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  2. I expected Thrice to win, but not by this much. I applaud you all either way.
  3. Today
  4. There guys had their first full-length album titled "Feel Something" come out today and after one listen, I enjoyed it a ton. They're comparable to a good mixture of other bands since their sound is unique such as Stick To Your Guns, I The Mighty, Can't Swim, Knuckle Puck, Citizen, Like Moths To Flames, and more.
  5. Ron Gardenhire takes manager job for Tigers. Dusty Baker out as Nationals manager.
  6. Well, this looks hilarious. Too bad I don't have Prime. :\
  7. Just a little too generic for my tastes these days on this one. It's not bad, just doesn't have anything to stand out.
  8. Sounds like the album may be done already from the way I'm reading it. So hopefully that's good news over what the new album news we've heard from Cold is. Interested to see how they sound after all these years and see in what ways the producer pushed them to evolve in any way.
  9. Doesnt seem like too much of a drastic change which is good.
  10. MLB already thinking about going to 32 teams. Google it.
  11. Release Date: October 13, 2017 01. You Used to Say (Holy Fuck) 02. Peace Sign 03. Bae 04. Vacation Town 05. Don't Fill Up on Chips 06. Grand Finale 07. Trampoline 08. Raining 09. Far Drive 10. Everyone But You 11. Ocean
  12. Yesterday
  13. Dangerous Summer making some new music: Self-titled album comes out January 26.
  14. Here's another one!
  15. Got a few listens in of this one this week finally and I am pleasantly surprised how good it is. Probably a top 10 or maybe even higher for me this year. Super good.
  16. Pretty solid, lighter jam for them.
  17. 3/3 for me.
  18. Release Date: October 13, 2017 01. Alive 02. Left for Dead 03. The Rich Life of a Poor Man 04. Playing Fiction 05. Guilty Melody 06. Open Water 07. Curtain Call 08. Scatterbrained 09. Flatline 10. While The World Keeps Spinning 11. Home
  19. No wonder why it sounded so familiar...
  20. Jamie is my hero. Anyway, final set will go up tonight when I get home.
  21. Yeah I'd agree with that. Some shows, there are ensemble casts where the side characters steal the scenes, but you're right, it's mostly Gamby and Russell in this one.
  22. Dave Sardy is producing the album due out next year.
  23. Last week
  25. Bobby Portis suspended eight games for punching teammate Mirotic, who suffered a broken jaw. Story of a dysfunctional team.
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