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  1. Lucas, you done fucked up, son.
  2. Long story short, guitarists Ahrue Luster and Diego Verduzco have left the band along with, surprisingly, vocalist Christian Machado. They've been replaced with vocalist Marcos Leal (Shattered Sun), and guitarists Jes Dehoyos (Sons Of Texas) and Sal Dominguez (Upon A Burning Body). Leal will continue to perform in Shattered Sun, while the band is working to get a new label and route touring. In the meantime, they've posted this, the first song with the new lineup:
  3. I'd like to also thank Nixon for keeping this place afloat, and good on him for standing his ground. Can't let those vultures win.
  4. Haven't they already been doing that for years via LP Underground?
  5. At first I got real confused by the band members until I realized I thought this was about Hit The Lights.
  6. Nintendo and Humble have done bundles before. It's rare, but it happened, and there must be a reason they're partnering now.
  7. So yesterday I received an odd coupon in my email from Humble Bundle that led to a revelation: Humble Bundle is now selling Switch and 3DS games in the Humble Store. It looks like the offerings are Nintendo only with no third-party games to be seen (yet), but all the usual suspects appear to be there. The only unfortunate thing is that the pricing is also as expected, with most games (for the Switch anyway) $59.99 with lone exceptions like Snipperclips and Captain Toad. However, I'm excited cause if Nintendo games are now on the Humble Store, that increases the likelihood of a Nintendo Humble Bundle in the future, and I am so so so down for that.
  8. This per guitarist Benjamin Eizinger. It sounds like there's a chance we may hear more from them in the future. Exciting times if it happens!
  9. I feel a need to state that like the N64 you mentioned, the NES has a lot of gems below the surface that most people don't think or know about, and the one caveat of NES Online is that most of them will either trickle in slowly or not at all. Some sadly were Japanese only.
  10. 1. PS2 2. SNES 3. PSX 4. N64 5. Wii 6. NES 7. Genesis I'm not including my PS3 because I bought it off someone with the disk drive damaged and I never got around to having it fixed, so I can't say I've properly "owned" it. Also, similar to Mike, Switch feels too new and I've only owned mine for a short while, but I also feel it would rank especially high once all is said and done, cause it's a well-built console and I'm looking forward to building up a better library of games as time goes on. I should also say that N64 and WIi are probably more on equal ground for me; the former cause of nostalgia and having so many classic games and the latter because of the combined excellence of the Gamecube and Wii library. 1. DS 2. PSP 3. GBA 4. Game Boy If we were combining lists, DS might be second to the PS2, just based on introducing me to series like Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton, that I love dearly.
  11. I finished Season 2 of Runaways yesterday. In other words, they're definitely expecting a Season 3. If they don't get it, I'll be pissed. If they get it, I'll be on the edge of my seat until it drops.
  12. I found this in my Release Radar on Spotify and was extremely shocked and surprised that they dropped a new album without me knowing. It sounds great as expected. Seems like they went for less of a commercial sound, but it's still no less infectious to me. Released: 12/22/18 01. Thirsty 02. Lucid Kid 03. Perpetrator 04. No Teeth 05. Big Heavy 06. Trifection 07. Violence 08. What I Am 09. Burnt Tongue 10. The Void 11. Tracy Free 12. Aids Chimp 13. New Blood 14. Thirsty (Outro)
  13. As someone who regularly goes back and plays classic games, I can't agree with what's happening here. Graphically I'm never going to call these games beautiful because early polygons do look janky as hell, but they're all still as fun to me as they ever were, and that's what's important to me.
  14. You mean like Crash, Spyro, Ape Escape, MediEvil, Tomba, and other classics that you better not be besmirching?
  15. Even though I don't intend on getting any of them, I think I do understand the appeal. A co-worker who doesn't play video games anymore (she actually has an eye condition that prevents her from playing newer games) but played the shit out of NES back in the day loved that Nintendo did this so she could replay the games she enjoyed in younger days and also introduce them to her daughter. By a similar token, upon getting an HD TV recently, one of the first things I did was pull up Super Mario Bros. 3 on my Switch via NES Online and play a bit. I was telling people how nostalgic it was, but also deeply ironic that I was playing a 20 year old game in HD on Nintendo's newest console instead of say, Breath Of The Wild. Also, while I agree some games are dated and don't age well, there are quite a lot that do. Super Mario Bros. 3 being one example. That game is still just as much fun to play and enjoy as it was when it came out. There is a reason why indie developers are doing so well off the back of retro games/2D side-scrollers.