ending is supposed to be two hours.
  12. I'm really not surprised by the whole Death Stranding thing. I knew we were in trouble when Kojima said even he didn't understand Death Stranding, just a month before release. And this after years of just showing weird cutscenes and no gameplay. I admit the end result sounds a little fascinating, especially the idea that pathways you make can be available for future players to use. That leaves me a little concerned that the game may get easier then over time as it becomes increasingly social, but it's a concept that sounds worth exploring. That said, it pleases me in a sick way that after all this time waiting we find the game is ultimately part movie (I've heard the intro is four hours? Of course it is.) and part Fed Ex Simulator. I knew Kojima was unlikely to do anything similar to Metal Gear after having handled that franchise for so long, but I sure wasn't expecting this, and yet it makes perfect sense. It makes me think about how some musicians need a producer or someone outside to reign in their worst tendencies. Now we see Kojima unbound; look upon his work and despair.
  13. I would recommend reading the graphic novel before I'd recommend the movie. I'm a bit curious how much more mileage fans of the comic will get out of this.
  14. Isn't that one a live version? If so, then this would be a studio version, and thus different.
  15. Yes. I feel like both songs could have been on Viva La Vida without missing a beat.