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  2. Little album update
  3. Spinning it on Spotify right now. Will probably take a few listens before I can post standouts, but I'm digging it! Definitely love Maeve, with that slower bluesy sound.
  4. So I looked up this story. Theres a lot of people saying his mom is a scammer. So I dont know who to really believe. He got over $300,000 raised for him.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I think the countries that were are closest to wouldn't care about a gay president but bet your ass the countries we need to appease (Russia, North Korea, middle east) would take their shots at him.
  7. I think stripping them of the title would be absolutely ridiculous. Everyone knew they won it. Are they gonna remove videos from YouTube and pretend it never happened? It's pointless. Removing a World Series champion would've been a bigger black mark on MLB than the Astros. I think the fine was dumb. There should've been no fine. Fining a billionaire $5 million is like fining me or you $10. They should've probably lost every one of their draft picks for a year or two. They also should've put the Astros under a hard salary cap for a year or two and they aren't allowing to go over it. So competing teams like the Yankees and dodgers could spend to their heart's content but the Astros would be limited with what they could do.
  8. New Biffy Clyro.
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  10. Release Date: February 21, 2020 1. Monomania 2. No Way Out 3. Searching for Glory 4. Another Year in the Shadows 5. Greatest Almost 6. Thank You 7. Numb Love (Misery II) 8. K.F. 9. Burning Your World Down 10. Comfort & Chaos 11. I'm Sorry You're Sorry Now 12. Death Is Only the End If You Assume the Story Is About You
  11. I feel like the women's division in AEW is improving. The Nightmare Collective is gone, Britt Baker has been great as a heel and at the expense of a worse wrestler as champion, we do finally have a women's champion who can speak so we can get some honest to goodness storylines. Statlander vs. Shanna was solid and the right people are getting pushed into the title picture in Big Swole and Statlander. I imagine they're saving the talented Shida's title shot for DON instead of rushing to it next week at Revolution. Dynamite was stacked this week. The women's, battle royal and tag title matches were solid. I wasn't super impressed with Jeff Cobb but overall the match was still pretty good. He kinda reminded me of Rhyno. The cage match was fun and for the first time since TNA about 15 years ago, a regular cage match felt like a big deal. Hopefully AEW only uses the cage sparingly once or twice a year so it doesn't lose its specialness. I wasn't a huge fan of the design but I did love all the smoke they used when the cage was coming down. It made it feel like a huge deal. After seeing the cage match, I really want AEW to create their own match-type. My complaints every week seem to be that the main event is usually rushed and my only complaint from this show is that I wish they had another ten minutes for the main event. The match could've been five minutes longer and all the stuff post-match felt rushed and needed another five minutes as well. Cody just jumped off the cage and 30 seconds later he's already recovered and back at the top of the cage looking at MJF. And the camera has to cut away from that to show more replays. They should've showed all the replays while both wrestlers were on the ground and then when we go back live we see Cody get a pop for standing up for the first time and then we see him climb to the top of the cage again.
  12. So I'm just gonna say one more time that Journey To The Savage Planet was an absolutely wonderful game that would've easily been worth $60 even though it only cost $30. It look me 21 hours to 100% everything and I was left wanting more. Most games nowadays I'm grinding through horribly long campaigns while pausing to check to see how much time I have left. Awesome platforming that keeps getting more fun as you get new upgrades, hilarious, beautiful art style, fun scanning and cataloging everything. What a joy to play. This was probably the best non-sequel video game I've played since Spider-Man and probably the most fun I've had on a new game not based on an existing property since No Man's Sky. I highly recommend this game to everyone.
  13. I'm sure they look forward to him spending 10 games on IR.
  14. New album 'How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?' available May 1st....
  15. John Beilien fired as Cavs coach. JB Bickerstaff becomes interim coach.
  16. This is marginally better.
  17. Yeah this is a electric version that was made because of a kickstarter goal. Not gonna lie this song is one of my favorite Parabelle songs now. Love the heavier elements
  18. Saint EP out now...
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