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  2. They post songs snippets each day on their facebook and twitter accounts, if anyone is interested.
  3. Starset Jr. up in here.
  4. Today
  5. I doubt they'd spoil that in a trailer and they've made clear in interviews they want this property to stand on its own. Also making a movie with a dominantly black cast and using a white hero to help promote it would not be a good look.
  6. Yeah, there's just two seasons. They actually filmed it all at once but delayed the second/final season a year before it came out. I think you're right, I felt something similar - the show has so much potential and I was hoping it'd be a little better, but it's a "good not great" show. Still gonna watch it til the end, though.
  7. Spencer Sotelo dropped another song from his side project, ENDUR. Album comes out on the 27th.
  8. All we need is one more vote.
  9. Draymond Green also injured tonight. Not a good day for Dubs fan.
  10. Maybe because it was, in fact, a fractured ankle.
  11. Do you mean the people posting here, or the meaningless consensus of other people on the internet? Because if it's the latter, I'm shocked it took you this long to come to the consensus that a music site with no front page and a board with 20 members has no footprint on the music world.
  12. In a just world Night Verses would have smote FATN with a mighty blow
  13. Bucky, Cap
  14. Astros, don't choke like the Indians. I know you're intimidated.
  15. Hayward got voodoo cursed by Jazz fans, I believe. Hope he'll be back.
  16. What cameos would there be? And even more, if there were, why would Marvel show it in a trailer?
  17. How come when I googled it it said nothing about a broken leg it says broken ankle or fractured ankle
  18. In fact, being real, if we had this tournament five years ago, I think it's even more likely Alter Bridge would've beat Avenged.
  19. In what context? We're still posting here, and I seriously doubt anyone who left did so because Avenged can't win a tournament.
  20. It means that I don't really think people care about this site anymore.
  21. Haven't been watching a ton of NBA, but, saw this news.. my goodness.. that's so terrible. Especially for Celtics fans who had so much hope.
  22. What does this even mean?
  23. I didn't notice any cameos in there.
  24. You stick From Ashes to New in a MM2000 tournament and I'd vote for it winning. It's a dated sound and I feel like people just are enjoying it for the nostalgia factor. As for this tournament I agree with Rainbow, the A7X album should have won. This, along with the severe lack of activity on here, just goes to show how seriously people take this site.
  25. My god that was a horrible horrible scene. Kevin Harlan said it best, and just like that the season can change.
  26. Five minutes into the season and Gordon Hayward absolutely just broke his leg. Awful.
  27. Yesterday
  28. If Spit Out the Bone was the only track on the record I'd vote for it before most any other band in this tournament.
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