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  2. ... tar-987511 Oh, shit. They actually have pretty alright talent working on it too. I wonder if it'll be like an actual good movie, or some revisionist shit where Vince overcomes the odds against the big bad territories, and he's portrayed as an inspirational figure.
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  4. Do people even go to regular websites for news nowadays? This is the only social media I do. I'm not on Facebook, Twitter or any of those other sites. I still go to regular websites for news but I'm assuming the majority of people get their news from social media.
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  7. Coming out May 12th.
  8. Really? I thought just the opposite, it seemed like they're shaking up the formula in a major way for the first time. The episode itself was fine, but I got a fair bit of intrigue from Richard starting his own company, with the rest of the guys carrying on (with Dinesh in charge, no less). Now I guess they could just send Richard in the usual circles while doing funny side capers with PiperChat, but we'll see.
  9. This is what I wanted to come back to. I think the way they see themselves is as straddling genres. Not quite rock, but not quite full pop, full stop. This interview with Wentz about the song adds to that perception. And for what it's worth, they recognize that Young And Menace is out there and say it's the weirdest song of the album, although whether that's true or not, I guess we'll find out. But he's so right to say that making those kinds of songs is necessary. A band can't be afraid to experiment because that's how interesting things blossom and how they grow as artists. I was also reading their Wikipedia article today and around their hiatus and reunion, the impression I got is that when they reconvened they made a deliberate attempt to break down the band and rebuild from the ground up. The shift to a poppier direction was deliberate. And frankly that was the whole point of the My Songs video, where they burn away their past. As for why they should still be considered rock, rock is a vast enough genre to include both Coldplay and Metallica and just because FOB chooses to dabble in other genres doesn't mean the core of their approach isn't still from a rock perspective. To me the energy embedded in this song, that's making a rock song out of a pop song. Rock is sometimes about more than instruments.
  10. He looks weirdly different.
  11. I've seen the whole series but I barely remember much of it because I was a kid at the time. All I remember is the ending where it turned out the entire show was the Roseanne character writing a novel about her life with all kinds of details changed to make the book more interesting. And I also remember that the original actress for Becky came back and they alternated between the two Beckies for different episodes. Good times.
  12. He was awesome in college, he fell because he's apparently a douche off the field. He's easily the best RB in your roster right now though, you'll love him.
  13. Really like American Dreams and Help. I'm excited for this one, the production sound tiptop...
  14. Decent little ballad, their last album had a couple of ballads that are better than this, especially "Satellite" which is great.
  15. It should go without saying as I was the one who was pumping this band so hard back before TBB even came out but I am crushed. I've listened to every one of this band's songs countless times and they've been such a huge part of my music-listening life for the last 6-ish years that I can't even put it into words. I will miss them dearly and hope Jason + the rest of them re-involve themselves in the music world in some way sooner rather than later.
  16. I love the whole album. One of my possible AOTY [2017]
  17. I love it. Bought it today.
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  19. That was intense!
  20. Disturbed worship
  21. Release Date: April 28, 2017 1. Your Jokes Aren't Funny2. Party on Apocalypse3. Call Me Anti-Social4. Happy Being Miserable5. The Sound Of Two Voices6. Blurred Vision7. Say It Don't Spray It8. Barbed Wire9. Short and Sweet10. The Cheapest Thrill
  22. I'm so amped for this!
  23. Meh. Didn't care much for "Fabuless", but "Song #3" is ok.
  24. Went to a screening of the new King Arthur movie tonight. Completely new telling of the story, but I really liked it. You can definitely tell it's a Guy Ritchie movie. The mix of humor, action, and fantasy was just right. Second best movie I seen this year, right behind Logan.
  25. Go Johnny!
  26. I really liked that tune. Especially, after hearing the new Fall Out Boy, it sounded terrific. Sure. They're lighter than most of what we all listen to, but they've been consistent for me on each album.
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