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  4. 1. A Parody Of… 2. Eat Away At My Heart 3. Dread 4. Blood And Stone 5. Anacrusis 6. Doom In Your Head 7. Hungry Eyes 8. Passer-by 9. On & On 10. The Distance 11. Further Down 12. take, take, take.
  5. Agreed..........and done.....
  6. Out August 28th.... Track listing: 01. Cannibal Killers That Kill Everyone 02. Brave New World 03. Play God Or Play Dead 04. Black Lipstick 05. Special Effects 06. Let The Insects Rule 07. Movie Blood 08. Strange People Doing Strange Things 09. We Got The Beat 10. VHS
  7. Amo has a few good songs, but the last one...uh...don't have the attention span to listen to that one or title it.
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  9. Release Date: June 5, 2020 1. 1333 2. Still Alive 3. The Outcast 4. Pressure Point 5. Overexposure 6. Make or Break 7. Unseen 8. One Choice 9. Phoenix Rise 10. Begin Again 11. Aftermath
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  11. More music discussion than anything but I feel like it's more relevant to current events than it is to the general music pallette that's usually discussed here--RTJ4 got a surprise free early release today and it's fuckin great. Lyrically it's so timely you'd have no clue that the entire thing was written and recorded well before COVID 19, George Floyd, and the subsequent burning of the nation.
  12. This needs to blow up
  13. Volume 2 is coming out sometime in July which will be covers such as the below.
  14. You can still go to and from work
  15. Definitely not as good as the Self Titled but I’d label this one a grower not a shower.
  16. Billionaires love to hoard money. That's just the way life is, sadly. I feel bad for those players. Now, there is a possibility we'll have no baseball in America this year.
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  18. It's on. So a rumored Ratchet & Clank at launch might be the only thing that convinces me to deal with the headache of pre-ordering and buying this day 1, unless there are some huge surprises in store for launch.
  19. This was a good watch. I had no idea these 2 met long before Sevendust and Godsmack starting touring together.
  20. Welcome to the big leagues, Revival.
  21. At the time sure but they've released albums since then that ended up being not as good as The Crusade so its more popular now than then.
  22. Sounds pretty good, though I think I still like Red Sun Rising's cover more.
  23. Teasing a new single with Zach from Shinedown that’ll be on a forthcoming EP!
  24. R.I.P. Jerry Sloan. One of the best coaches of all time.
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