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  1. Yeah go with bubbles Nixon. I do like them both.
  2. chesters first band just released a remaster. I believe they are trying to do the whole album. this brought tears to my eyes and it’s so good
  3. Everybody remember “Arcos Angel”? although I’m hoping for new HURT that project is also a possibility
  5. Lol No it’s autocorrect from my stupid phone and it was late.
  6. So it seems Beau shared a riff from the new lp along with a caption saying that the creative juices were flowing and he can’t wait for lp4
  7. Got my preorder! great stuff! “Don’t Stay Long” is amazing!
  8. Since we won’t be seeing any Lo-Pro I’ll take it
  9. Groovy slaps!!
  10. New song drops tomorrow night 9pm PST
  11. Some really good. Some so so bad.
  12. Meh. I may lose interest I enjoyed the past material but I won’t get my hopes up on this. The OG vocalist is the best
  13. Meant to post it. Been jamming it for a couple days. Another gem