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  3. 3 for 3.
  4. To be fair, that's why I kind of dislike this thread. It makes it difficult to determine what's been posted.
  5. Release Date: January 18, 2019 1. The Ending 2. Renegade Music 3. Not the Only One 4. Who Do You Trust? 5. Elevate 6. Come Around 7. Feel Like Home 8. Problems 9. Top of the World 10. I Suffer Well 11. Maniac 12. Better Than Life
  6. All I'll be watching today when I get a chance are the two women's matches and the WWE title match. Vince will be on Raw tonight to "shake things up" in response to the worst ratings EVER the past two weeks with most definitely worse ratings to come on the Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve episodes the next two weeks. WWE is the worst it has ever been in my 20 years of watching wrestling and unless Vince is announcing his retirement I'm not getting excited about what he has to say. WWE won't be doing anything major during their lame duck month of December (where they should have a month offseason after Survivor Series) and with two forgotten episodes of Raw/SD coming up the next two weeks all I'm expecting are a few NXT call-ups, Angle back as GM and some fan friendly main events like maybe AJ vs. Bryan on SD or something like that.
  8. Last week
  9. I have nothing to add to what you said but I just wanted to come in here and say that I saw the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world yesterday. I was coming back from lunch at my work and I looked over in the alcohol section and saw him there signing autographs. An hour later when I left work he was gone. Must've been off to a party in Aruba.
  10. Album leaked. Too early o.O
  11. New song out, I like!
  12. These guys and gal have found themselves up pretty high on my favorite supergroups list after this album. What a killer. All the songs are based on movies and there's definitely a cinematic feel to it.
  13. They just released this today.
  14. The album doesn't actually come out until March 1st.
  15. I noticed the lessening of harsh vocals and more radio friendly and more electronic. Its not the old Demon Hunter.
  16. Thanks! It was even highlighted among of the most potential bands in 2010s Nice music, +1 from me
  17. We're here again! I'll kick off all the retrospect with a handy playlist I made in remembrance of all the great live sets I saw this year in mostly chronological order.
  18. They got my hopes up back when they were posting studio pics. also isn’t this a shot from the movie 8mm
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