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  2. New Like Moths To Flames album No Eternity in Gold out October 30.
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  4. I see the democrats chose Kamala Harris to be VP for their senile presidential candidate. It's good to know she no longer believes he's a woman abuser. If he wins the election maybe she can peddle some more of her busing sob story shirts on the white house website.
  5. Updated PS4 rankings ^ The more I play Ghost of Tsushima, the more I love it. I already beat the game and I'm still playing it. I never thought I'd like this game as much as I did. The boring gameplay footage Sony showed off pre-release does it no justice at all. Good story that doesn't drag on forever, good main character, spectacular sword fighting, beautiful environment with plenty of fun stuff to do, stealth that isn't frustrating at all, just a great game. The first and last PS4 games I'll play are both terrific Sucker Punch games.
  6. Lol I thought "oh there goes the site forever" when it went down. I request that if the site goes down forever please give us a 72 hours notice on here so I'll know as I'm not on Facebook and need to come on he for one final fuck you before we all depart forever. Thank you.
  7. This album really bring me back to the early post hardcore days. I hope some of you give it a spin. It’s free for streaming on bandcamp and available for streaming on all platforms.
  8. I feel like this is not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. It makes sense for them to take a break for now and recharge their batteries.
  9. I enjoyed this single more than anything on their last album. I don't blame them for wanting to do something different but I'm glad they're coming back to their older sound.
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  11. Release Date: August 7, 2020 1. Paper Wings 2. Q & A (feat. Polaris) 3. Watch It Burn 4. Home 5. Misery 6. Nightmare 7. Pain 8. Shine Your Crown 9. Settle Your Sins 10. Heart of Gold
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  13. I didn't even realize we discussed it in this very thread.
  14. I don't blame Ryder for staying in WWE for so long. He was making a good living and it's not like AEW existed years ago and he could've gone there. Where was he gonna go? Rinky dink ROH? Move to Japan? Past their prime for 10 years TNA? WWE was the best option. I do agree with everything else in that article and like the many other wrestling darlings on this forum over the years that never panned out like Ziggler, Wyatt 1.0, the Nexus and John Morrison, I never gave a shit about Zack Ryder or his dumb YouTube videos.
  15. How I've missed Charles Finn's voice and S&W for a long time now. This is sounding awesome.
  16. Really strange that they would re-brand and start over... This sounds the same as RSR, maybe a little more alternative.
  17. New single: Really solid.
  18. Looks like it's 18 now. And now the Cardinals have at least two players tested positive. About six teams are affected by this, or 20% of the league.
  19. 'Blood & Stone' - October 23, 2020! 1. Dying to Live 2. Love 3. Blood From a Stone 4. Feel Like Going On 5. What You've Become 6. Kill Me 7. Nothing Left to See Here Anymore 8. Desperation 9. Criminal 10. Against the World 11. Alone 12. Wish You Well 13. The Day I Tried to Live (Soundgarden Сover)
  20. All those new songs are great.
  21. Released a new song today. 8 song EP coming out October 2 called 'Cruel Summer.'
  22. New EP 'Let Go of Your Love' drops 8/21/20.
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