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  1. So I read what happened and here's what gets me. If Warren Beatty was confused over the envelope he received, why didn't he say something right away? Why did he let Dunaway say the wrong thing?
  2. Dammit Anakin, you were supposed to be the Chosen One!
  3. It's got like 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  4. Why would you kill civilians? You monster.
  5. Strange.
  6. And it's the one I felt like quoting. Suck it.
  7. I dig it. Not as good as Creed but still enjoyable.
  8. I've cast my votes. Have you cast yours? So far it looks like 16 people or so have voted. If you haven't, you might want to do so soon. I know I said I was giving two weeks but that puts it at March 4th and we might still have to narrow down the list, so I might end up moving up the timetable if I don't see more votes come in. What I'm saying is don't delay. Act now.
  9. "I... find it hard to say... and you... find it hard to care..."
  10. This sounds really awful out of context...
  11. Digging the song but I have absolutely no idea what they're singing about, and actually I think the verses might be stronger than the chorus.
  12. Song sounds pretty typical for them, but enjoyable. Looking forward to the album as a whole.
  13. Ramsey Snow was cast as Maximus The Mad in Marvel's The Inhuman because of course he was.
  14. Now that you're wrong, are you going to get back into it?