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  1. New Doll Skin
  2. Eyes Set To Kill new track
  3. 6/10 for me. One of their key members left and you can feel something missing.
  4. First 3 tracks are great. Track 2 does sound like Soundgarden.
  5. Wolfgang Van Halen. Definitely has Alter Bridge and Tremonti vibes.
  6. I swear every band thats been around for 25 plus years doesnt put out good records anymore. When I listened to the first track and heard NA-NA-NA-NA I knew this was going to suck. On the plus side its a short album. Waiting on a War is ok but it reminded me of Best of You which is a better song.
  7. The Crash of '47 will always be one of the most underrated albums from that era. We here all know about it but it should have been well more known.
  8. I wanna mention the Battletoads game just because Im old so I like old franchises lol. Anyway, the game got killed and I liked it and dont think its that bad. I dont mind the art style changes. I guess people think it should be more realistic and less cartoony idk. Also, the franchise was never about just combat it was mixing different kinds of levels together so why are people complaining there's not enough combat Idk. There was more than enough combat for me. The only problems I have are the mini game/puzzle solving bits that people dont like but Im pretty sure they let you skip some of those IIRC. Also, some of the controls are over complicated like hitting 2 buttons and a direction to do certain moves. Still a fun game. Also wanna give a mention to Streets of Rage IV which I liked but they definitely played it "safe" and didnt change too much probably not to piss people off. As is its just ok or decent. It could have been better if they tried to be more adventurous like maybe introduce rpg elements or branching story paths.
  9. Obey is one of my favorite songs of the year.
  10. https://open.spotify.com/artist/4slQgNvBaj8rtuTZRhrMkf
  11. https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Gnk08ItppARKX1z1EW3Vn
  12. No but one of the reaction video channels I watch on YT did a reaction video on them and I watched that.