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  1. Rufflin' Feathers The Man Behind The Moon Let me Breathe Universal Limits 9 to 5 Sex and Candy When it All Comes Down Junkie For You (Hey Mama) The Ride
  2. Dream State have a new one.
  3. I wish I could remember if I owned this CD. I might have picked it up used somewhere but I dont remember for sure. Good album, anyway. I'd give it a B+.
  4. They seem to be a lot heavier now though I havent been keeping up with them.
  5. The court has ruled that Subway's bread isnt real bread. I dont go there very often but I cant help but laugh. https://abcnews.go.com/International/court-rules-subways-sandwich-bread-bread/story?id=73358543
  6. They have a cool video out.
  7. Liked it slightly more than Gore but its by no means as good as their classic records I thought.
  8. Losing My Religon has been done to death. Dont Look Back In Anger could be good.
  9. Eyes Set To Kill are back
  10. Its ok. Its fine. Wont ever be one of my favorites from them. It is what it is.
  11. Burton from fear factory side project
  12. Most "experimental album" Less heavy rock/nu metal and more synth based songs. Its still good but not as exciting as the really old stuff.
  13. Either he cant write guitar rock anymore or he doesnt want to or he doesnt know how to make it cool and contemporary.
  14. I know this is trivial and 1st world problems but I'll rant anyway. So Ive always used deodorant that had aluminum in it but I heard its not good for you so recently I switched to a natural one. Big mistake. I got a huge rash on my armpit that I can't get rid off and after I washed my t shirts I noticed that it left white marks all over them. Double whammy. Never had these problems before until now. Rather than go back to aluminum based deodorants I'm just gonna skip all deodorants for now. Not worth the headaches even if I smell bad.