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  1. It grew on me. First listen didn’t do it but then I liked it. article to go with it from january
  2. So idk if you guys know this....but Dustin Bates of Starset and Downplay has a new electronic project called “MNQN”....he released the single on Apple Music. I would love to link a video but I can’t seem to find it anywhere but apple music and I’m assuming it’s on Spotify! Enjoy I likey
  3. Guys and Gals...DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! Wow
  4. New acoustic ep preorders 11/23 reworked songs and originals
  5. Corey wasn’t kidding when he said this album would sound like “Iowa” wow. i love it, but hope they have some melodic tracks as well
  6. I really thought that massive Chris Cornell cd coming out was the last of his unreleased material. I say the sooner the better.
  7. I hope but it doesn’t sound promising imo
  8. I follow both of them and haven’t seen any updatres. I really wish they would just record another damn album already. It’s a perfect time for new Trust Co
  9. Here we are a full year later. You got my hopes up lol
  10. Welcome to the club drops feb 1 2019 alao I’ve seen several interviews with Bradley saying this is by far his favorite work to date and it will be poppy
  11. I’m also disappointed. I found myself daydreaming while I listened to it. It did not motivate me. Couple of songs stood out...a few I was like omg this sucks. death grip I want that again
  12. Album sucks. Wow. First album by then I didn’t like
  13. I love their entire discography but especially up until year of the black rainbow, which I loved! The last threee were their weakest efforts but still good. This album is like holy hell good