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  2. Not bad. Anyone else want sushi now?
  3. And they just got a label change to Outerloop, too. Quick and easy.
  4. Pretty solid. Hoping for a new album although the subject matter makes me concerned.
  5. Spent an hour going to islands and had about five chests on our ship when some people came and sunk it. An hour wasted. Fuck this game. Getting as many achievements as I can and then I'm done.
  6. While I really enjoy "Psycho" I feel like the chorus has a lot of similar things that "The Great Divide" did in Dark Before Dawn.
  7. As long as it sounds like this, I'll be happy:
  8. Keith sucks, but I really like what Aaron has added to the band. His growls/screams are nice and his bass lines are actually much stronger than Mark's were.
  9. With songs and videos like that, he won't have to worry about the money or the fame. Quite disappointing, as Islander got off to an amazing start.
  10. I thought it was the blond-haired singer that quit, not the other guy. That's unfortunate, the other guy was better.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I'll take 11 songs over nothing. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, this should be coming out via Napalm Records. Cold, your move.
  13. New Islander
  14. Apologies. One of my favorite bands I ought to be ashamed!
  15. adds album to listening queue
  16. Full stream from YouTube.
  17. Release Date: May 25, 2018 1. Don't Look Away 2. Push Pull 3. More Beautiful 4. Head Over Heels 5. True Believer 6. Just Let Go (Who Cares If We Fall) 7. Better Left Unsaid 8. We Don't Need The World 9. Buzzkill (Before You Say Goodbye) 10. Fallen Star 11. There Will Never Be Another A six year wait for eleven songs. Hmm. Hopefully we'll get a single soon to see what we have to look forward to.
  18. I’m excited to listen to this. I miss letlive. as well. I hope to catch these guys live, and hope they are as good as ll was.
  19. Don't like "Say Amen" as much as I liked most of DOAB but "(Fuck A) Silver Lining" is damn excellent. Looking forward to this
  20. Just came to say this. Relic can edit the original post to fix.
  21. Underoath, obv. Now that DGD is announced, that too. The new Now Now record is slowly creeping up there though, all the singles released so far have been great
  22. it's early, but I think I already have a frontrunner for my AOTY race. Some gnarly Dillinger/ETID/early letlive type stuff with a ton of hard rock and southern rock influence. Saw them open for Norma Jean the other night and they completely blew my mind. @Ruiner @Andrew @Lucas y'all would probably like this!
  23. I like all of the songs on this except the one with Yelawolf. I still miss ll. with all my heart but I think I prefer this slightly to the last ll. album
  24. The title is actually “Artificial Selection” And my body is ready for this.
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