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  1. Manchester by the Sea - 9/10. Pretty beautiful movie.
  2. I had to look up what you're talking about but that was fucking amazing. And though I haven't seen Moonlight I'm happy it won, both because it seems like the consensus rightful winner despite La La Land being the overwhelming favorite, and also because La La Land really was spectacular and I'm tired of the backlash over it getting a bit more awards attention than was probably warranted. Actually looking at the winners list it seems like a good crop overall. It's really a sham that Amy Adams didn't get a Best Actress nod for Arrival though because I absolutely would've picked her over Emma Stone. Otherwise, I wish the Oscars picked things this well when I actually cared about them.
  3. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say he definitely isn't crazy. If nothing else, I don't see how one could live the life he's had with his power and not be crazy.
  4. It's fun? It adds to the narrative?
  5. Gameplay-wise it can't lace the boots of the other popular Tom Clancy game I play. I should clarify that I'm reserving judgement. I'll try it again sometime and do the mission, and also probably do the co-op. Just I didn't have any fun with it last night. You can't kill civilians, the driving sucks, I didn't really enjoy the shooting. The whole thing felt clunky.
  6. I downloaded last night on the word of mouth and I didn't really like it at all in the time I spent dicking around.
  7. Totally could've called Break would be one of "those" types of fans.
  8. So what do we think the deal with the Devil with Yellow Eyes is? To my knowledge our comics nerd isn't watching, but most of the speculation I've seen is for X-Men villains Shadow King, or (less popular guess) Mojo. And it's also possible that it's just inside David's mind and isn't an outside entity, but a manifestation covering up abuse he suffered as a kid or something horrible like that (I'm personally concerned that he may have been the World's Angriest Boy). I think I might actually prefer that. I did some reading up on what Legion's stuff in the comics was like, and man, that is some convoluted ass shit. Not that I think Hawley couldn't pull it off, but part of me feels like the less they take from the source material the better.
  9. Depressing that there's already only five episodes left.
  10. ALSO, what the hell was up with that Usos cocaine promo? Are they kinda awesome now?
  11. The Leftovers: April 16 Fargo: April 19 April 16-22: WEEK OF COON
  12. Alexa Bliss was amayayayazing in that opening segment. What a heel.
  13. It's a moment that really makes me realize just how damn much I miss the guy. I bet my friend who's a bit of a lapsed fan right now after actually training to be a wrestler a few years ago would come back to the product in an instant if Punk came back. He really is a once in a lifetime talent. Also, no matter how much I trash his shitty comedy promos when he makes his comebacks, let the record show that I fucking love The Rock and he's one of my favorite people. Really one of the most likable humans on the face of the earth.
  14. I have to say I'm a little surprised by how DOA Giraffe Tongue Orchestra was here. Alice in Chains+Dillinger+Mastodon seems like it would get some eyeballs, especially since it pretty much sounds like what I imagine a more laid back, radio friendly Dillinger would sound like only with Not Jerry Cantrell taking over vocal duties, but as far as I know I'm the only person who listened to it.