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  2. Same here, Lucas. It's going to be awesome.
  3. So this is pretty exciting...the Undertaker was spotted at an airport near where SummerSlam was taking place. When asked why he might have been there, Jerry Lawler said he was possibly getting scanned for a video game like others in WWE were that weekend. The exciting news...this video game wasn't a 2K game. Now if this was some goofy cartoony game, I don't imagine they'd need to scan the wrestlers if they weren't going for realistic graphics. So I'm hoping this is a much-needed new real wrestling game for people like me who don't like WWE 2K.
  4. EB Games in Australia is testing out a new service where you pay $20 a month (you can cancel anytime after two months) and you can rent any pre-owned game they have in stock. And you can rent as many games as you want over the month. It'd be even better if this isn't tied to one local store so you can check other EB Games stores to see if they have the game you want. In the interest of not losing business to digital purchases, I imagine this will eventually come to GameStop in the U.S. and I will be a very happy person when this happens. While GameFly has had surprisingly fast ship times in the two stints I've had it this year, I'd much rather just drive to GameStop, get my game and be home in 15 minutes instead of having to wait a few days for it.
  5. The Hardy Boyz vs. Ambrose/Rollins match on Raw was awesome. I know it's not fair to compare them cause they're a few years younger but I'm glad the Hardy's aren't all done like the Dudley Boyz were on their last run.
  6. The couple teasers are incredible. On the edge of my seat for this one.
  7. This has been so long overdue!! Cannot wait for this! Saw them here in Cincinnati on one of their last tours and it was just as good as I expected.
  8. Might be driving up to Des Moines to see them if they don't announce a winter leg to this tour that comes closer to St. Louis. Really looking forward to hearing Blue reimagined, but definitely wish Young Lonely was in the mix.
  9. Thanks! That was fantastic! It's so good to hear new stuff from these guys again. Even if it was half of the song.
  10. Bob Dylan once said "The times they are A-changin."
  11. This is great and can't wait for more !
  12. I fell asleep on this one ,I just Pledged on this and got the download, Bang Bang is Great!
  13. The song in the second teaser video is "Bang Bang"
  14. Damn those last two posts have got me so incredibly excited. I have to find a link for that song. If it sounds like a mixture of those two albums material, it could possibly be my AOTY as well.
  15. This isn't conclusive, but it seems like a pretty damn strong signal that they're going to continue making music. Posted yesterday 8/22/17 The "build the future of LP" really makes it seem like they're going to continue making music.
  16. I found a D/L for it's EPIC! It sounds a lot like the Page Avenue / ITWOD stuff which is fantastic!
  17. Yesterday
  18. I haven't seen anything official but there's a lot of buzz going around that Rusev and Lana asked for their release. EDIT: Apparently bullshit
  19. So I've got a question for you guys: is the cruiserweight division save-able? I was thinking, there's enough great talent in NXT that are ready for the main roster but wouldn't get pushed because of their size and likely get lost in the shuffle. All the current cruiserweights outside of Neville are established as total geeks to the audience, and can't get over because they only have other geeks to fight. If you brought up a bunch of guys, like.. - Hideo Itami - Andrade Almas - Johnny Gargano - Aleister Black - Oney Lorcan - Pete Dunne? - Tomasso Ciampa, eventually And presented them like stars (probably by just agreeing to let Triple H run the cruiserweight stuff), had them easily beat all the old cruiserweights, start letting them have long competitive matches on Raw, and promote that the division is getting revamped with this new wave of guys, I think you could pull it off. It's just a question of if you're willing to gamble a bunch of really strong talent's credibility on it. I also think cycling the top guys out every now and then and letting them have competitive feuds with upper-level Raw guys would help a lot. Maybe bring a Finn Balor in for a bit, send Neville out in exchange. Establish that they're on the same level in kayfabe as anyone else on the roster. This is all very idealistic thinking, which really has no place in anybdiscussion of WWE, but it's getting to the point where it makes no sense to continue investing in this whole show that they're not even trying to make a success. It seems like sooner or later they're gonna have to either double down or kill it.
  20. This absolutely just made my day. There's a preview up on Facebook, Instagram, and I assume Twitter. It sounds really damn good.
  21. Just objectively speaking here, isn't that kind of the whole point of the HOF celebration — the pomp and circumstance?
  22. That teaser sounds sick. This could be my AOTY for sure from the sounds of it. EDIT: Just found a download for "Bang Bang"! Can't wait to hear it. EDIT2: It's friggin' awesome!
  23. I liked the heck out of that song for sure. Man I'm pumped for the new album.
  24. Wow, this is way the fuck better than the first leak
  25. Good quality is out there! I'll dive in shortly
  26. So if you're a fan of excellent under-watched comedies, September is a hell of a month for you! 9/6: You're the Worst (Season 4 hour-long premiere) 9/8: Bojack Horseman (Season 4 release) 9/13: Broad City (Season 4 premiere) 9/14: Better Things (Season 4 premiere) 9/17: Vice Principals (Final Season premiere) Not included is Curb Your Enthusiasm, which ruins the double hat trick by waking up after September ends on 10/1.
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