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  1. Today
  2. Good for her I guess, but I'd much rather have a new Ra record.
  3. It looks... like they combined Godzilla with Mighty Joe Young. I don't know, it's the kind of thing where the lack of a plot for the source material can either work for it or against it. The trailer is fine, but not enough to not make me skeptical of the whole scenario.
  4. Catchy.
  5. He keeps saying Downplay isnt dead but it doesnt seem like he has the time for it.
  6. The song is growing on me and I think that acoustic version helped.
  7. Haha yes, that's true. Can't they just both lose?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Just wait until Teaser 10!
  10. This was my favorite of the new ones'
  11. They just got dropped in the wake of the allegations against Jonny. Saw that coming.
  12. They seems to have the same subject matter on a lot of their new songs. I think there was a little of better options on the album than Fake Happy for a single. Rose-Colored Boy is a much better song.
  13. The face ID works great for the most part. However even though Apple says it should work the same in the night, that is when I have the most issues with it. I'm pretty sure Touch ID has been upgraded since then, but so far I'd say Face ID >>>> my iPhone 6's Touch ID as far as accuracy goes. I'm already used to the no home button and really prefer the new swiping motions they put in. But one issue they gotta figure out is what to do when an app crashes and freezes on you. Normally you just gotta tap the home button a couple of times and eventually it will get out of the app, but now? I'm getting you're gonna have to restart your phone completely which is kinda stupid. I think burn-in on OLED is a little overstated. From what I read you really really have to keep the same display over and over and over again before it starts happening. I have an OLED tv at home and my TV goes to the Dish Network "screensaver" inactivity screen for hours when I mistakenly forget to turn it off and have had zero issues.
  14. I just checked this out, and in my opinion it’s bad. They butchered some classics.
  15. New single..
  16. No way that bill passes as is from the House. The Senate is already changing a lot of it. Still not sure it'll get passed.
  17. heh not only did she lie about being 18 her quote of " Hey, if your idol wants nudes, you send them." makes me think of what kinda person she is. His statement was good damage control though however its pretty sad that at age 32 he didnt know he shouldnt be talking to teenagers like that. The rock star/celebrity ego must have warped his brain into thinking it was ok to do that.
  18. This is from Boston lol really ? Ok then. Sounds like something out of Sweden or Europe.
  19. Good track. Nothing different I havent heard from them before. I think the album will have better tracks.
  20. DISPOSE out February 16th. Here's a new song.
  21. Stanton (NL) and Altuve (AL) won MVPs in their leagues. Cy Youngs go to Scherzer and Kluber. Can't argue with that.
  22. That's a totally accurate and fair point. I think my point was true, but yours is bigger, more encompassing the same argument, but just not limited to TL rock bands. Good thinkin'
  23. Last week
  24. Yeah that's so old school we're never gonna see that again. I do like Backwordz and Fire from the Gods tho despite them being a bit different. Discrepancies are good too. Old rapcore had the white, latin, or black guy singing and rapping and it seems the current style is to have the black guy rapping and the white guitar player singing.
  25. Ahhh getting old sucks.
  26. Can't wait to dive into this one.
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