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  1. I've listened twice. It is absolutely amazing. "waste" is my favorite
  2. I've read several posts...they will continue doing what they love..they will not abandon the name. I listened to all the cds ina row today. I will alway miss Chester, I'm very saddened by his actions, but understand that we all have a reason for our choices.
  3. This album fucking rocks!
  4. Yup another fucking great song out in the wild.
  5. To Speak, To Listen • 6.2.17 • Tracklist: 1. The Abstract Of A Planet In Resolve 2. Tetelestai 3. Primitive Economics 4. Querents 5. Amplissimus Machina 6. Loti 7. Dendrochronology 8. The Familiar 9. Houses Movement III: Rust/Rebuild 10. Sri Vishnu Yantra 11. Transcendentium Part I: Zoroastrian 12. Transcendentium Part II: Fourth Temple So excited...
  6. I've been following these guys forever. I saw them with crosses a while back and they killed it. This album has been sitting on the shelf for years... For people who don't know this is Daryl Palumo (glassjaw, head automatica) side project. June 16 is the day
  7. Yup AOTY
  8. This will not happen. I've heard this for years and years. I will only believe it when its in my hands. Maynard has really been pissing me off lately and I love a perfect circle those albums changed my life
  9. Yeah. I preordered this it's a great album. I love Carlo on lead vocals.
  10. Yes. Kurt Travis is the man. But holy shit this exceeded my expectations and then some
  11. Yeah. I can't believe I cried. Go on their Facebook and read what Corey wrote about the song and then listen to it. Chills
  12. Omfg tell me how good this is I literally had goosebumps the entire song...
  13. already way over the goal! I can't wait!