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  1. Shit, they are back and still sound like Tool!
  2. I looked it up online and the first album was indeed released in the US on Megaforce records, which is a large hard rock/metal indie label but I never saw that album at the record store I frequented at that time otherwise I would have picked it up.
  3. Why not ? Every fan would love that.
  4. So 70s disco is really what you want to hear from Incubus ? Hey, to each his own.
  5. Well I wasnt expecting it to sound nu metalish but at least its still kinda rocking.
  6. Just heard about this. Nice to see a comeback. Here is recent article about the band. https://www.news-press.com/story/entertainment/2019/08/06/cinder-returns-album-the-machine-first-years-fort-myers-band/1899486001/
  7. So 6 actual songs total, 1 of which we already heard. Ok. They could also pull a FU and 7empest could not be a song like the other bonus tracks despite its length.
  8. I dont see how this album would disappoint anyone who's been a fan since the beginning. I guess technically it is heavier with less 'singing' but its not like its too drastic of a difference. When they relied too heavily on the singing chorus parts in the past it got really old for me so I dont mind less melodic. I feel this band doesnt really stray too far from its formula which would explain why none of their albums are 'bad' per say.
  9. "Sound Of Scars" track listing: 01. Prelude 02. Scars 03. Black Heart 04. Lay Down 05. Then 06. Empty Hole 07. My Way Out 08. Eliminate 09. Now 10. Once Below 11. Stone 12. Weight Of The World 13. When 14. I Surrender
  10. New album released last month