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  2. Hot damn! I was hoping it'd be released before next year. Hope they drop a music video.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Heaven is one of my favorite songs of the year. Its got some diverse sounds. Some songs sound like a heavier Imagine Dragons kinda.
  5. Some new music:
  6. Release Date: December 6, 2019 1. 1984 2. Hang Your Head 3. Plentiful World 4. Bread and Games 5. Blinders 6. Watch the Water
  7. Last week
  8. February 7, 2020, to be specific. I had forgotten about these guys. This is pretty good. Hope this is as good as the debut.
  9. @MikeDo you like Disney+ ? What have you watched on it so far?
  10. Been listening to this album heavy this week . Probably my favorite "new" band for this year.
  11. This song is probably the closest we will ever get to a Linkin Park style song. It could have easily been pulled off of Living Things
  12. That one has been stuck in my head almost every day since it came out. Cannot wait for this album.
  13. NF just released this one-off single today:
  14. Sevendust Eye Summer 2020 Album Release
  15. New Spiritbox tune.
  16. Lol No it’s autocorrect from my stupid phone and it was late.
  17. Their songs are all starting to run together. It's alright I guess...
  18. Yep, Civ. I actually ended up splurging on the DLC which hugely expands diplomacy (a UN-type world regulatory board can form and vote upon various things), natural disasters, climate change, etc. The depth of the game is just ridiculous. I'd say it's hard to learn in the sense that I've played about 25 hours in the last week, completing three or four civs, and have yet to win a game or really come all that close, but I certainly didn't have a hard time learning the mechanics of the game well enough to enjoy myself--the devil is in learning how to best strategize for both short-term and long-term. Plus even if you lose, you can keep playing indefinitely, so after I lost to Germany in the space race I just put everything into developing nukes to make them pay. Compared to something like Crusader Kings II, which I picked up a loooong time ago and gave up on pretty quickly, it's a walk in the park.
  19. I was on Spotify listening to one of those daily mixes they make for you based on your preferences and this came up and I was like yeah I like this quite a bit.
  20. new single
  21. New songs...
  22. This is some of the best stuff he's released since Megalithic Symphony. I'm really looking forward to this album!
  23. Earlier
  24. Congrats. Looking forward to hearing it.
  25. I don't see Shawn Spears being a main eventer but I think he's a solid addition to the roster as a mid-carder. The theme music, the entrance, the pairing with Tully Blanchard. I like it. Maybe some of his recent matches haven't been good cause he's been stuck in there with Joey Janela. Totally agree with you about Jericho. His work in AEW so far in my opinion is giving him a serious reason to be in discussion as the GOAT. I can only think of Hogan and Undertaker as wrestlers who have stayed relevant for this long while also reinventing themselves to great success. Jericho had a HOF-worthy career after his first WWE run, enhanced himself even more after his second WWE run, put himself in the discussion of being the GOAT after his final WWE run and when this run is done he might be the single greatest ever after continuing to do amazing things at 50. The true mark of a great heel...Jericho comes to the ring and always gets a pop but it takes him like two seconds on the mic to get people to boo him. I agree about Cody. If they're going to acknowledge this ridiculous nonsense with him never challenging for the title, he shouldn't be ranked. I don't get why they'd do this. They're either gonna go back on their word or Cody will never be champion, he can never be in a multi-person or singles title match and he'll basically never be in the main event again. It's so weird. Tony Khan was asked about the lack of women during the media scrum after Full Gear. The woman asking the questions must've not actually seen any of these AEW women's matches if she wants more of them. Riho is great (despite her measly stature making it look weird when she win). She's somehow gotten over despite not speaking English. Hikaru Shida is pretty good and it seems like they're building her up to be the next title challenger. Emi Sakura is okay. None of the other women do much for me. And I'm sick of people hyping up Awesome Kong. She hasn't been good since Gail Kim got done carrying her in 2008 in TNA. This woman named Mercedes Martinez wrestled at All Out in a battle royal and she was 10x better than everyone else in the ring. AEW should sign her. I totally agree about Scorpio Sky. I knew he was good in the ring but I was very surprised by how good he was on the mic last week. His interaction with Jericho was awesome. Once their tag title run is over, AEW needs to find a way to keep him as a face but break him off from SCU so he can go solo.
  26. I was a huge fan of Slaves w/ Craig but Prayers may be the best song they've released to date. Their new singer doesn't have the range of Craig but I think he fits their music style perfectly.
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