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  1. Sevendust are more like Breaking Benjamin than Godsmack and Shinedown in that they dont currently sound much different from when they started.
  2. I noticed that twitch is more strict than youtube. If you watch videos on Twitch that arent live they give a message saying that some audio portions have been muted. They are blocking copyrighted music I think. I dont think youtube does that, Im not sure. Twitch should really ease up on that cuz its really annoying. If youtube isnt doing that neither should they imo.
  3. I havent seen it yet so youre saying Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut were used just as cameos ? Thats kinda disappointing.
  4. Metalsucks promoting this band. Album comes out on the 25th. Proggy sounding.
  5. Ahh I just heard this. This is very underrated.
  6. Singer reminds me of a young Chester.
  7. If Kevin Churko is involved, it will probably be the same old same old from them and nothing new. Just a prediction.
  8. Its also way better than that terrible last album Machine Head did. Not exactly the same style but if you wanna put them both in the groove metal category you can.
  9. Another good one.
  10. Sounds very djenty to me. I dont listen to enough djent to be tired of that style yet.
  11. Yeah I saw that. It will probably make money even if its ridiculous cuz even though Rambo is action stuff they dont need a huge budget.
  12. I havent listened to new Melvins yet. I gradually lost interest in them cuz it seemed like they kept putting out the same stuff over and over again. I admire what they do though. They purposely dont write "catchy" songs and release lots of noisey shit and they dont care who doesnt "get" it and their fans love them for it. Ill probably do a Melvins mix now for this thread of my favorite songs but its kinda tough because they have released so much stuff and probably lots of rarer stuff that isnt even on Spotify. I probably have enough to do 1 albums worth though. There are certain albums Im not a fan of that I can just skip over.
  13. I didnt list them because I totally stopped following them when they changed singers but yeah they should probably be included.
  14. On songs like Shadow Boxing and The Colour of Leaving where he does a more clean singing style, you can kinda see there is potential there for his voice to improve and get better. The parts where he does rapping vocals im not a fan of and I hope they stay limited in the future.
  15. Thats fine but do you think it sound like 5FDP tho ? I only listened to it once and couldnt find many similarities other than both have "tough guy vocals" maybe.