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  1. Light This City have a new one coming out.
  2. There's some concern about Hulk's screen time though some are speculating he was in the Hulkbuster suit.
  3. This is so cool
  4. I think we are being tricked and set up. Just because it looks like Corvus Glave takes Vision's Infinity stone and Ebony Maw takes Dr Strange's stone, that doesn't mean they kill them and Im gonna bet that could be the case. We see them both in pain but that could mean they are crying about their stones being taken and not crying about being killed. Plus isnt there 2 parts to this movie ? That means no one could die in part 1 and in part 2 is when it does happen.
  5. Believe it or not I actually do not agree with this person here and when I saw this written I was quite shocked. Most people who complain about modern fx are nostalgic people and they tend to be older obviously. For the record, I dont think he looks bad at all, but Doomsday definitely looked horrible IMO and I think most agreed with that. Same with Steppenwolf. Infinity War’s Thanos proves CGI supervillains are a terrible idea
  6. Queen Kwong ?
  7. Thor 3 was overloaded with humor so people want less of that snark youre talking about.
  8. CNN was saying that Amazon wasnt really the reason Toys r Us was failing, it was the massive amounts of debt they accumulated.
  9. Overall trailer thoughts is that they really didnt give too much away which is a good thing. Dr. Strange getting abused and being in pain was shocking because I didn't expect to see him in trouble like that. I know he has the Time stone but I thought he would be strong enough to fight off Ebony Maw..Of all the speculative deaths on who will die I havent seen anyone mention him being one of them but now it kinda makes you wonder a bit cuz they all said Vision will die because he has another stone. I also liked seeing Thanos with the armor and helmet and in the flashback scene with a child Gamora. Im not the biggest Starlord fan so more stupid jokes from him I didnt care for. I liked seeing Ebony Maw finally and he looked really good. Wish there were more clear shots of the other BO.
  10. https://78.media.tumblr.com/679f37603c791fa1bd36eba69310729a/tumblr_p5oupmEDcz1sn8zmlo5_r1_540.gif https://78.media.tumblr.com/458319eee4d57dde0132f2c6bec24648/tumblr_p5oq0yh2yw1u1kyq6o2_540.gif https://78.media.tumblr.com/35a5f8b57c155b8e8146de07271a53b3/tumblr_p5oq0yh2yw1u1kyq6o4_540.gif Notice how Thanos is barely putting any force or weight behind his fist and Cap is still struggling mightily. Thanos is so powerful that Cap can barely hold back 2 of his fingers and he doesnt even have all of the IF stones.. They are doing a good job of showing Thanos true power. https://78.media.tumblr.com/021a68021f3b7854e06c727d954072e4/tumblr_p5oq0yh2yw1u1kyq6o3_540.gif Also, his facial reaction is more like huh or wtf rather than him being worried about a threat from Cap.
  11. Almost 10 years ago KB Toys closed and that was another big one.
  12. Thoughts on Toys r Us closing? I was there once maybe in the past 5 years but I do have memories of buying video games there long ago. Sucks how people abandoned it and were content with Walmart and Targets limited toy selection.
  13. 1. 8147 Mulholland Terrace 2. Rust Cohle Never Sleeps 3. Without You 4. Five Years 5. Hangman 6. 1435 https://mindnoisenetwork.com/2018/03/10/ep-review-selfish-things-vertical-love/ http://www.noizze.co.uk/single-post/2018/03/13/Selfish-Things---Vertical-Love-EP-Review http://onthescenemag.co.uk/selfish-things-release-new-ep-vertical-love
  14. I have no interest in that but just the other day I was thinking of watching a marathon of all the Star Trek movies. Theres too many to get through tho. I have only seen the old ones with the original crew
  15. Cant really blame them for changing. They went heavy and in your face with Weatherman which was amazing and it barely has over a million views. Should have way more for a song of that quality. Music critics love synth and folk so maybe they are hoping they get more coverage now from mainstream outlets that didnt give it to them before. However those same sites are hyping up certain retro bands that are average as best and Dead Sara was way better so yeah things arent fair I guess.