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  1. New track
  2. Looks like they changed their sound yet again which Im not sure about cuz to me they started off as a generic post hardcore band and the last album was different and incorporated different elements which I liked and this here isnt as good imo. All the aggressive or hardcore elements are now gone.
  3. Found this on Spoitfy and posting it because its an iconic 90s song and this band has played shows with Veer Union and Seether. I like this version a lot.
  4. 2nd new Infected Rain song this year
  5. Hmmm maybe that DC Network isnt doing as well as they had hoped. Marvel has their own Swamp Thing called Man-Thing but I guess they arent doing much with it in movies and tv. Btw, speaking of Swamp Thing, go back and look at the 1982 movie and see how bad the costume looks. It really does look cheap. It looks a lot better in the sequel.
  6. New album "Orphans" out Sept. 20th.
  7. Well I never really listened to much of this band before but I must say this is song is great and one of my favorites right now.
  8. One of the best songs of the year in this type of genre in my opinion. I was thinking this is what Imagine Dragons would sound like if they were more rocking and sure enough on YT I saw that they covered them.
  9. Album is pretty good but it has a lower volume on Spotify so I may have to buy it digitally cuz thats very annoying then that happens,
  10. The CGI in the trailer looks really cheap and bad just like Genisys. Its got more likes than dislikes but theres still lots of dislikes.
  11. They should probably sign with Solid State/Tooth and Nail.
  12. Song's pretty good but I wish he'd put a shirt on. I knew it wasnt going to really be "heavy" like in a metal sense since people have different interpretations of that word.
  13. new album 'Bleed Out, Heal Out' on June 14th.
  14. I like the Cage 9 and Badflower. I have Mark Morton, Jinjer Micro EP, Blood Youth, Dream Theater, Rival Tides, Whitechapel, Forever Still, New Years Day, The Dose, and thats it for now. I cant put Soilwork, In Flames and Demon Hunter on there cuz their past albums are much better and I only like a a few songs max on each. By like I mean, repeated listens not songs I only want to listen to once or skip.