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  2. 'Baptize' drops June 4, 2021. First single is "Warrior (feat. Travis Barker)" and should be online soon. 1. Strange Powers Of Prophecy 2. Baptize 3. Save Us 4. Underrated 5. Broken Again 6. Weed 7. Dead Weight 8. Catastrophe 9. Fucked Up 10. Sabotage Me 11. Untouchable (feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach) 12. No Matter What 13. Oblivion (feat. Matthew K. Heafy of Trivium) 14. Stay 15. Warrior (feat. Travis Barker of blink-182)
  3. New Elitist song.
  4. Last week
  5. This is a serious AOTY contender.
  6. J.J. Watt is an Arizona Cardinal.
  7. Thank you, I missed this.
  8. And now a new single after the album just dropped 6 months ago.
  9. Bodies out June 11th. Tracklist: Twisted Tongues Far Too Near Dulcería On Your Back Escape From Los Angeles Begging For Trouble Back From The Flesh Looking Tragic Death Of The Party No Eyes Tied To A Tree
  10. You could be correct, it would be their shortest song ever.
  11. Earlier
  12. Just looking at past release dates have been between mid Sept. or Oct. Otherwise a few in May which we won't hit. Just a wild stab in the dark.
  13. Dang and two features from Tech and Hopsin? I like!
  14. Album is 60% done.
  15. Probably the best of the three.
  16. Release Date: February 19, 2021 1. Babylon 2. Hostage 3. Jericho 4. Holy Water 5. Mission Control 6. Bury Me Alive 7. Atmosphere 8. Thrown In The Gutter 9. Renegade 10. Chemicals
  17. Dropped a new single w/ guest artists.
  18. I really hope someone will finally hold his ass accountable for something. McConnell saying plainly after acquitting him that he's guilty but that they didn't have the right in the Senate to do that was asinine. All 100 of them in that room were affected by those events and they're lucky it wasn't some smarter folks w/ arms attacking.
  19. delete me
  20. 6/10 for me. One of their key members left and you can feel something missing.
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