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  1. Oh my god, Kevin Owens was incredible on Talking Smack this week. What a great show.
  2. Also I had no clue it was out tonight. Who releases a movie on a Tuesday?
  3. I mean, I don't agree one hundred percent, but I'm not gonna argue otherwise either.
  4. Upcoming Tomatometers... Baby Driver: 99% The Big Sick: 97% War for the Planet of the Apes: 96% Good days ahead.
  5. This Miz/Dean Ambrose feud has low-key been one of the biggest booking disasters of the year. Ambrose is totally destroyed, and Miz isn't quite destroyed, but that's only because he's the more sympathetic figure in the story, despite being the heel. But both are soooo much worse off than they were on Smackdown. Ambrose needs to turn heel months ago, and both guys should be in featured programs with top babyfaces. Instead, you have Rollins and Wyatt feuding over a video game and Finn Balor in a PPV feud with the freakin' Drifter. Seriously, Raw, with its current roster, could have Joe/Lesnar, Reigns/Strowman, Ambrose/Rollins, and Miz/Balor all on the same card. Was it Mike saying that Raw doesn't suck lately?
  6. I appreciate that these guys are actually doing something sort of fresh with the active rock sound in a time when almost nobody is, but the vocal melodies and lyrics are both still too been there done that for me.
  7. Bringing cynicism back into it, how is the state of active rock these days?
  8. SwiftKey
  9. Turn that into "Nickelback sounds like every radio friendly song" and you might be onto something.
  10. He just sounds totally up his own ass. "I've moved on to the next great thing that will make people laugh, The Emoji Movie". Horribly might be an overstatement, but he certainly comes across as buying into their own hype quite a bit.
  11. Wow, he comes across horribly.
  12. I've grown out of Korn something fierce (Jonathan Davis's songwriting and the overall "edge" factor being the main culprits) but I'll take the original (if dated) act over the one trying to emulate them 20 years too late.
  13. You know, it's just occurred to me how much better Smackdown would be right now if a simple thing was switched: the AJ Styles/KO feud is for the WWE title and the Jinder/Orton feud is for the US. Think about it: - Jinder has a much smaller leap to make to get to the US title from being a jobber, much easier to buy that he'd go from a jobber who gets a lot of offense to midcard title with the help of brothers interfering in a week. And with the anti-American gimmick, it's a logical fit. If he gets over, WWE can eventually build him for bigger things organically, instead of hotshotting the world title onto him. - The two most over guys on the show feud for the world title, makes sense with guys having recent lengthy world title runs. Neither's momentum is so deflated as it is now, and Owens probably doesn't adopt the strange "face of America" character. Now the road to this would be pretty convoluted, but not unattainable--Owens can get DQ'd or something in his title rematch against Jericho, then destroys him the same way he did. Jericho relinquishes the title before leaving, Jinder wins it in similar fashion to how he won his number one contendership. The Backlash PPV can have some multi-man world title main event with Owens getting the belt off Orton. He beats him in the rematch (possibly with the help of Jinder, which can be easily set up by Orton disrespecting him backstage or something earlier in the night). Then AJ moves on to be the number one contender, and you have a solid world title feud for your show.
  14. I maintain that apart from the walking (which was easy to get past), Heavy Rain nailed what the gameplay should be for that type of game, and a similar game with better writing and voice acting would be something really special. QD's problem isn't that they can't do gameplay, it's that David Cage is a shit writer and needs to hire real writers for his games. I will agree that I'm sick of fucking QTEs in games that aren't narrative driven though. Literally nobody has gotten right since Resident Evil 4, which is the name that started it to begin with. That game used them to generate suspense and keep you on your toes in cutscenes, every other game just uses them to give the player something to do during scripted gameplay events.