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  1. "I want a girl who looks good in daylight
    Need her to know about sorrow in the sunshine"

  2.  I might like you better if I stitch you together

  3. "When we were young,Was this the dream we had? We're celebrating nothing, We need to find our way back"

    1. Follow the Hollow

      Follow the Hollow

      That's one of the better ones from Battles.

    2. RainbowDragon


      Yes thats why I posted lol.

  4. "Mother wash the devil from my hands. Pray the lord I have the strength to stand. Mother tell me was it all a lie? Show me where the angels die."

  5. "Let me in, I'll bury the pain"

  6. Come step inside my hate you know there's nothing to it / Step inside my pain you'll never make it through it

  7. "Give me drugs So I can go outside Give me drugs I think I lost my mind Oh, I'm scared When I'm not numb"

  8. "If you people were actually liberal, you wouldn't let Muslims hide behind their religion for their backward beliefs!"  - Bill Maher

  9. Why can't I see any color at all
    When I dream about those days
    How did I let these images drain away
    When all I do is suffer

  10. "If i see one more shitty emo band referred to as " pop punk" imgonna lose it. Im not even a punk and that pisses me off, its not punk its emo daddy didnt love me enough bullshit."

  11. I mourn for those who never knew you

  12. We'll find peace

    My god I hope we find peace Cause I'm in desperate need Where youth gave, time takes away

    I wish I could be a man and be the guide: our way into the night But children grow with age and then they die, under the moonlight

    Darling, why don't we decide to stay young inside?

  13. Lost my grip of what's real.
    Unrestrained self-induced vertigo.
    Manic power chills my spine.
    I can't erase this instinct I embrace.

    Two faced moral abandon,
    Races my blood boils my skin.
    Unhinging the doorway to this asylum,
    Releasing unshackled poison dreams.
    Beginning the end of temptation.
    A vengeance so divine.
    The end of temptation,
    A vengeance so divine.

  14. "Rise above the tides, the waves will pull you under if you don't fight."

  15. I ask you please just give us... 5 minutes alone Just give me 5 minutes alone I ask you please just give us I ask you please just give us I ask you please just give us I ask you please just give us I ask you please just give us 5 minutes alone

    1. pen


      This is what DD will tell the police before it all ends.

    2. RainbowDragon


      Why yes I really do like Nonpoint's version. I'm glad you asked me that.

  16. All About That Bass and Shake It Off are nominated for song of year at the Grammy's. Who knew the Grammy voters were 12 yr old girls ?

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    2. Ruiner


      Music is wayyyy too objective and vast for there ever to be a non-shitty award show for it. So of course the Grammys are just going to choose what's popular. Quit your bitching.

    3. xeph


      Take Me to Church is a really good song in any event so they weren't all misses

    4. EchoX860


      HEY! Shake it Off is a catchy song!

  17. I've got an F and a C and I got a K too And the only thing that's missing is a b*tch like U

  18. "Losing your mind Losing your mind It's bluring It's fading Your soul's on fire It's black and white"

  19. "All you do is talk shit like a bitch, never backing it, Hiding behind walls like a maggot, I wish you'd step up in my face, Don't run away whenever you see me in your space, Hah, you're dead, hah, dead"

  20. "The snake that eats its own tail destroys itself"

    1. Kalt
    2. pen


      More like You're a boros.

    3. kyle1020


      To be reborn again. The cycle, not the destruction, is the key.

  21. Vinnie Paul says Hellyeah is gonna be stronger than ever. Well those are words nobody wanted to hear.

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    2. Ruiner


      Phil's band Down is pretty awesome too, I wouldn't mind if Mudvayne came back together and VP just drifted off somewhere. So long as we get more Mudvayne and no more Hellyeah.

    3. Jamie


      I don't really care about a Mudvayne reunion. It's not that I like Hellyeah because I don't, but I worry that new Mudvayne would be a much worse version of Mudvayne. It's clear that Chad's heart isn't in it, and I think that would come through. It wouldn't be the brilliance and ingenuity of their earlier records, that's almost for sure.

    4. Ruiner


      I do agree that I don't want Mudvayne at less than 100%...but I just want more. :( they could at least tour again, that way I could see them...

  22. I cant believe I actually like WHORE by In This Moment, I shouldnt like it but I do.

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    2. RainbowDragon


      It should go to #1. Sorry but its better than Adrenaline by Shinedown

    3. NinjaNick101
    4. jman3000


      Can't say I'm a fan and I've unfortunately had to see them perform it twice in the past 2 years when they opened for bands I wanted to see.

  23. Apparantly most people dont do their shopping online because the malls are still packed

    1. jman3000


      Procrastination Nation!

    2. Kalt


      Or, you don't know what to get someone so you mosey around the ranch until you find something.

  24. Nothing says Christmas like Gingerbread cookies and EggNog

  25. How much control do we have over what we wish for?

    1. kyle1020


      Depends on whether you consider wishing to be an emotion or a deliberate action. I would say we have full control over wishes but less control over desires. Then again, I am no psychologist, so what do I know?

    2. Brad


      None. It's all in Gods hands...

    3. pen


      Depends on the wish. I'd like to believe that wishes that affect solely you, you have complete control over. But if it affects other people, obviously they have a say in the proceedings. In those scenarios, good luck buddy.