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  1. I like the theme for the new Star Trek films.
  2. I dunno, I think Jurassic World 2 looks like stupid fun, at least. By kid's movie, do you mean the movie based off the classic children's novel A Wrinkle In Time? Because I thought the trailer looked pretty cool, myself.
  3. Hey @Mike, apparently the dice from the Falcon have always been there since the first movie.
  4. You're really upset that a character who had one memorable line in the whole saga was killed off? Get the fuck out of here.
  5. - Actually, the more I talk about Poe, the more I hope he smartens up in the next movie, cause it's really becoming clear to me that his jackassery pretty much wrote the plot. - I dunno, I liked the exchange. I will admit it jarred me a little too because I wasn't expecting the movie to start with a comedic bit, but it made me laugh and made the audience in my theater laugh, and it does seem like something in character for Poe, so I'm ultimately fine with it. I'm fine with most things that end up making me smile. - Thank you for reminding me about that bit with Rey and Luke, I actually forgot about that, and that was hilarious. "I feel something!" - She was referred to by name in this movie at least, but like I said above, Boba Fetts gotta Boba Fett.
  6. - I actually wonder now if they're pairing off Rey and Poe. I didn't realize until the end of this movie that Poe and Rey actually hadn't officially met each other. The other option would be pairing off Rey and Kylo, like Rey has Kylo turn, but I highly doubt it. Maybe if Kylo had stayed on the light, but I think that ship has sailed now. - I don't think that bit with Ghost Luke was a coincidence. It would make sense he'd appear from that direction if his whole ruse was to help them escape --- he'd want to show them that there is an escape. - I'm not sure Maz having Luke's lightsaber actually matters that much in the long run. I mean, why does any artifact wind up in the hands of anyone? I don't expect the answer to be some great revelation that's plot relevant. - I think the purpose in highlighting Rey's parentage wasn't to make people question whose child she was, but to highlight her own desire to be someone significant. That was something touched upon several times in this movie, that Rey thought learning who her parents were would help give her answers, but it doesn't work that way. - I actually think it was thematically important that Luke passed on. The whole core of this movie for Luke is him coming to terms with what happened to Kylo and regaining his hope in the future, which he found in Rey. He's passing the torch of the Jedi to Rey to establish what that means. For him to continue on kind of defeats the purpose of passing that torch. Plus, it's obvious him doing that decoy from so far away put an immense exertion on him; it would be more ridiculous if he did that without any consequence. Him doing it as a last-ditch effort to help the Resistance makes more sense and highlights the direness of the situation. - Actually, I think it does the opposite. I think it shows a grander scope of what's going on. It makes sense that there would be people profiteering off the war because it's like that in any war scenario. People like DJ existed in the original trilogy: Han himself didn't care about the Rebellion or the Empire at first until he was caught in the middle. It doesn't lessen the scope of the war, it widens it. Not everyone is going to be on one side or the other, some are just people trying to survive in this crazy Star War. As for the backup, we don't know what that means. It could just mean people have lost hope, which seems to be a big thing in the film. It doesn't have to mean "there's no backup because no one cares about what's happening".
  7. 1. At first this did bother me but partially because I didn't really understand what happened at first. I wasn't sure if we were seeing Force Ghost Leia or what was going on. I think it's mainly because I'm not used to Leia showing overt signs of being Force-sensitive, but in the end I'm actually okay with it, because it makes sense she would've at least learned something from Luke as time passed, and it's cool that we got to see Leia do something with the Force in film. Granted, they could've just had her be in a coma without the blast into space, but it made for a cool visual, so (shrugs). 2. I feel like this was the only way they could have killed him, since he is so obviously more powerful than Kylo and Rey and they wouldn't be able to touch him in a direct fight. I also think it makes a lot of sense in terms of the general theme of hubris that runs through the series. Everyone suffers from hubris, the Sith, the Jedi, everyone. Snoke thought he was untouchable and that was his undoing. I mean, Kylo was making the same motions for both lightsabers and if Snoke is so smug, he's going to see what he expects to see, because that's what he expects. I think it's very appropriate Snoke went out like he did, because that's pretty much what happened to Palpatine. 3. Finn's mission only seems pointless in retrospect because Poe didn't have all the necessary information about what was really going on and DJ was a fucking rat. Which actually, I dunno, I think it's interesting that we see the heroes try to carry out a plan and ultimately fail, because the heroes can't win every battle. I also think it wasn't pointless from a spectacle perspective as I stated above in my reply to Ruiner, but I should also mention I didn't find Rose annoying, so I guess that would probably skew your viewpoint. I will concede that we probably didn't need Maz to show up since she didn't affect the plot very much and ultimately she was proved wrong about needing the best, but then again, she doesn't know everything and everyone that exists, and frankly, for a mission like that, I'd want to have the best available anyway, because it could very easily turn into a suicide mission. I am willing to accept they turned to Maz to get information and she provided the best information she had available. Best laid plans went awry. (shrugs) 4. I actually don't have an issue with Holdo's actions because to side with Poe is to miss the point of Poe's journey through the movie. Poe is impulsive and rash. His stunt at the start of the movie caused casualties they couldn't really afford, which is why he was demoted. The point Holdo was making is that Poe shouldn't need to know the plan in order to do his duty and carry out the orders. The more people that know secret information, the easier it is for it to get out, and Poe should've recognized that, recognized the chain of command, the seriousness of the situation, and not basically do what amounted to throwing a tantrum. In fact, if you want to get down to brass tacks, he really fucked up by not simply accepting Holdo's authority, because if he hadn't sent Finn to get DJ, then DJ wouldn't have sold them out to Hux, which led to the events of the final act. That's why Poe recognizing Luke trying to buy them an escape at the end is meaningful; because Poe is finally starting to understand that sometimes running to fight another day is the smarter action to ensure the Resistance's survival. And since he's being obviously groomed for leadership, it's important that he understands these lessons. So I'm actually with Holdo on this one. 5. I dunno, I liked the fight, but I also agree Phasma was underutilized to the extreme. I almost wasn't sure she was still in the movie since she showed up so late. It's a shame that the character is very obviously dead now, but I guess someone has to be the Boba Fett of this trilogy...
