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  1. Still needs some work but it looks like its improving. http://www.americasmusiccharts.com/index.cgi?fmt=R2
  2. The old rule was you had to be in the hall of fame before they retired your number. They must have changed it not long ago.
  3. New Vagus Nerve video. Doc Coyle band. Good music.
  4. Power Rangers director saying it would have done better if it was PG. They got the tone all wrong it looks like,
  5. *edit fake tweet I got duped lol
  6. Carnage in the Venom movie.. Im one of those who likes Carnage better than Venom.
  7. ^ I agree with that. I dont understand Amon Amarth's popularity.
  8. This House Is Not For Sale is the only song I heard from both of these and I liked it. Oh well.
  9. The guy interviewing him mentioned Corey Taylor and he responded. That needs to be stated. Some nobody douche trying to start drama.
  10. Cinema Blend had that layout design first and Screen Rant copied them. Their old design was clunky.
  11. Is it me or are Cinema Blend and Screen Rant essentially the same site ? Similar design layout, similar news, and similar annoying writers.
  12. I dont know who they should draft. I'm more exciting about getting Hayward and Butler or Paul George and or Hayward or Butler. Need 2 of the 3, plus with Isiah Thomas, great team.
  13. My thoughts on the trade. I think its a good movie because if they didnt like Fultz at 1 then it makes sense to take who you want at 3 and get more picks for it. If Fultz turns out to be on the best PG's then it might be a fail but if it leads to getting more players like Jimmy Butler or Anthony Davis then its good.