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  1. 1. A Parody Of… 2. Eat Away At My Heart 3. Dread 4. Blood And Stone 5. Anacrusis 6. Doom In Your Head 7. Hungry Eyes 8. Passer-by 9. On & On 10. The Distance 11. Further Down 12. take, take, take.
  2. This was a good watch. I had no idea these 2 met long before Sevendust and Godsmack starting touring together.
  3. New Years Day have a new video from a song on their last album.
  4. Good Tiger have a new album out August 7th Raised In A Doomsday Cult.
  5. At the time sure but they've released albums since then that ended up being not as good as The Crusade so its more popular now than then.
  6. My album rankings. It wasnt as hard as I thought. Like 7-9 was pretty easy but the middle was the hardest and I couldnt really decide between Ascendancy and Shogun for 1. so I went with the one that has more nostalgia for me. 1. Ascendancy 2. Shogun 3. The Crusade 4. In Waves 5. Silence in the Snow 6. Sin and the Sentence 7. Ember to Inferno 8. What the Dead Men Say 9. Vengeance Falls.
  7. New Another Day's Armor
  8. New Lowlives video.
  9. Found this on my Spotify recommendations. Dont know much about it but its good shit.
  10. They have new music out https://www.facebook.com/Hasterband/posts/isolationthe-new-album-from-hasterout-everywhere-friday-april-24thtrack-listing1/3999734613384850/
  11. I would probably give it a 7/10. I didnt like it as much as the last one but its still good. My favorite songs are Only1, 1's & 0's, Liquid, Monolith.
  12. From Gloucester, MA @Mike
  13. They are mandatory everywhere. The only places where you can get away with it are walking down the street or in your neighborhood walking the dog. Even then you might have to deal with people giving you dirty looks or tattling on you which hasn't happened to me but I read it has happened.
  14. I was looking online for some surgical masks because the ones I had all wore out. They are very hard to find and the ones I found were very expensive. Forget about finding them in stores. All the Walgreens within a 20 m radius of me dont have any. I ended up getting one of those masks that you use for like dirtbike and ATV riding. I already got plenty of gloves. Total mask shortage going on since youre required to wear them outdoors.