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  1. Nope lol Hate to say it but Wes needs to give up music and focus on his life. The rockstar life style will always have him going back. You put a dog treat in front of a dog it’s going to eat it. that being said puddle of mudd has been dead to me. Nothing will beat the first two records
  2. Article for anyone interested...
  3. I just found an official article published recently... apparently david scorney (lead singer) retired from music to focus on life with his wife. Something about loving pizza and opening up a restaurant or something. i actually became upset reading the article because I love fucking Janus and was hoping to hear scotneys voice again in another project...
  4. You are correct sir I enjoyed it
  5. Excited for this one. They killed it live recently.
  6. I haven’t listened to the new track yet. But still think the last two tracks are extremely forgettable and generic. I’ll listen later and find out if you guys are just being fanboys again 😂
  7. Wasn’t a huge fan of “sleepwave”
  8. didn’t they announce they were done years ago? Didn’t know the opportunity was even there for a return
  9. Yeah, these guys still remain one of my favorite bands. They motivate the hell out of me and there is a song for every mood.
  10. The band has broken up 😑.... So, here we are, nine years into something we built. In 2009, when it started, it was just a question asked from one kid to a bunch of other kids. "Do you want to make music with me?" Bassist, guitarist, singers, keyboardists, violinists, cellists, saxophonists, trumpet players, percussionists and even a drum machine. Our shows were in garages to our very patient friends. We washed cars to raise money for tours that went no further than three or four cities away from us. We wrote simply, we played sloppily and we released a record called Plan B. We’re here now. It’s 2018 and three records followed, each of them shooting out in directions we couldn’t anticipate and couldn’t have predicted or harnessed if we tried. An experimental record with a new singer, a concept record that nearly drove us insane to formulate and, finally, a stripped down record born from loss. There’s so much pride in every stage, so many stories, so many people met, places seen. Every time we’ve been able to play one of these songs, we got to do so in a new way, to a new crowd and to do it open-faced, exposed and with our heart out on the table. This is a thank you letter to all of you for letting us do so, whenever you came aboard. At the beginning or just last week, thank you for listening. You decided our lives for nine whole years and you made them fucking wonderful. It’s February 17th, 2018 and this is the end of A Lot Like Birds.
  11. Kurt Travis - Vocals (ex-dgd, ex-a lot like birds) Sergio Medina - Guitar (stolas, sianvar) Joe Arrington - Drums (a lot like birds) album coming soon.
  12. So the best thing I’ve read all day is... i am am so ducking excited I can barely stand
  13. Well listen to slaves before saying aoty....but you got me excited to dig into this after work
  14. I continue to disagree with your sensible well thought out opinion. Life starts now, transit to Venus weren’t that good, but still better than human. One x was the last great album
  15. Anyone listen to this puppy yet? I heard two of the singles and enjoyed them. How is the whole thing?