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  2. Title of album is ‘Black Labyrinth’ comes out May 25th. Tracklist 01. Underneath My Skin 02. Final Days 03. Everyone 04. Happiness 05. Your God 06. Walk On By 07. The Secret 08. Basic Needs 09. Medicate 10. Please Tell Me 11. What You Believe 12. Gender 13. What It Is Album Teasers
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  4. This is rather enjoyable.
  5. It's a program you download. You then choose where you'd like your internet traffic routed through, and it takes your normal browsing and sends it through one of their networks and then out to the site you want. You have to manually turn the VPN on, but it's really simple. Drawbacks: Netflix will not work on your PC if you have a VPN turned on. That's the only thing I've run into that is an issue, but I normally just watch netflix on my TV anyway.
  6. Apparently nobody can fucking read And again, I can hardly think DANIEL BRYAN would be offended about being sent to the show where he'd get to have the best matches
  7. I’m liking this band. Hopefully I can find it on Google Play.
  8. Yep sounds like metal core.
  9. I watched Blade Runner 2049 again. I've been reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? lately and watching this it occurred to me that, writing-wise neither of these movies have shit on that book, which is kind of distracting and at times cheapens the deal, mainly during parts where the writing threatens to get clichéd. But holy hell, what a beautiful movie. That climax in the car, even on repeat viewings, makes my hair stand up, barely able to contain my nerding out. Fucking perfect bit of filmmaking there.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. It's actually kind of a theme on the reddit thread for this song. Really not bad, but it doesn't sound like Underoath.
  11. Breaking Benjamin Shinedown Chevelle Muse Bullet for my Valentine Like A Storm TremontiSaint Asonia
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  13. News from yesterday – the Jets trade up from #6 to #3 in the draft with the Colts. The Colts bet two 2nd rounders this year and one 2nd rounder next year as compensation for the early 1st round swap. With this trade, I think Cleveland now should confidently go QB 1st if there’s someone they like because there’s a decent chance that QBs go 1-3, and at #4, they could have the same pick of whatever non-QB they want that they had at #1. If the Bills or a surprise team comes roaring up to #2 to trade with the Giants, this becomes all the more certainly true. With the Giants at #2, the top non-QBs are still very much in play.
  14. I watched the first episode of Counterpart last night and came away extremely impressed. The premise seems like it was ripped right out of the mind of J.J. Abrams, the story seems like it could go in an infinite number of exciting directions but really the story is about J.K. Simmons who shines in this and makes the human stuff as enjoyable to watch as the sci-fi stuff. While it's possible it might not be as good as I continue the series, just going by the pilot, I'd put it right up there with The Handmaid's Tale, Billions and Stranger Things as one of the best new shows that has premiered over the past two years.
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  16. Man I actually think this is their best lead single that i have heard in awhile! It has a little bit of everything that I love about Sevendust. Give me more!
  17. Death to your movement! Wait, wrong "Cutthroat". This is really good, too.
  18. So weird that these guys are actually back. Here I thought throwing pennies in mall fountains never worked. New song rocks. Hope there's an album soon.
  19. Really awesome track here. Can't wait for more!
  20. $119.05 before fees for a pit ticket for the BB/5FDP/NM show in Pennsylvania. Are you kidding me? When this tour got announced a couple days ago I got fired up about finally getting a chance to see Nothing More. But $120 a ticket is absolutely ridiculous. AC/DC came here back in 2008 and I remember the ticket was $92
  21. I agree. This album is pretty damn good. I absolutely love the 90s feel of it.
  22. Sixx:A.M. opened for Motley Crue on Crue Fest one year. Tony from Papa Roach drummed for them that tour, which they were also on, so two guys were pulling double duty.
  23. this is really good! totally see the deftones comparisons.
  24. Listened to this a bit passively this afternoon while getting some work done and it definitely has a nice 90's alt rock vibe. Good enough variation for the most part. Pretty solid find!
  25. New Dream on Dreamer. New album "It Comes an Goes" out May 25.
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