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  1. Just randomly came across them again in my playlist so why not give an update. Their 2nd EP came out a year ago. They have a more pop rock sound now. Maybe they did before, I cant remember nor can I find the old ep.
  2. Should have hired a different producer than Kevin Churko, eh. I mean if you want a reinvention, you dont go to him. Hes way too slick and polished.
  3. "Shim" track listing: 01. A Brand New War 02. Secrets 03. Our Time 04. Kaleidoscopes 05. Crucified 06. Hallelujah 07. Fearless 08. All Of Me 09. Sting Like A Bitch 10. Broken Men 11. Don't Wake Me Up
  4. West coast dates but no California dates. That doesnt seem too common but what do I know
  5. Project just started. Might not get finished or get shut down eventually but they are hopeful for the best. I think it could be as good as Dead By Daylight or the Friday the 13th game. I hope they have characters from the movies and try to work around not being able to use an official likeness. https://www.patreon.com/HalloweenTheGameProject
  6. Boston Manor back at cha with another new one.
  7. Since Device is gone. they should do 1 or 2 songs in that style on this album.
  8. Primer 55 vocalist has passed away. https://www.revolvermag.com/music/jason-j-sin-luttrell-singer-ozzfest-veterans-primer-55-dead-40
  9. Depeche Mode cover
  10. i dont know. Neither are plentiful where I grew up and live so you'd have to ask someone who lives in a region where they are commonplace.
  11. I just looked it up and my local mall does indeed have a Sbarro. Ive probably walked past it many times, just couldnt remember the name for some reason. Speaking of malls, every year you still read about the death of malls but the one of the ones here never looks dead at all. Always see lots of people. Im trying to think of why that is and Im assuming its a combination of having an ideal location and people just wanting to get out of the house. I mean, you see all these adult women at the malls still when they can just buy stuff online and Im convinced its cuz they just want to get out of the house away from their men/husbands. I cant think of any other reason, really. I mean there are plenty of "deal malls" out there that you can look up online but there are still lots doing pretty well it seems.
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/restaurantsandnews/the-15-least-popular-fast-food-restaurants-in-america/ss-BBLzwNI?li=BBnb7Kz 15. A&W. I dont know what A&W is. Must be a southern or midwest chain and I havent been there enough to know about it. 14. Auntie Anne's. The pretzel chain at the mall that everyone sees but they all pass by it. Never stopped in one myself. 13. Quiznos. Several of them have closed by here the past few years. I been there maybe a few times. Im guessing they get killed by Subway everywhere. 12. Denny's I didnt grow up with Denny's but I been there in the past 2 years and its kind of mediocre. We have local chains here that are essentially Dennys-esque but they are better. 11. Hardee's. I know I seen them once or twice but never stopped in one. 10. Hooter's. Yeah in high school everyone wanted to go to Hooters. Now at my age now it would be creepy. Looks like I missed out on going. 9. Jimmy John's. Not plentiful around here. Maybe have seen it but never stopped in. 8. Sbarro. Some pizza chain I never heard of. Next. 7. TGI Friday's. Yes this place does suck. Ive been there a few times in the past few years. Overpriced food for what you get. Not worth it. 6. Buffalo Wild Wings. Been there once in the past 2 years. I dont hate it but I dont plan on going back soon. I liked the sports themed atmosphere. 5. Burger King. I just go there when they have new items to try. They are easy to bash and the quality isnt great but they are everywhere so its hard to resist stopping in. 4. Carl's Jr. I dont know if they have those here. Never have been. 3. Jack in the Box. I know thats a west coast chain and Ive never visited the west coast. 2. Johnny Rockets. Yeah I remember their burgers being average but Id put them way down the list tbh. 1. McDonalds. LOL of course the "least popular" is also the most popular. It is what it is I guess. You eat there because they are everywhere and easy to find. No shame in that imo.
  13. Colormeinkindness is probably my favorite album of the past 5-6 years. The one after that was a step down to me. This here sounds like a continuation of that.