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  2. I like the theme for the new Star Trek films.
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  4. Right on !
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  6. New album out in March. I don't know why you would release a 9 min. song as your first single when you are trying to get bigger but maybe they know they won't get big idk.
  7. These guys put out such Awesome videos for their songs,here's another one !
  8. This album is really good. I'm probably in the minority that likes Danny's clean vocals over his screaming.
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  10. This one is just as impressive:
  11. Cryptic tweet from Keith. Interpret how you will. Either way single near, album drop February/March next year.
  12. Stephen Piscotty has been traded to the A's. Fernando Rodney moves on to play for the Twins.
  13. So, this happened. Net neutrality is gone. I hate this anti-Obama administration.
  14. Disney and Fox have officially struck a deal. I'm excited.
  15. This is a great album if you are a Killswitch Engage fan.
  16. Just bought the album. Not surprised that it turned out to be tight. #1 = Legs, #2 = Cry Wolf, #3 = Fox Rain. So far...
  17. That's a solid track up there.
  18. I hate the term "NuMetalcore" but it clearly is a thing and they are the best of those bands to me.
  19. Yes plz. EDIT: Hey another Arkansan on the board! What are the odds...
  20. Another believe it when I see it scenario here. Still.
  21. Yeah, I never even opened mine yet. I really just don't have the time. I really would rather trade it for a NES Classic instead as I felt it had better game options.
  22. Ditto these sentiments, @NinjaNick101. I was worried about you when I heard about the Ventura fires because I know you're somewhat close to the area if I recall correctly. This year has been nuts. First snow in the south was like in Mexico, Texas, and along the Gulf Coast and not much further north. Wildfires everywhere; we even have a threat here in AR because it's been so very dry this fall. Several huge hurricanes. But nah, climate change isn't real.
  23. Well I never heard of them before but it sounds like something I could get behind.
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