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  1. From 2014
  2. Every Van Damme fan I talked to is excited for it. Unlike his rival and counterpart, Steven Segal, Van Damme can still do good work
  3. 1. 1st single. Love the riff and the chorus and the lyrics. Screaming part fits perfectly Great emotional clean vocals. 5/5 2. Huge scream at the beginning. Heavy pummeling riff. Eases up a bit after that. Gang chorus mixed with screaming vocals. Chorus is decent. Back to the heavy ass shit and then eases up again. Repeats gang chorus and screaming vocals. I like the Beyond Oblivion part, more blast beats and instrumental break into solo then back to chorus. Ends with a fury. 4/5 3. Background screams in the intro. Goes into pummeling drums and clean soaring vocals. Nice lyrics and chorus is decent. Not bad at all but one of my least favs since its a bit less catchy. Changes his vocals up a bit towards the end and its very good. 3/5 4. One of the more radio friendly songs with no screams. Its more ballady. Still good and emotional but not one of my favs. 3/5 5. One of the pre-release songs. Very heavy opening. I like the screaming Betrayer part and kicks into beautiful melodic vocals. This song might have my favorite singing and chorus on the whole album. 5/5 6. Starts off with a 'djenty' riff. Goes into angry screaming. Nice groove.Some singing kicks in with more screams. Uses a diff vocal style for a bit. Intense solo. Angry and heavy song. Its excellent. 5/5 7. One of the shorter songs. More of a mainstream type of radio song except for a long solo.instrumental part. No screams. Its ok but not one of my favs. 3/5 8. Starts off with singing then goes into screaming then back again. Riff is very catchy. Chorus is catchy as well. Nice solo at 1.50 mark. Blast beats kick in sounds very heavy. Long instrumental break. Very heavy angry vocals kick in. Gang vocals for a bit. Back to the chorus.Ends with awesome short solo. Wow, this song has everything. 5/5 9. Starts off with soft vocal then goes heavy. Faint screams in the background then full scream mixed with singing. Good solo. Not bad but one of my least favorites. 3/5 10. Long song over 7 min. Starts with soaring clean vocals. Nice riff, The screams kick it for a bit. Changes tempo half way through, goes into a solo. long instrumental break. goes back to mostly cleans with a tad screaming. Last min. is chanting type verse mixed with screams at the end. 4/5 11. Awesome intro and screaming verses. Good lyrics. Cleans are sparse but good. 2nd solo is very long. 5/5. Overall 4.5/5. Not perfect because very few things are but very close. Some songs I like more than others but there are no bad songs. He uses more different vocal styles than he ever hasif you pay attention. I don't need this band to have screaming because I enjoy the albums without it but with it, it really does add something extra. I'll rank their entire discog. in another post later on. This will probably be near the top.
  4. 'You condemn me 'Cause you don't understand me' @to all my haters hahaha
  5. 01. The Sin And The Sentence 02. Beyond Oblivion 03. Other Worlds 04. The Heart From Your Hate 05. Betrayer 06. The Wretchedness Inside 07. Endless Night 08. Sever The Hand 09. Beauty In The Sorrow 10. The Revanchist 11. Thrown Into The Fire
  6. Doesnt seem like too much of a drastic change which is good.
  7. It needs tweaking because having Minnesota with all eastern time zone teams is odd. I think Detroit is est I'm not sure. Also I want Vancouver to get a team instead of Portland.
  8. The Snowman looks very interesting to me despite the bad reviews.
  9. Just like Cold another very odd signing for that label but hey best of luck to them.
  10. I would hate to see the AL and NL go but when I saw this I hate to admit I liked it. East: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Miami, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington North: Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota, Montreal, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Toronto Midwest: Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Colorado, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Texas West: Anaheim, Arizona, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/10/19/major-league-baseball-expansion-proposal-realignment
  11. MLB already thinking about going to 32 teams. Google it.
  12. Go back and read what Jay said.
  13. Hows this any different from ashes to new that people were bashing in that other thread and deserved to lose ?
  14. The only division that has less than 8 teams is central so thats why I said KC or Houston. Seattle or Quebec can get relocated teams.