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  1. ... tar-987511 Oh, shit. They actually have pretty alright talent working on it too. I wonder if it'll be like an actual good movie, or some revisionist shit where Vince overcomes the odds against the big bad territories, and he's portrayed as an inspirational figure.
  2. If you fancy feeling like useless piece of shit, try to learn to play a guitar!

  3. Yeah what was the last good acquisition we had? Xeph, probably? Jamie, perhaps? Hell, I probably wouldn't join this community. Good Ruiner just kinda grandfathered in from shitty Kid Ruiner, who is the one who actually joined to begin with.
  4. Well the problem is every time a new person shows up they're fuckin' douchebags. I bet less old members would leave it there was a flourishing community of both old faces and new. But if the only way to preserve the forum is to pass the keys to the kingdom to the likes of a new generation of Jmgs and Breaks, I'd just as soon let it die.
  5. Really? I thought just the opposite, it seemed like they're shaking up the formula in a major way for the first time. The episode itself was fine, but I got a fair bit of intrigue from Richard starting his own company, with the rest of the guys carrying on (with Dinesh in charge, no less). Now I guess they could just send Richard in the usual circles while doing funny side capers with PiperChat, but we'll see.
  6. Andrew is fine, unless somebody kidnapped him and is posting on his social media and playing on his PS4 to keep up appearances. It definitely sucks that there's so little going on though, and that so many people (including Andrew now, apparently) aren't posting anymore. If this place ever dies I'll probably just stop using the internet in a social capacity altogether. Like Omar, I feel like I grew up here in a way and whenever the time comes it'll be hard to let go of it. But not to get ahead of ourselves, the impression I'm under is that it's safe as long as Nixon is footing the bill we'll be fine, and though he never posts, he's also not given any indication that he's unhappy with keeping it alive. I'll probably always post here as long as it's still going, even if it's just me, Mike, Pen, and Omar left.
  7. In July, exclusively on the Raw band, the new worst-named PPV in wrestling history comes to the WWE Network: WWE GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.
  8. Suit yourself one way or another, but I'd strongly recommend renting Mass Effect. And this comes from a HUGE fan of that series.
  9. All of these are strong possibilities, and it's also just as likely that the whole thing is bullshit. Also included on the rumor list was The Evil Within 2, which is something else I hadn't been expecting (but would gladly take). Speaking of unlikely sequels... I really hope we get another Alien game from Creative Assembly at some point. What a great game. Also, what the world really needs right now is a Dino Crisis reboot. EDIT: Oh shit! Mike, quick, buy several more copies of Halo Wars 2 so they can afford to make it! DOUBLE EDIT: FUCK
  10. Apparently there have been rumors floating about a couple possible games to be shown at Sony's E3 conference: Bloodborne 2 and Resistance 4. Both would be pretty wonderful surprises. There's been no indication of a Bloodborne sequel other than that it was a big hit exclusive for Sony and they'd pay up for From to do more with the IP. I can't think of many sequels I'd be more excited to play, but also don't really want a sequel that can't quite live up to it (like the Souls sequels), and would happily accept the original as the only of its kind, with From moving on to a new IP. Resistance would actually be really surprising and sounds more dubious since I'm pretty sure Insomniac indicated that they were done with the series after 3, not to mention they already have a big Sony exclusive in the works. But I'd definitely be interested in it, because Resistance 3 was a total blast and felt like the series had finally found itself, and then a disappointing, bizarrely happy ending and apparently the series is over. A soft reboot with new characters, maybe in a different setting than the military, would be awesome.
  11. Pretty hilarious video, this dude goes around offering Pepsi and making other humorous quips at the cops and the rioting jackasses at Berkeley a couple weeks back. Most of the cans he successfully gives out end up immediately getting thrown at people.
  12. Guess I'm the only one watching this as it airs this year (understandable, with so much airing at once) but I thought the second episode was better than the premiere, and I'm getting more of a Burn After Reading vibe from it (as opposed to Year 1's Fargo vibe, and Year 2's No Country for Old Men/lots of other stuff vibes). It's still not close to being as good as last year, but once the twists and turns start coming I can see it blossoming into another great season. I thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode, and was a fan of all the non-Ray characters getting more spotlight (and some depth being lended to Ray, who was really just a sap in the first episode). Ewan McGregor is also growing on me, in both his roles.
  13. I'm guessing Brad Pitt talked him into it in some form or another. Regardless, we now live in a strange version of the world in which I will probably go to the theater to watch a World War Z sequel.
  14. In as disappointing a move as I can imagine, David Fincher's next film will be... World War Z 2.
  15. I got mad love for Stone Sour and all, but these songs kinda suck...