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  1. Aquaman trailer was terrible. Tons of CGI water and more CGI. Looked liked the Justice League movie. Shazam. Intriguing premise. Looked promising. Godzilla. Didnt show much. Looked like the last Godzilla movie which was disappointing cuz I expected something completely different.
  2. This is pretty good. I can hear the emo influence mixed with hardcore but its not as poppy as New Found Glory. It sounds like Citizen or Basement or Boston Manor. Theres a lot of bands who have a similar style.
  3. Definitely not Led Zepplin. Theyve been sued and accused of ripping off parts of other songs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Led_Zeppelin_songs_written_or_inspired_by_others
  4. I didnt listen to any Beach Boys growing up but as a metal fan, Aerosmith and Kiss were a big influence on metal bands. Certain albums from them however cuz they have their share of stinkers. Blue Oyster Cult is good too. Very underrated.
  5. It does look dire but if you're only spending 20 bucks for a general admission seat its not so bad. If youre obsessed with the best seats and meeting the stars you gotta pay a lot more which seems fair I guess.
  6. So I got hit up by someone and was asked if I wanted to go to this .http://www.btwtickets.com/ I normally dont care about indie wrestling and would only go for nostalgia reasons. Have no interest in autographs and meet n greet cash grab stuff cuz Im not fanboy. Would just be interesting in mulling around and checking out the atmosphere. Also would have no clue who some of the younger guys are since I stopped following wrestling over 10 years ago so that part would suck for me.
  7. I watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space over the weekend on tv for the umpteenth time. It came out in 1988 so this year is actually the 30th anniversary and it did get a new BluRay a few months ago. This is a sci fi classic, folks. Yes it did have a low budget for its time but what they were able to do FX wise with it was absolutely amazing. Its a highly entertaining film. Its one of those rare PG-13 movies that feels like a R rated movie. They really did push the PG-13 rating and got away with a lot. Horror-comedy is a tough genre to get right but they totally got it right, here. You can bash it as cheesy all you want but its fun and entertaining and it delivers what it set out to do. A potential sequel never materialized but I wouldnt be shocked if there was a remake eventually.
  8. Same old story for many bands, sadly.
  9. So if youre looking for that catchy radio rock that we all like, then this album really delivers I must say.
  10. https://www.adn.com/business-economy/2018/07/12/the-last-two-blockbuster-stores-in-alaska-are-set-to-close/ There's 1 left now, in Bend, OR of all places but it doesnt say how long it will be left open.
  11. http://www.thechristianbeat.org/index.php/interviews/5002-tcb-exclusive-the-protest-talks-about-the-making-of-legacy http://www.thechristianbeat.org/index.php/reviews/5008-the-protest-creates-a-legacy-with-new-album
  12. Check this out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_2002
  13. Funny you should bump this because back when the playlist was being made, the Mad at Gravity album was not on Spotify. Just the other day I randomly decided to check to see if it was added to Spotify and wouldnt you know it it was there. So naturally I added a few song from it to the playlist. Looks like there's not many albums left still not on Spotify that would fit on this playlist. The Sunset Black, Common Ground album still isnt on there and neither is the 2nd Kittie album. Other than that I cant think of any obvious ones at the moment other than some small indie stuff I came across. Also, Spotify does remove stuff from time to time and it looks like some albums got removed. Also, I added songs from the Buzzhorn album which was a major label release from Atlantic records produced by Howard Benson. I think it wasnt added before because for some reason Spotify lists it as Buzzhorn instead of THE Buzzhorn like it should be.
  14. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/p-o-d-is-putting-finishing-touches-on-fun-and-catchy-new-album/
  15. I pretty much only listen to the musical guests that are on. I heard James Hetfield, Billy Corgan, Liz Phair, Shirley Manson, Steven Tyler, Paul Stanley, Maynard, Sturgill Simpson. so far. Pretty interesting mix.