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  1. The only song I skip is “hold up a light”. I think “my soul” is one of my favorites. I love the first 6 tracks though. And that closer wow
  2. To me they blends “a perfect circle” and “deftones” with the vocal kind of along the line of “seven day sonnet”. That’s just me
  3. I voted ballad lol
  4. Thrice is so consistent. Another phenomenal release. Hard for me to pick a favorite song.
  5. Right. I wasn’t impressed by “are you ready” but this song is great
  6. Glad you like it! I listened to it like 10 times today.
  7. So they finally announced a release date for their full length album! November 9th Ways We Haunt Track Listing:1. Nocturnal Visitor 2. Skylights3. Fell Under A Spell4. Sleepless Goddess 5. Lose the Forest for the Trees6. Rorschach7. Go With Your Ghost8. Matrioshka9. Goblin Valley10. The Polar Dream11. Ways We Haunt if you guys and gals haven’t checked out their ep I suggest you do. The band was kind enough to send me a signed ep because I couldn’t make one of their shows earlier this year. They paid like $7 in postage as well. I will be purchasing this album.
  8. A week or so ago I heard a new disturbed song called “A Reason to fight”. Apple Music made a mistake and some how I was listening to it. They quickly fixed it. They made that same mistake last night. Now it’s gone again. Its a super ballad. So good. The chorus was stuck in my head and now I can’t remember it!!
  9. i forgot I’m still anticipating this cd.
  10. Will do. They are talking about releasing the first 6 and the next 6 as one full release or “debut”.
  11. MGK firing back at Eminem. Not gonna lie that was good
  12. This album is already lit
  13. So retina is already recording a second ep!
  14. So Parabelle enters the studio in October! im excited as all hell