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  1. It’s good. Happy Danny is back.
  2. I love the album. I hope for more. The bass work is insane
  3. These guys don’t rest and I love it!
  4. People need to put controversy aside. we are all music lovers here. Stop reading about bands and their backstories. Be in it for the music. If an article came out tomorrow stating Chester Bennington molested a little girl would everyone stop listening to linkin park? also everyone needs to remember a band is a group of people....not just one person. So this news is unfortunate for slaves. An accusasion ruins careers...this isn’t just Jonny Craig we are talking about. Also every needs to remember drugs can turn people into a complete different person. Jonny then may not be Jonny now. Thats my two cents
  5. I've asked this question on both sites. I pre-ordered the album. But they are still promoting it. If I had to guess its gonna be released and then they are on their own...
  6. Talked to Jonny at a show recently. The album has been done since January and it is in the labels hands. He said “everyday ! wake up and think about leaking that shit”
  7. Don't get my hopes up 😔 Ive wanted another album for so long. I'm just happy I got to see them and Janus before they disappeared forever
  8. Does anyone else hate how every album is made so cheaply nowadays? I love when I buy a cd and it comes in a jewel case. I hate when I buy a cd and its a digipack or a stupid cardboard thing. CDs should all be jewel cases.
  9. Should be hitting the inter webs soon after the show tonight
  10. I picked up the Best Buy version this morning and spun it twice. it has a cover of nirvanas "heart shaped box", great cover, doesn't touch the original a bside kinda of like what they did with baptized in fire, which is awesome as expected and a remix of novacaine. This album beats out the last two in my book. "Phantoms" "Lucky You" "catacombs" are my fav!
  11. I've listened twice. It is absolutely amazing. "waste" is my favorite
  12. I've read several posts...they will continue doing what they love..they will not abandon the name. I listened to all the cds ina row today. I will alway miss Chester, I'm very saddened by his actions, but understand that we all have a reason for our choices.
  13. This album fucking rocks!
  14. Yup another fucking great song out in the wild.