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  1. I had the same thought initially about the unusual fit, but I have given it some more thought, and I think the danger for other teams might actually come from how D'Antoni chooses to run his rotations. All season long, especially during the playoffs, the Rockets offense greatly sputtered when Harden was off the court since the Rockets' offense really was centered around his play-making abilities. But when he sat, teams could take advantage and swing the momentum away from the Rockets. But if D'Antoni limits the amount of time the two are on the court together, then their offense could continue to thrive. If that offense should lead to more blowout victories, then D'Antoni could also limit the number of minutes both of them played, keeping it right around 30 or so which would keep both players fresh. I think the effectiveness of this new Rockets line-up will ultimately come down to what the team looks like at the start of the season and how the coaching staff chooses to run things.
  2. If Mike D'Antoni is truly the brilliant coach so many people believe he is, and if Daryl Morey is truly the brilliant GM so many people believe he is, then things should go well for the Rockets next season. Now, as much as I try not to be petty or vindictive, this time I will allow myself to be consumed by my baser emotions, and I will confess that I eagerly look forward to seeing them find a way to squander their championship window, both now and in the not-so-distant future.
  3. This album is my favorite of the year so far. Granted I would be hard pressed to make a list of competing 2017 albums since I keep getting 2016 and 2017 mixed up. I finally stopped writing 2016 on boards, journals, and forms a few days ago.
  4. I had fairly low expectations for the show simply because it was the very first one, but I thought it went well for the most part. At times it was a little awkward, but I think Drake and the Inside the NBA crew all handled it well enough. Highlights for me were Westbrook's MVP speech, Coach Monty's speech after accepting the Sager Strong Award, and seeing the audience and some of the greatest big men of all time all showing respect for the great Bill Russell, standing in silent anticipation for him to speak only then to hear he him say he could kick their ass.
  5. Even if they get a point guard who is only merely serviceable, having Jimmy Butler should help them develop since he can be a creator on offense for them. He has increased his assists per game average each year he has been in the league, and even if his numbers don't increase again, I still expect him to do a decent amount of ball handling and offense running. Also with Jimmy around some of the pressure to be a star or a leader is off those young guys which should allow them to fine-tune their game. All these young kids coming in after one year of college ball are so raw and often lack proper technique and fundamentals, and they don't reach their potential when they are immediately thrown into a demanding, starring role for which they aren't prepared.
  6. I believe that is what Kevin Feige said the next phase (deliberately not capitalized to emphasize the departure from the previous Phases) will look like: predominantly multiple heroes in one movie even if the title only mentions one of them. You're right that we are already seeing that format on screen. And I am fine with that direction. It reminds me of the Marvel Team-Up comic series which was always fun to read given the unusual or most-wished for pairings of characters.
  7. It feels right to be back. In the back of my mind, I knew I wouldn't stay away forever; I just needed the moment to feel right. Mission accomplished. Also, it's summer, and I refuse to start lesson planning until mid-July, so I need things and friends to keep me entertained. Hello, friends and things!
  8. Yeah their ceiling will probably be competing for the 6-8 playoff spots which would absolutely be a step in the right direction for them. Even during the regular season they should be much more competitive now which means the young pups will get plenty of practice in high pressure situations whether it's coming from behind with minutes to go, holding onto a lead, getting a defensive stop, etc. The rest of the West will still be tough, barring any significant injuries, but now the T=Wolves will probably start to reach a little more of that potential which experts have been predicting from them each season.
  9. Fascinating! I am quite curious to see how this concept plays out in practice. I guess I will need to spend more time on Netflix to make sure that I can watch this development occur. Of course, given the amount of time I already spend on Netflix, I am sure it will pop up in my recommendations list at some point. Sometimes I think Netflix is just recommending the latest buzz or the original feature it wants to promote because some of those "Since you watched X, you might like Y" suggestions seem completely unrelated. It does lead to a fun game though where you and your friends can compete to see who can come up with the most reasonable (or elaborate) connection between titles.
  10. And nearly a year later, Omar was right! Kind of. Traded, yes, Happy about it, not entirely. But still, well done, Omar.
  11. Maybe it could be the Marvel Cinematic Open World Universe where there is a main story-line, but viewers get to choose which films they watch and in which order they watch them, thereby creating their own narrative. Facetiousness aside, I have always thought it would be really cool if somebody created a choose-your-own-adventure movie experience. I mean obviously plenty of video games give you a similar type of experience, but it would be cool to have it in a large theater where you wouldn't have to have your hands on a controller and could enjoy all the sour gummy worms you wanted while doing so.
  12. Yeah I've been lurking the past couple of days trying to decide where and how to jump back into things. After doing a not entirely thorough but mostly informative catch-up of some recent threads, I remembered all the things I liked about this forum and about you guys, and I found myself missing being a part of all the things. It's been too long, but hello! I think what made me lukewarm on Smoke + Mirrors was that it didn't quite like feel there was that one big track that made me say, "Woah! Now that's a dope song that makes me overwhelmingly excited about this album." When I first heard "Radioactive," it really struck me that this band could be something special. I just didn't quite notice anything earthshaking like it on Smoke + Mirrors. But an additional listen in the next day or so will probably reveal some forgotten or unnoticed cool things to me.
  13. 1) I really enjoyed reading all the retrospection and the depth of analysis you gave. I have always enjoyed the way you analyze and discuss what you like about music, so this read was a nice way to put myself back into the past before 2016 while also doing a pick of introspection of my own on 2016. 2) Admittedly, I did not fully peruse the archives for additional posts, but I am glad someone else has nice things to say about Against the Current. They have been in my head the last couple of days, and I found myself thinking, "Man, I wish I knew someone else who liked this type of music so that I could have someone nod and say, 'I feel ya, dawg.'"
  14. I can't recall where exactly, but I remember reading somewhere that Kevin Feige had said that once they wrapped up the Infinity War story-line, they would be keep releasing several titles each year, but it would not necessarily be a traditional Phase like the previous ones where they were building to some type of culminating event each time, i.e. each Avengers movie. I can't remember if that change was planned to happen right after Avengers 4 or after whatever event happens after Avengers 4.
  15. Agreed. For some reason, I vaguely recall being slightly disappointed by Smoke + Mirrors, but I cannot recall why specifically. The excellence of this album makes me think that 2015 Kyle must have been doing something wrong, so it seems 2017 Kyle must now revisit both Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors to atone for the sins of the past.