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  1. Alright... starting now, we've got a week for this and then Paul's up.
  2. Jesus, guys. I've got my laptop up and running--you wanna give this another shot or should we just call it? @pen @xeph @Andrew @Green Baron @Paul @American_Idiot
  3. TWIST My good friend bought the game digitally so I just got it off of his account. I think I've completed the prologue by now. Nothing so far I feel especially critical of--I'm not blown away by any means, but these games always take their sweet time getting going and I haven't seen anything to suggest that it won't deliver when the time comes to. The animations and stuff are janky as hell but it really doesn't bother me. I was curious how it would affect the experience, and at the end of the day, my feeling is... it's a fuckin' video game, who cares? It'd look fake even if the animations were good. Skyrim had way more intrusive graphical issues and they didn't bother me either. My main thing so far: is it just selective memory I'm having, or did these games always have shitty dialogue?
  4. Speaking of this, give me a shout when you get around with to that. I'm interested in what you'll think of it. And remember this: make sure you turn Opportunities to "Minimal" when you start the game--I can't imagine you want to figure out all the crap to do in the game by yourself, but at the same time Opportunities in "Full" mode is downright handholding that completely undermines a lot of the fun. "Minimal" is a good balance between the two.
  5. Anybody who enjoys RTJ, I would highly recommend checking out El-P's pre-Jewels albums. I'll Sleep When You're Dead is mindfuckingly good. And this album is great too. Think I prefer RTJ2 by a hair though. Nothing as quite as great as "Crown" but lots of total jams.
  6. 1. Sure--I'm not going to tell you your opinion is wrong. It's fine if you think something is good that others think is bad. But film is a very technical medium, and nearly every facet of it requires skill. And the top people in each category--direction, photography, cinematography, acting, sound editing and mixing, etc--usually spent many years honing their skills. It's what separated a movie like Green Room from every other thriller with a similar plot--it had the plot of a grindhouse flick, but was directed and acted like an Oscar winner. And good reviewers/"film buffs" are a hell of a lot more likely to recognize those aspects. And in the case of TV, a writer's medium, they're more likely to tell smart writing from stupid writing. 2. While your second paragraph is partially true, it ignores the other side of that coin: when you've seen every ordinary and boring and bad TV show under the sun, you especially appreciate when something special comes along. I'm honestly not sure how you can even think that, since most critics these days can't stop talking about there's too much great TV. The snooty, hard to please critic is a stereotype that really doesn't apply to TV critics at all. There's more critically acclaimed shows now than there have ever been at any point in history.
  7. You didn't think that somebody who is very knowledgeable about a topic would have a more valid opinion on it than somebody who isn't knowledgeable about it at all?
  8. Oh for fuck's sake. It's neither, Mike. It's an excellent movie that got excellent reviews. That's it. What an annoying comment. Well, you see, not to be elitist, but the unwashed masses have a high concentration of stupid people, and in the case of an RT user rating, both fanboys and casual viewers who are probably fine people but aren't exactly film/TV buffs. While there are plenty of dumb paid critics, when you narrow down to just their opinions, you cut out most of the above and get a much better picture of the quality of the show. And sure, Mike has a point in his first paragraph, there are some self-righteous jackwagons who are more interested in the social impact of media than the quality of it (many of them work for the The AV Club), but they're certainly not the majority. I mean, to name a critic I'm partial to, Alan Sepinwall's life's work is watching, analyzing, criticizing, and discussing TV shows--in addition to having done it online for like two decades, he literally wrote the book (or at least a book) on television. Why on earth wouldn't I take his opinion on a new show more seriously than some dweeb on Flixster?
  9. I'm not disputing any of this (though I've got pretty reliable people indicating that it's really bad who wouldn't do so over some controversy), but a show or movie getting a high user rating isn't news, most movies and shows get high user ratings. The ones that don't are usually either uniquely awful or high-brow artsy stuff like The Witch.
  10. Joining Mike in holding out on Mass Effect, shocked as I am to say it. I'm very poor right now (I'll elaborate in a minute) and some absurd amount of people already have it somehow and word of mouth is... very mixed. I'll save my money unless really great reviews come out. The reason I'm short on gaming money is because I did something I didn't think I'd do again... buy Grand Theft Auto V. Because of these videos featuring content that's been added to GTAO in the past few years, which looked fucking amazingly fun and I can say having played for a good bit now, it's amazingly fun. I really really wish I had friends to play it with because I can only imagine how much better it would be.
  11. You're selectively remembering. He was pretty much always given something to do up until last season, and even then there was the blossoming bond with Stan which is a pretty potentially enormous long-term story. Not that I'm blaming you, because it's not like most of his stories have been especially memorable, but it's only been recently that he's become such a total background character.
  12. Again, I feel the writers have earned the benefit of the doubt re: Henry.
  13. I'm not sure how unfair it is when it's been like ten olus years since his last great movie, and a lot of the ones since have been mediocre or outright bad. I'm not saying he can't make another great Alien movie, just that I'm not too confident that he can, where there are other filmmakers in the scene today who I think undoubtedly could.
  14. I'd be happy with Alien just sitting on the shelf for a bit until someone with the right vision comes along to bring it back to life. I don't know if Neil Blomkamp is that person (after an excellent debut, his subsequent efforts have yielded diminishing returns) but Ridley Scott has had too long a streak of duds for me to get excited about more from him. Alien deserves better than really great looking movies that are otherwise just alright. You know who I'd like to see take a crack at Alien? Jeremy Saulnier. That'd be fucking amazing.