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  1. So I looked up this story. Theres a lot of people saying his mom is a scammer. So I dont know who to really believe. He got over $300,000 raised for him.
  2. http://battlehelm.com/reviews/14-north-what-is-the-feeling/
  3. The Red Sox owner's favorite toy now is Liverpool FC, not the Red Sox. Im sure he'd rather sign big players for them than pay Betts the 400 m he wanted. Also the team needed prospects cuz the old GM ruined the farm system.
  4. There was an old band called Age of Daze.
  5. When you play that long you have to have constant muscle pain and body aches. Not sure whats so fun about that.
  6. Theres plenty of Patriots fans who are ready to move on from Brady. I couldnt tell you what percent are ready to move on and what percent want him back badly but its clear its very divided. Me personally as a casual Patriots fan, I have no idea why he isnt retired by now and still wants to play.
  7. I really like it. Should also mention its going to be a double album now.
  8. New drummer I guess even tho they havent announced it,
  9. I dont like the new vocal style. Maybe it was used before and I didnt notice idk. Anyway, its not terrible but cant compare to the classics for me. From what Ive heard Id give it a C at best.
  10. Standard LOG. I dont know why I was expecting something different. Maybe cuz of the new drummer.
  11. Shvpes again
  12. 1. Memory 2. Brain Dead 3. Blue 4. Demon 5. Rotten Soul 6. Washed Away 7. Lonely 8. Bloodshot 9. Break The Ice 10. Crazy 11. Never Change
  13. They are still on a major label and this is the kind of thing that labels usually force or encourage you to do. So I mean the label probably wanted them to put something new out and they didnt have time for brand new songs so they probably suggested this. Im not 100% sure of course but thats how it usually works.