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  1. Only 9 tracks?!?! Wtf!
  2. Goosebumps....
  3. I love makari. They finally announced their full length “Hyperreal” will be released on August 3rd. Please support my boys
  4. When they announced their reunion I heard they were recording a new album together. I assumed this was the first single from that release?
  5. it’s so good I think I’ve listened to it 30 times already. This is first album of theirs you heard?!?! Go back what are you waiting for? Mothership is next for you
  6. Got my copy in the mail there is no need :-) i love this album. Not a bad song
  7. I couldn’t glad I didn’t lol
  8. AOTY. I can safely say this because I had chills the entire way through
  9. I just came and died and came back to life. Omg
  10. wow, that was a journey.
  11. Pen what are your highlights so far?
  12. I like you once hated ghost. Thought it was a stupid gimmick band. Then I saw them live with my ex gf and became a die hard fan. The show they put on was insane. Maybe I like them so much because I fucking love horror movies, hell, and Satan. But yeah I’m pumped to hear this