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  1. Its not sad. Most people werent drawn to this board in the first place for bands like Metallica. There were here for nu metal, pop punk, alternative, etc.
  2. Or Bill Clinton or any of the Kennedys and on and on.
  3. The Avenged Sevenfold album should have won the whole thing but too many people didnt "get it."
  4. Does Mike have a comment on the new Red Sox manager? So far I think they have interviewed Alex Cora, Brad Ausmus, Ron Gardenhire.
  5. Didn't you start this site to spotlight lesser or unknown modern rock bands? Ashes to New would fit that bill. They seem like a band you would have pushed or promoted.
  6. John Kevill from Warbringer said something similar. I can't get the exact quote because it was a radio interview.
  7. Trivium rarely ever disappoints.
  8. 1 Judas 2 Drinkin With Jesus 3 Painless 4 Weight Of My World 5 Wordsworth Way 6 Burn Me Out 7 Three Days In Jail 8 Elevator 9 Running With The Bulls 10 Capsized 11 Wolves At Bay http://loudwire.com/fozzy-judas-album-review/
  9. The amount of women accusing Harvey Weinstein of illegal or inapprorpiate conduct is insane. Way too many for it to not be true.
  10. It came out a while ago and there was no thread on it. That must tell you something.
  11. Someone's about to get stung by a swarm of beers.
  12. Metallica are the kings of bloated filler. One nice 3 min. song and the rest go on forever.
  13. Ahhh I totally forgot about AbsolutePunk. Thanks for the response.
  14. When you mentioned Wolfsbane, Cannonball, and Sunspot, I actually knew who all those characters were.
  15. I have zero opinions on Marvel TV shows. Don't watch em.
  16. "New Wave" track listing: 01. Footsteps And Voices 02. Hostage 03. Sid Vicious In A Dress 04. David F**king Bowie 05. Cult Leader 06. No White Flags 07. Thank God 08. Die On Your Feet 09. Get A Life 10. Run For Your Life
  17. Serious question. Where do you go to find out about new pop punk bands ? Im assuming Alternative Press still covers them.
  18. He has lots and lots of guest appearances. Wikipedia doesnt even have them all Im assuming because some of the bands are small. I wish someone would compile a complete list.
  19. LOL thats something I thought Id never see. That song is one my favorites too. This version is alright. I want to hear the rest though.
  20. Debut EP in Dec.