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  1. Heaven is one of my favorite songs of the year. Its got some diverse sounds. Some songs sound like a heavier Imagine Dragons kinda.
  2. @MikeDo you like Disney+ ? What have you watched on it so far?
  3. I was on Spotify listening to one of those daily mixes they make for you based on your preferences and this came up and I was like yeah I like this quite a bit.
  4. new single
  5. Just realized we didnt talk about Lullwater. Album came out way back earlier in the year. They toured with Sevendust, Blacktop Mojo, Tremonti.Otherwise, among others.
  6. No I never heard of shoegaze mixing with metal before. Im sure the purists would have a problem with it. This is pretty good tho.
  7. Well his clean vocals sucked anyway. This is just a standard deathcore song. Ok I guess.
  8. Once Human (melodic death metal) have a new song.
  9. Sons of Texas new 3 song ep 'Resurgence.'
  10. They struck again to make more people mad.
  11. Its good, yo. https://www.kingspeakband.com/
  12. Terminator Dark Fate bombed anyway. Anyone could have seen that coming a mile a way. I hope there's some better action movies out there that are more well done.
  13. LOL I just found out that ex porn star Sasha Grey is a gamer and is on Twitch, Grifters are gonna grift I guess.
  14. Good track. Just came out.
  15. 1. Ryse 3:37 2. Heroes 4:19 3. New Age 3:09 4. Villain 3:55 5. No Life 3:09 6. Obvious 4:01 7. Hollow 3:13 8. Misery 3:00 9. Ghost 4:20 10. Locked On 3:23 11. Visions 4:34