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  1. So I got hit up by someone and was asked if I wanted to go to this .http://www.btwtickets.com/ I normally dont care about indie wrestling and would only go for nostalgia reasons. Have no interest in autographs and meet n greet cash grab stuff cuz Im not fanboy. Would just be interesting in mulling around and checking out the atmosphere. Also would have no clue who some of the younger guys are since I stopped following wrestling over 10 years ago so that part would suck for me.
  2. I watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space over the weekend on tv for the umpteenth time. It came out in 1988 so this year is actually the 30th anniversary and it did get a new BluRay a few months ago. This is a sci fi classic, folks. Yes it did have a low budget for its time but what they were able to do FX wise with it was absolutely amazing. Its a highly entertaining film. Its one of those rare PG-13 movies that feels like a R rated movie. They really did push the PG-13 rating and got away with a lot. Horror-comedy is a tough genre to get right but they totally got it right, here. You can bash it as cheesy all you want but its fun and entertaining and it delivers what it set out to do. A potential sequel never materialized but I wouldnt be shocked if there was a remake eventually.
  3. Same old story for many bands, sadly.
  4. So if youre looking for that catchy radio rock that we all like, then this album really delivers I must say.
  5. http://www.thechristianbeat.org/index.php/interviews/5002-tcb-exclusive-the-protest-talks-about-the-making-of-legacy http://www.thechristianbeat.org/index.php/reviews/5008-the-protest-creates-a-legacy-with-new-album
  6. https://www.adn.com/business-economy/2018/07/12/the-last-two-blockbuster-stores-in-alaska-are-set-to-close/ There's 1 left now, in Bend, OR of all places but it doesnt say how long it will be left open.
  7. Check this out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_2002
  8. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/p-o-d-is-putting-finishing-touches-on-fun-and-catchy-new-album/
  9. Funny you should bump this because back when the playlist was being made, the Mad at Gravity album was not on Spotify. Just the other day I randomly decided to check to see if it was added to Spotify and wouldnt you know it it was there. So naturally I added a few song from it to the playlist. Looks like there's not many albums left still not on Spotify that would fit on this playlist. The Sunset Black, Common Ground album still isnt on there and neither is the 2nd Kittie album. Other than that I cant think of any obvious ones at the moment other than some small indie stuff I came across. Also, Spotify does remove stuff from time to time and it looks like some albums got removed. Also, I added songs from the Buzzhorn album which was a major label release from Atlantic records produced by Howard Benson. I think it wasnt added before because for some reason Spotify lists it as Buzzhorn instead of THE Buzzhorn like it should be.
  10. I pretty much only listen to the musical guests that are on. I heard James Hetfield, Billy Corgan, Liz Phair, Shirley Manson, Steven Tyler, Paul Stanley, Maynard, Sturgill Simpson. so far. Pretty interesting mix.
  11. Cool. Nice to know they are still around almost 10 years in the biz. The fist EP was from 2010 and they formed in 2009.
  12. Why is Joe Rogan so popular ? His podcast literally gets tons of views of youtube and it goes on for hours and he doesnt always get guests that Ive heard of. Its hard to believe he is a comedian because he doesnt strike me as a funny guy nor does he say anything funny. I know he also does UFC commentating and to me thats his true self because he comes across as more of a meathead than some guy whos supposed to be funny. Theres way more podcasts Id rather listen to than this that are far less popular.
  13. Unearth is back. New album this fall.
  14. People were talking about them in the bands to know forum and now the record is out. 1. Panic And Pain 2. Killing The Kings 3. Living Low 4. Slide 5. Chaos Calls 6. Ghost 7. Fuel In The Fire 8. Bulletproof 9. Black Hole Hero 10. Handle This 11. 7 More Days 12. My Falling Soul
  15. http://www.theprp.com/2017/04/17/news/ex-god-forbiddevildriverdivine-heresy-etc-members-form-new-band-bad-wolves/
  16. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/bush-to-make-super-heavy-new-album/ I find this interesting because Bush have never been heavy at all so if they do something different after all these years Ill give them credit as long as its good. The Institute album was kinda heavy so he clearly has it in him.
  17. I'd give it a C or maybe a C+. Nothing higher than that. I wonder how much interest or nostalgia there is for this.
  18. Mike is excited http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/06/28/halo-tv-series-showtime-2019
  19. Location does matter in terms of what youve experienced. For example, I looked up where the Indian restaurants are located closest near me and they all appear to be in places or neighborhoods that I dont frequent very often for whatever reason. They also arent as plentiful as lets say an Italian, or Chinese, or seafood place. Unless you're actively seeking it you can miss it easily.
  20. Speaking of food, my top 5 favorite "ethnic" food. 1. Mexican. Burritos are the best food ever. You get your bread, meat, and veggies all in one. You also do in pizza I guess but I dont eat pizza that often. Tacos are great too of course. 2. Italian. Italian restaurants are everywhere in this part of the country so if you live here and never ate Italian food its virtually impossible. Chicken Parm is one of my favorite dishes. 3. Chinese. I am aware that a Chinese restaurant near you is supposedly not "authentic" Chinese food but what they do have is very good. Loaded with sodium though and not good for you but still tasty. 4. Greek/Turkish/Middle Eastern. Lamb kabobs and gyros are very tasty and easy to find over here. 5. Japanese. Japanese beef is very good and so is sushi/raw fish. Tried but wasnt a big fan of: Vietnamese. Went to Vietnamese restaurants in the past and didnt really care for it. Lots of noodle type dishes and soups and I didnt really get the appeal. Never tried: Never been to India lol or had Indian food. Not sure why, just didnt seem appealing to me.
  21. I had heard about this.
  22. . They did Hellfest and it was the same set except they dedicated Hail to the King to Vinnie Paul.
  23. Nice for them to get some exposure but I dont think this is going anywhere.
  24. Setlist: The Stage Afterlife Hail to the King Welcome to the Family God Damn Buried Alive So Far Away Nightmare Eternal Rest M.I.A. Bat Country Shepherd of Fire Unholy Confessions