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  1. Also their album is name your own price on BandCamp
  2. Bumping this up as Out Of My Hands just cracked the top 50 at Active Rock. Really dig their sound, looks like they are opening the upcoming Nonpoint / Hinder tour as well.
  3. Hard rock isn't hip enough for D.C.
  4. Wow wtf... saw them open on tour with Sevendust & Taproot years ago. But jumping off a tower? Can't imagine what lead to that, RIP. Also, how did you even find out about this?? (Or connect the dots that it was him...)
  5. I always really liked this tune from him as well
  6. Well here's a blast from the past. Didn't know this full album existed, need to check this out.
  7. South of Sideways had some major jams on it, Inhale and Lifter were favorites. R.I.P.
  8. Never heard of them, but they sound really good. Looking into their original album now..
  9. Dammit the Sticks and Stones Orlando date is already sold out...
  10. Was supposed to see them in FL next week.. according to the comments they are re-scheduling the remaining 2016 dates
  11. Hell yeah!
  12. Are the members from any other bands, or are they notable in some way? I see the singer was in Seven Day Sonnet
  13. I got their St. Petersburg, FL date w/ Nonpoint. Super stoked!
  14. ;Baxter Teal - Vocals/Guitar (Deepfield) ;Jake LoGiudice - Guitar/Vocals; ;Jake Portenkirchner - Drums (Janus)