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  1. I’ll give them one more try but I hated the last two so much.
  2. Not only do they keep coming back but Aaron fink(breaking benjamin, lifer) has joined the band
  3. Came to post it. Great song. 10 years remains one of favorites after all these years
  4. A new ep is being made!!! to hold everyone they released this new cover of a classic
  5. The band released their 5th album today on Bandcamp for name your price. hits streaming services next week what a trip that was!
  6. Forgot to post this..I’ve been spinning it nonstop since release. Also the second song “lyrics lie” is out in the wild and is also excellent. preordered two copies
  7. I can’t tell there was an accident here earlier is not a new song. It was recorded before Anthony left along with mookies last Christmas. beau re-recorded his parts and he put it on streaming services
  8. Really? Im gonna buy the celestial t-shirt (cause it’s sexy af) and cd..if not! side note: I got the girlfriend hooked now. So those streams be climbing.
  9. This is hands down my favorite farming Hanley album next to the debut. absolutely incredible. I’ve listened to it 10 times now and can’t get enough. I would love this on vinyl! Make it happen Nixon!
  10. Yeah go with bubbles Nixon. I do like them both.
  11. chesters first band just released a remaster. I believe they are trying to do the whole album. this brought tears to my eyes and it’s so good
  12. Everybody remember “Arcos Angel”? although I’m hoping for new HURT that project is also a possibility
  14. Lol No it’s autocorrect from my stupid phone and it was late.
  15. So it seems Beau shared a riff from the new lp along with a caption saying that the creative juices were flowing and he can’t wait for lp4