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  1. Ruiner received reputation from jmg05005_v2.0 in Halestorm - Into The Wild Life   
    The Pretty Reckless sucks.
  2. Ruiner gave reputation to RainbowDragon in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Young Sheldon premiers tonight. Get the laugh track ready...
  3. Ruiner gave reputation to ChosenOne in MM2017 Round 3, Set 4: Metallica vs. Skillet   
    This should be the round where we collectively say good riddance to Metallica. No way is their album better than Unleashed or even a better band than Skillet 
  4. Ruiner gave reputation to American_Idiot in General Discussion   
    I guess this is becoming an annual thing as this is the third year in a row I'm posting about a hurricane hitting my area. People have been going nuts preparing for Irma and stores were out of water, bread, chips, etc for the last week. Lines at gas stations have been at times 2-3 hour waits and most don't have gas anymore. I have shutters up on my house, filled up a bunch of containers with water, and have enough peanut butter and jelly for a week or two 
    This storm is a freaking monster as just about everyone in Florida will get a chance of hurricane force winds and it's expected to hit as a Category 5 with wind gusts over 190 mph. That's over 21 million people affected. The forecast track has been changing every few hours as it was supposed to go east of the East Coast two days ago, but now is expected to hit the Middle Keys and then go to the SW Coast where Naples and Fort Myers are before going north up the state. For where I live, they were saying we'd get 130 mph winds this morning, but has now gone down to 80-90 mph. A massive difference.
    Things can change at anytime before it makes landfall very early Sunday morning. If any of you are also in Florida, please stay safe and I hope you took the proper precautions for what could be a devastating situation for millions. 
  5. Ruiner gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    At first I was like "What is?" and then I was like "God dammit."
  6. Ruiner received reputation from Koldes in Vice Principals   
    1. They wrote and shot both seasons at the same time, with the intention of it being a two-off. 
    2. Too tall, but I still think he hired whoever it was. 
  7. Ruiner gave reputation to Lucas in General Discussion   
    I haven't posted about it in a long time as it has been consuming my life the last several months and thus why I was not on here much since the fall. But I finally won full custody of my girls today. I'm pretty humbled by it finally being ruled in my favor. 
  8. Ruiner gave reputation to Andrew in WWE SummerSlam   
    I'm willing to eat crow on Corbin, he's made nothing of his push and he can't even get heat against John Cena anymore.  They handled the MITB stuff poorly but I think it's the right time to depush him and hope the lowcard motivates him to improve his stuff.
  9. Ruiner gave reputation to Omar in General Discussion   
    Geez, I've never seen someone hate eclipses more than this guy. 
  10. Ruiner received reputation from revlongoo in General Discussion   
    Mike is making me feel much better about my own defeatist attitude about life. 
  11. Ruiner gave reputation to heldjc in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Just finished Rectify's final season since it hit Netflix.. what an emotional roller coaster that was. Probably one of the most emotional shows I have ever watched, and I am shocked that Aden Young(Daniel) or any one else on that show didn't get more attention.
  12. Ruiner received reputation from pen in Got (Gaming) News   
    I'm not mad about it or anything, it was a memorable experience. The bulk of the fun doesn't seem to be in the confrontations, but in the suspense of exploring and scavenging not knowing when one might happen. It's a really terrific atmosphere, with no music, only the sounds of bullets being fired in the distance or artillery drops from above, along with your own footsteps. 
    It definitely seems like it'd be more fun with a team, though, from watching the AH crew's videos. 
  13. Ruiner received reputation from Mike in Got (Wrestling) News   
    From the Observer:

    I don't know why Braun wouldn't just give young Jason Jordan an autograph. 
  14. Ruiner received reputation from Koldes in The Next Four Years of American Insanity   
    I want to use positive reinforcement when warranted: when I saw Mike's name as the last post, I was really dreading what would be in here but I was pleasantly surprised. 
  15. Ruiner gave reputation to Mike in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Mahershala Ali will star in True Detective season 3
  16. Ruiner gave reputation to Mike in Got (Gaming) News   
    Ruiner, you're in luck...rumor has it that the next big PS4 update will introduce the ability to change your PSN ID.
  17. Ruiner gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in RIP Chester Bennington   
    Mourn the dead but don't dwell on the past.

    I knew what you meant.  I don't agree with it.  Chester left this world by choice.  He forfeited his right to leave any type of "void".
  18. Ruiner gave reputation to pen in RIP Chester Bennington   
    I mean, by definition he's a replacement. He'd be filling the void left by Chester.
  19. Ruiner received reputation from Mike in Silicon Valley   
    Mad Max
  20. Ruiner gave reputation to Andrew in Got (Wrestling) News   
    So that was probably the worst WWE PPV in like several years.
  21. Ruiner gave reputation to Three Libras in RIP Chester Bennington   
    Linkin Park is still an incredibly popular band amongst people my age and younger who are into rock, more so than any other band. A lot of people I know were raised with the band, grew up listening to a lot of their songs and were affected a lot by Chester's death, which is something I didn't notice with any of the other deaths. Yes, I was born when Hybrid Theory came out. I've noticed the Minutes to Midnight-era stuff is what people love as well, which makes sense because that album came out at a perfect time for us to listen to. They were still very much "our" band, even if we were on the younger end of the spectrum.
  22. Ruiner gave reputation to RainbowDragon in RIP Chester Bennington   
    As someone who has had suicidal thoughts myself and has been in a hospital because of it, I refuse to believe someone could go through with the act itself if they are of clear mind and body at the time. I dont get the "suicide is cowardly" people because suicide in the ultimate sacrifice with no way back so wouldnt that mean you would have to have major balls to actually do it ? So how is that cowardly then when you have the courage to do it and courage is the opposite of cowardice ? Thats why I dont understand how someone could do it and not be fucked up.  When I thought about it, I thought about what it would do to my family and how they would feel guilt every day for the rest of their lives and how I would not want that for them. Of course Im thinking this all of clear mind, if I was wacked out of mind on drugs it would make doing it so much easier and I wouldnt be thinking about those it would effect.
  23. Ruiner gave reputation to Chris. in RIP Chester Bennington   
    I "unliked" the Loudwire and Blabbermouth pages a long time ago on Facebook just because they mostly post junk, and I rarely ever saw any news on there that I didn't already know about, but mainly because of the comment sections on there were so terrible. I went on there a bit ago to see what was being said about all of this. If you want to see where the majority of the scum on the internet hangs out, it's right there on those pages. Just awful what some people posted in there about this whole thing. It's like a million Harty's having a conversation. Truly the armpit of rock/metal community.
  24. Ruiner received reputation from Kalt in RIP Chester Bennington   
    The thing with born-agains is that they have a tendency to be self-righteous pricks on certain topics. 
  25. Ruiner gave reputation to Matt in RIP Chester Bennington   
    Been jamming to this masterpiece all day.