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  1. September 17th.
  2. So I ended up driving to Oregon last night. Had no plan, and let me tell you, driving through the deep Oregon woods to some podunk town with no phone signal and no traffic for miles on end is not fun at fucking all. I've never been more afraid in my (sober) life. Ended up finding a pretty badass spot on a river. It was a cool time. What wasn't a cool time was the 9 hours I spent trying to get back home. Holy shit.
  3. I watched the end of the WWE title match, what a total farce. They can't even come up with decent fucking finishes for shitty Jinder to retain with. It feels like WWE actively trolling its audience, especially with the obnoxious "shocked upset fan" shots they keep cutting to. I was playing a video game during the main event but what I saw of it looked pretty rad.
  4. Yes I skimmed the results and I'm very happy to see that I elected to skip this. I may tune in for the world title matches but maybe not. Also I'd say Bayley beats Sandow, Ziggler, and Wyatt for biggest booking disaster in modern WWE history--and a shame, because she's better and had a higher ceiling than all of them. She sounded totally defeated on Austin's podcast, like she almost hopes they'll turn her heel just so she can get a fresh start. I'm horrified to see how they'll ruin Asuka.
  5. Yeah that's where I'm at with him as well. I was a fan on the condition that he would get better with time, but he's gotten worse.
  6. Plus I pretty sure I saw a thing where one of the developers said it would probably come to PS4 next year.
  7. Nah, Nigel's good. Not "my boy" though, just a guy who is generally agreed upon as a solid commentator.
  8. One negative from last night: JR was horrible on commentary. It was unfortunate to hurt the Itami match with it, and confusing since he was great in Chicago for the Bate/Dunne match. It legit sounded like video game commentary.
  9. Dude Triple H vs Cactus Jack is the program that made me fall in love with wrestling as a wee kid. I compared McIntyre to 2002 Triple H because he's a lame brooding miscast babyface. This is purely from a character standpoint, as McIntyre is a way better worker than 2002 Triple H.
  10. 1. Well it doesn't seem either are coming up right now anyway but what exactly is so great on Raw or Smackdown that they couldn't use a midcard tag team or an outstanding worker with charisma and a super hot valet? 2. No, in this analogy McIntyre is long-haired brooding not terribly interesting H and Roode is smarmy short-haired rich H. And at the end of the match, 1998 H showed up with DX. (these are all jokes, just so we're clear) 3. Oh I'm very happy Asuka won. I'd have her beat Ruby Riot in her next defense on NXT TV, and then drop to MYC winner Kairi Sane at the November Takeover. Moving her up to the main roster undefeated sounds great in theory, but the reality is I don't have it in me to be this invested in something great only for it to "pay off" on a random episode of Raw two weeks before a PPV for no reason. I want all great things that begin in NXT to conclude in NXT, where it'll be satisfying, unlike a million meaningless Zayn/Owens TV matches.
  11. I'm torn between the opener and Itami/Black, but Asuka/Moon could also be it with another watch. Really competitive field. I thought the main event was very well worked but fell flat with the crowd, so I'm not sure. I mean, mechanically, it was probably better than the tag match, but the tag match had so much more excitement. Adam Cole instantly felt like he belonged. I was pretty high on him a few years ago when he was feuding with Elgin but he'd kind of fallen off my radar as I stopped paying attention to ROH. When he took his jacket off, I was instantly reminded of why I liked him. Dude has swagger. Also, I share Uncle Paul's love of live bands accompanying entrances, though I'm not sure a hardcore punk band was a great fit for a giant seated arena of people who'd never heard of them. Still, I appreciate that NXT gets actual good music for the Takeover shows.
  12. I'm just concerned about Drew. NXT's biggest blind spot for a while has been bland top babyfaces (ever since Sami left, really), and Drew doesn't have the charisma of Nakamura to pull it off, so I really hope they find a way to get him properly over at the next tapings if he's going to be feuding with Cole. He obviously has the tools, but I'd still be thinking about turning him heel if it weren't for that clearly not being the direction now. If he's going to stay face, they really should at least give him his old music back. The bagpipe-accompanied sludge metal theme is neat, but it's a horrible babyface entrance.
  13. It wasn't quite as good as the most recent one in Chicago, but that's a very high bar to clear. Together, both shows are easily the best NXT's put on possibly ever--only one I'd put above either is R-Evolution and maybe the first Brooklyn. First match was awesome, second match was a blast, third and fourth matches were awesome, main event was pretty good, and an exciting debut. If you add Roddy to that main event like they should've (it's really bewildering they'd swing and miss on that so hard when they nailed every little detail on every other part of the show) I think it'd be a perfect wrestling show. Even as is, there's not really a shot in hell that six hour slog of a Summerslam card tops it, even though I think the Raw tag match and main event could maybe be match of the weekend. What's your MOTN? I've seen four different matches get the honors depending on the person.
  14. Now for the main event... 2002 Triple H vs 2015 Triple H.
  15. Trips putting on a booking masterclass, two matches in. That Sanity/AoP match was SO much better than it had any right being, and got everybody involved more over, and ReDRAGON! Terrific. Also, wonderful opener with a good and unexpected finish. Let's push Almas, he's clicking now.