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  1. Album 'Empowering Life' available April 14th on Victory Records.
  2. Daisyhead's 2nd album 'In Case You MIssed It' out April 28th. For fans of Balance and Composure and Moose Blood.
  3. June release 01. King Of The Ring 02. We The People 03. The Killer's Inside 04. Bleeding Hands 05. Chasing Dragons 06. Til The Head Explodes 07. What You're Made Of 08. Raise 'Em Up 09. Ignorance & Greed 10. Blind Leading The Blind 11. Violent State Of Mind 12. Lords Of Thunder 13. Rebel Yell
  4. The guitarist (Will Putney) has produced and mixed a lot of known records. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Putney
  5. Well it is great, its just a shame both projects weren't more successful.
  6. Sevendust 20th anniversary of the self titled in Atlanta last Friday played the whole album.
  7. Daemons is pretty good. Album is already out to buy.
  8. I know some of you guys were hyping this up and I listened to the first track and it sounds like Five Finger Death Punch. I guess I'll have to listen to the rest to see if it diversifies.
  9. Yeah like I said, those 2 songs are good, the rest I found to be just ok. I might give it another listen.
  10. Streaming on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/NuclearBlastEurope/videos This is the song that I love.
  11. @Andrew
  12. Wildfire album out today.
  13. Haha they just happened to drop a new video today.
  14. Yeah I was thinking about starting a thread in the album discussion but I was also thinking there isn't enough singing thus is won't get much discussion. I will say the 2 videos they released are the 2 best songs on the record but the rest of it is straight up deathcore with minimal experimentation. So yeah AOTY on a record with very little singing hmmm I doubt it unless youre some huge deathcore fan which I am not. Heads Will Hang and Black Mammoth are really fucking good but the other songs Im kinda meh on. Still better than Suicide Silence though.
  15. Just released. Shame they didn't get enough votes in the Music Madness prelims.