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  1. It's actually been a single for quite some time now, unless you mean you knew when the album came out.
  2. A quick Google search indicates this may just be a new song, although the band's post on Instagram is a bit vague.
  3. I felt the same way when Spider-Man left the MCU and subsequently returned and the board didn't bat an eye. I suppose I could've brought it up, but I think I'm guilty of this too. I just don't honestly feel the desire to post like I used to.
  4. It appears now that their bassist has been fired. Unfortunate, but probably for the best to maintain some form of integrity.
  5. I have. The explanation given sounds absurd, so I have no doubt that it's 100% accurate. No one in their right mind would construct that story as a lie. The best I can say is at least they're giving compensation to the other musicians involved and not trying to hide what happened.
  6. Being ultra real, they started making new threads again and I technically find Nick's constant reports just as annoying so I pruned them back again. But man, is this tiresome.
  7. It is very different and another nail in the coffin of the old Theory, but I agree it's not a bad song. I'm tentatively interested.
  8. Being real, if the spammers are limiting themselves to one thread, I don't see the point in continuing to prune them back, since there's no sign of stopping.
  9. Was this really a guess? Cause you're right.
  10. So what you're saying is songs are getting shorter.
  11. Do you think the board was the problem?
  12. Not any more than any of their previous albums have...
  13. I know right? You need to do better, Lucas.