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  1. If Enzo is a face then that was the stupidest segment in wrestling history.
  2. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. Punisher is an exceedingly hard character to do right, especially in a series, and I understand that even the comics have more miss runs than hits. There's a conflict in people who want to see him as this badass vigilante who gives no fucks and kills bad guys in a violent spectacle, and those who prefer his character as a tragic figure who is ultimately a total piece of shit that struggles to carry a narrative as the main protagonist. The trailer leaned a little heavier in the former direction than is to my tastes. Still, great, great casting choice.
  3. That was a fascinating segment from every angle. Only thing I would change is, if it was supposed to be a double turn, having Neville drop his heel cadence, since the crowd seemed confused about how to react. But everything else was great. The weirdness of it being the main event, Enzo being such a great natural heel, Neville being amazing, it's just really ambitious stuff that you don't see anymore. It's the kind of thing that feels like a potential turning point for the division, depending on the flow through. If Neville's going to the main roster, and it's just more goofy angles and bathroom break Raw matches, all you accomplished was Enzo totally burying the entire division. If you're going to actually start presenting the main guys and their matches and important and giving Raw viewers a reason to be interested in watching 205 Live (which by all accounts is a decent show), combined with some of the great smaller guys in NXT maybe coming in (Hideo, Gargano, Almas, Black, Strong), it could become a much-needed highlight on Raw. Shit, throw Finn in there for some added credibility, it's not like his never-ending feud with Wyatt is doing him any favors.
  4. And yes, WWE has no concept of how to push people, and the importance of trajectory. They always peak a push too soon, no concept of why it's better to be slowly moving up then going way up, then down, and then stagnant until eventually going up again. It happened with Owens, Ambrose, Wyatt, Bayley, Sasha, Punk, Joe, and now it's happening with Braun. The only recent example of a well-timed main event push is Rollins, but then they made him a total pussy for his title reign and botched his face turn and look where he is now.
  5. Nah I think Maria made a brilliant play here. Finally sign with WWE, immediately get them to pay for your husband's rehab, then start your family with a well-paying job that's now secure indefinitely because WWE is terrified of bad PR. Mike Bennett having a good WWE career was always a slim chance to begin with.
  6. I'm not going to be dramatic and say Strowman is dead or anything, but he'll never ever be as hot as he just was again. If they really want the dumbass Roman match, should've just had Strowman win here and then Lesnar can win the rematch at the Rumble. I don't doubt he'll win it at some point, but it won't be the same.
  7. Jesus, I hear that the show's going well, I tune in, it immediately goes off a fucking cliff. EDIT: Lesnar/Strowman was at least good, but what a dud of a finish. Strowman absolutely should've won, and if not, it should've taken more than one F5 to put him away.
  8. Man, that Roman/John match was shitty. What a blown opportunity for something memorable.
  9. Yeah the wrestling usually isn't particularly strong (unless it's an NXT show, presumably because there are way less of them) but it's almost always a fun show if it's in a good market. I'm pretty sure a lot of wrestlers have said that they prefer house shows to TV.
  10. There aren't any runaway frontrunners for me thus far so it's hard to say, but this is making a damn strong case for my AOTY. The beautiful and haunting lyrics, the massive, pummeling sound, it's probably my favorite thing I've heard from Wolfe to date. That climax to "Twin Fawn" is unnnnnnfffffff
  11. I strongly favor this Trump vs Sports feud to the Trump vs Kim feud, let's stick to this for a while
  12. CHELSEA WOLFE // 'HISS SPUN' // 9-22-2017 // doom metal/folk // sargent house
  13. Renewal!
  14. Also, from a writer for the Washington Post....