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  1. This guy on the radio complains a lot about the start times how the games end too late and kids cant watch. Maybe he has a point but playing LA would have 10 pm est games and that would make things not any better. I dont think it matters, kids have already checked out on baseball.
  2. Watch You Burn is pretty good. I was expecting a heavy song with that title but its a ballady song thats cool.
  3. I wonder how this will affect promotion for the new album because they will have to answer questions about it constantly from the press. Happened at the worst possible time. They have a UK tour coming up with Sevendust opening and also sad for Sevendust if it gets cancelled.
  4. I thought a lot of their fans were metal fans but then again, a lot of metal fans hate them. I guess they are trying to appeal to both worlds which makes sense.
  5. Saviour of Nothing has such a great solo but the rest of the song is boring mid tempo.
  6. I want them to embrace being a heavy metal band and drop most of the ballady and mid temp stuff. I want them to be like a modern day Judas Priest (whom they are clearly influenced by) and just go balls out heavy and fast. I always thought Disturbed was hampered by having only 1 guitarist and now Im convinced of it. With 1 guitarist they cant do the things that JP or any other top metal band does. Some could do magic with 1 guitar like Dimebag did but Dan Donegan isnt in the top tier sadly.
  7. Oli has passed away. Huge loss. He was there from the beginning and wrote most of if not all the songs, http://loudwire.com/all-that-remains-guitarist-oli-herbert-death/
  8. Even if you dont do cds you should buy it to show appreciation because most bands wouldnt bother putting in this amount of effort for the fans. The packaging looks really top notch and isnt just a bunch of cd-rs thrown together.
  9. The guy who plays Kingpin is probably the best casting in the entire MCU and Im a guy who thought Michael Clarke Duncan worked well as Kingpin.
  10. I was curious if these guys had done any touring outside Australia and I couldnt find anything expect for N. Zealand and S. Africa. Looks like they are ignoring the US and European markets and that seems like a bad idea but they are still around all these years later. I didnt know you could make a living mostly touring Australia but then again I dont know if this is a full time band but I cant find anything that states otherwise.
  11. Some recent ones. Album out Oct 26th on Hopeless records. 1. Lavender Bones 2. Bullfrog 3. Skinny Dipping 4. Speak Slow 5. Cigarette Kiss 6. Lost My Cool 7. Toothpick 8. Burn In The Afterthought 9. Clay (feat. Hannah Greenwood) 10. Roses
  12. I find all the Marvel Netflix characters to be pretty lame and uninteresting expect for Kingpin. I never got the appeal of Iron Fist tbh. I always prefer the more larger than life superheroes and this universe its about more grounded heroes. I like Ghost Rider a lot but hes not part of that universe.
  13. Right, its not terrible but its not something that I really want to listen to more than a couple of times. I remember when I first heard them way back in 2002, it was a refreshing style that I hadnt heard before. Now, if I want familarity I know who to go to and this isnt it.
  14. I never listened to them before but they are from the Boston area so I check them out and I like the concept.