  8. Wanted to touch on each of these points in turn. 1. On some level I do understand people having criticisms about too much humor in a "serious" movie, as people have the same with Marvel films of late, but it doesn't really bother me because I feel like as long as the humor isn't taking away from the serious moments, then it's fine. Life is full of funny moments and sometimes people deal with tense situations with humor. It's the cornerstone of Spider-Man. I don't feel that this movie pushed on the humor too hard and I like that it has some levity, like in Force Awakens with the stormtroopers that turned smartly round while Kylo Ren was having his tantrum. Moments like the start with Poe trolling Hux and Rey asking Kylo to put on some clothes; listen, to me that's not taking away from the tenseness of what's going on. It adds a more human element that makes the movie as a whole more enjoyable and makes the characters more likable, or at least it does for me. 2. I had no issue with Finn's b-plot as at the time it made perfect sense in relation to Poe's development, showed some cool action sequences, and illustrated a side of the war that we wouldn't get to see normally; the people profiting off of the fighting and living it up. I feel like it was worth touching upon. I understand in a three hour movie, it's natural to focus on things that don't have bearing on the overall story as being excessive, but I like these little vignettes that are maybe not directly relevant to the plot, but more peripheral and help color in the picture, so to speak. 3. I agree that the relationship was intriguing and I fully believe the next movie will lean heavily into this as I don't see where else it would really go. I don't know if Rey will keep trying to turn Kylo, but I expect the dynamic between the two will take center stage as they cement their new positions in the New Order and the Resistance. 4. To that end, I think you're right about a possible time jump. It would make the most sense in terms of allowing for Leia to not show in the next film. They could have Poe taking over as leader as they're obviously aiming for, and showcase Rey and Kylo as more confident in their roles. Certainly I don't expect it to pick up where this one ended like this did for Force Awakens.
  9. I am curious what you hated and if it jives with my observations.
  10. Just saw it. Absolutely loved it and it was packed with so much awesome that to dissect the awesome would be to do it a disservice. Instead, I'd like to talk a bit about how surprised I am that this movie subverted my expectations when it came to certain things like Snoke and Rey's parentage. I think it actually works in the franchise's favor, as it could have easily leaned into fan theories about Snoke being Darth Plagueis or Ray being Kenobi's kid. The fact that they killed Snoke halfway through the movie and that Rey's parents are nobodies, I think that's ballsy, and shows how confident they are in the story they're telling that they don't need to set up obvious payoffs to please fans. I also think it sends some stronger messages by leaning into the true conflict being about Rey vs. Kylo. However, this also means I have absolutely no idea where the next movie is heading. I mean, Empire set up obvious hooks for Jedi, and even Force Awakens left so many questions for this movie, that it's a little surprising that pretty much everything seems more or less wrapped up by the end of this movie except for the core conflict. Maybe that's a good thing as it means unlike Force Awakens, where people could mass theorize, this movie leaves no real margin to speculate, which means the creators are free to do whatever the fuck they want. There's no expectation at this point. I will say I still have no idea how they're going to handle Leia in the next movie, since she's clearly alive at the end of this one and seems to still be a major part in things. I do get that they're grooming Poe to be the new leader the Rebels center around, so maybe that will play some role? It's a mystery and I'm a little afraid of what the result will be. Finally, RIP Luke Skywalker. You rose out of the darkness to a last fair morning. The fact that he basically projected himself across the galaxy just to con Kylo, that was pretty awesome. Anyway, two years seems so far away...
  11. Disney and Fox have officially struck a deal. I'm excited.
  12. I should mention that a fan recently asked Maynard about Danny's quote and Maynard's response was "burp". Take that as you will. Also, I wouldn't wait for SOAD to do anything. Serj recently went on record as saying he's not interested in being a vocalist right now and is more interested in writing instrumental music. I hate to say it, but I wouldn't blame the other guys if they decided to move on without Serj. He seems to be the only holdout.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that, man. That is horrible and I hope things improve quickly. In the meantime, stay safe.
  14. I listened to the first four tracks and I'm not sure how to feel about this album so far. Is it Glassjaw? Yeah, it sounds like Glassjaw. Is it the Glassjaw I wanted? Not really. I got into this band with Worship And Tribute which may have set me up for failure since it was their most commercial effort followed by Darryl's forays into Head Automatica. Since Glassjaw came back, I've found myself not really getting into their EPs so I guess that should've clued me in that I wouldn't get into this. It kind of sounds like they're trying to out-Deftones Deftones, which is all well and good, but wasn't what I was wanting. I'll keep giving it a shot and see if this changes though.
  15. Captain Marvel comes out before the sequel. She's already confirmed as in it.