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  1. After some testing of my own, what I believe Lucas did is that from the Vimeo link, he went to Share and hit the Embed tab and copied that link, and then over here, when posting, he chose Source, pasted the link in there, and then that translated the source code into the embedded video when posting. If I had to wager a guess, you probably posted the code directly thinking it would auto-translate, when what you needed to do is select Source and then paste it that way.
  2. See, I'm the opposite. If I'm invested in a world, I want to be in that world for as long as possible. I agree that there's a fine line to tow when trying to hold someone's attention, and maybe that's part of the problem here; if the game isn't investing you completely, then it's harder to want to continue to play it.
  3. Well, I think Death Stranding was always going to be divisive and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't been paying attention. I think another factor with this game might be the climate that it's being released in. I've read a lot of reviews taking issue with how bleak the game is, and I feel now is the worst time to be dropping something like that. Ironically, I just read someone from Sony discussing whether games are too long, but it's from a development-time-to-cost standpoint, not about whether gamers are tired of long games.
  4. I haven't played this game, but as someone who grew up with games that lasted for hours on end, it makes me sad to see a game be criticized for not considering how to fit into someone's schedule. It feels like a problem when the compulsion is to sandwich as many games as possible vs. taking the time to really enjoy a game for as long as it lasts.
  5. That actually sounds more lazy.
  6. Is a title that important? They could've pulled a Korn and made it untitled.
  7. Interesting, I presume My Derailment is a remake of the same song from their first album? Glad to see they're still hanging in there.
  8. Interesting choice of label; apparently this is a rock division of Wake Up Music ran by Waylon, formerly of Mushroomhead and currently of A Killer's Confession that was announced earlier this year.
  9. Should you not have made a new thread then, for a new album?
  10. I'm not sure I feel as strongly as you, but neither can I deny that I've been far less active in recent history than I've ever been, and it's because of a growing apathy with what feels like the same conversations over and over. I think we all know by now where we stand, it's just different places to plant our feet.
  11. But what does Square Enix think?
  12. Or, conversely, quit being a whiny entitled bitch about it and don't be okay with the potential death of a staggering amount of people just because your life is temporarily inconvenienced.
  13. Out of respect to Fly, I removed the images.
  14. Why then? Besides the Friday thing.
  15. I wonder if he'll box you for charity.