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  1. New album "Culmination."
  2. They got a new album out.
  3. Another new Silvertomb. Best one so far.
  4. I dont wanna offend anybody but this album was way too long and a real slog to get through. One Day Remains, Black Bird, AB III, I really like but after that I liked each new album less and less. IDK why I think its because I felt each one is a "less good" version of the one before it. Not that it matters but this is definitely the least heavy AB album. Theres no songs that I liked as much as songs on the older albums.
  5. New Savage Hands album on Jan. 31st.
  6. I barely watch Netflix. Its a waste of money to me. I never watched Breaking Bad either. As for wrestling, I checked out of that shit a long time ago and occasionally I'll flip it on and my feelings on it havent changed. Sorry to ruin your day.
  7. Their best album in a long while. Havent listened to it all yet cuz its a long album with the bonus tracks but it sounds decent.
  8. Not bad but its hard to top the original. Id rather hear this than some metalcore version with screams.
  9. Pretty good, Better than the original.
  10. New Machine Head
  11. Fuck yeah
  12. Ive been totally out of touch with these guys and I was shocked to find that Rx has 86M YT views. Had no idea they were that big,
  13. Comeback single