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  2. So the clunky Xbox app is getting a beautiful redesign and one awesome feature is that it will allow you to install games even if you don't own them. So you can install a game you don't own in the morning, go to the store after work to buy a physical copy of that game and then when you come home you can just put the disc in and immediately start playing. I think the update is already available on Android and it will be coming to iOS soon.
  3. This isn't even the case. Miles Morales is being sold on its own for $50, which is $20 cheaper than next-gen prices. They're not forcing anyone to buy Spider-Man 1 again. The version with SM1 included is full-priced at $70. So you're paying $20 for a remastered version which sounds good to me. A few weeks ago I paid $40 for the Kingdoms of Amalur remaster that basically has identical graphics as it did 8 years ago.
  4. Also, I was confused so I looked into this whole Spider-Man business. My take is that Sony recognizes Miles Morales as its premier launch title, but since it's basically a beefed up story DLC for the first game, they're reluctant to push it out on its own. So, they figure they'll just bundle it with the remastered first game for launch and sell it for full price. As far as I can tell, 'free upgrades' applies to games that feature both a current-gen and new-gen release. So Sony's bullshitting their way out of charging extra to upgrade Spider-Man is to just not release the game standalone at all. It's fuckin dumb but I seriously cannot imagine being genuinely upset about it.
  5. Again, these are three massive, soulless corporations. They're only going to adopt a consumer-friendly mindset when it helps their brand. Getting behind one as the 'good guys' is and always will be stupid, so I'm not sure why you're so miffed about this. Everyone here thinks Game Pass is awesome. Upgrading games for free is awesome. Buuuuut only one of these systems will let me play Demon's Souls, so that one wins for me. And with Game Pass available for PC, it feels like a no-brainer.
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  7. I also want to touch on this since I've experienced it: People will absolutely notice Ray Tracing. It's insane what that can do for a game when implemented properly.
  8. I'd be okay if Nintendo did this as well. I'd love to have Mario, Zelda, etc. on PS5 or PC. Nintendo ALMOST did it with Super Mario 64, in that they were developing a PC port.
  9. I would love for Nintendo to take this approach. Switch is a cool concept but there really hasn't been a need for a Nintendo console since N64. All their consoles since have been sorta pointless as Xbox has been the primary competition for PlayStation. Nintendo have spent 20 years trying to justify their existence in the console space just because they happen to be the world's best game developers. They don't need to have a console to release their games. They're stubborn.
  10. Idk about Halo or Fable but possibly Forza. The GT series doesn't seen to have the standing it once had so I could see them putting it on PS5 to take advantage of a lacking market. The thing with ES and Fallout though is those are established brands with plenty of people that want to play them. Like you said it's cutting off revenue. That's why I think they do that with those games. It's either incentive to get game pass or buy a game at full price. Either way they get the money. The only thing is the more money Microsoft makes through game pass the more they put into it. If I were a Sony fanboy I think I would still get an Xbox just for game pass. Don't even worry about live just do game pass and play the single player games. Probably make your money back in a year or 2
  11. I can absolutely see a future where Xbox actually does something like this. They've consistently dipped into the publishing on other platforms waters with Ori and Minecraft. Whatever brings them the most revenue is something they'll explore.
  12. The kinect thing was dumb but their thought process on used games was definitely not far off. We are at a point now where they were definitely on to something just a little too early. I mean this new generation proves it, digital is the way to go now used games are fading away.
  13. So I'd like to advise everyone to NOT play the Kingdoms of Amalur remaster. It was an amazing game that I adored back in the day but I don't think it has aged too well, unfortunately. Microsoft is only the good guy because they're in last place. When they were the top dog following Xbox 360, they forced everyone to spent $100 on Kinect and were about to force everyone to buy a console that couldn't play used games. I will say that it amazes me that Nintendo has gamers across the world duped with this fake lovable image when they're probably more cold-hearted than EA who everyone likes to pick on. Just look at this Mario 3D game of theirs for example...only available for a limited time in order to drum up sales, no Pro controller support for Galaxy, full $60 price for three old games where the graphics have barely improved, doesn't include Galaxy 2, 3D World or 3D Land.
  14. Disappointing it's not new music, but the live concert thing will be cool. Some nice nostalgia; I enjoy all those albums.
  15. That wasn't the point of what I said. My point was Microsoft is doing all these upgrades for free. So whether you see or use them or not they are available. Sony said they were gonna make them free and then the first thing they do is make one of their most popular games locked behind a huge paywall. So it's 70 bucks plus whatever the upgrade is just to be able to play an upgraded version of a game that they said you would get for free. I'm very confused how you guys don't seem to grasp how fucked up that is.
  16. I bought a 4K TV earlier this summer...native 4K, 120Hz, 2.1 HDMI blah blah blah. I'm going all in on next-gen. Do you honestly believe me or 99% of people will even be able to tell what the fuck ray tracing or any of these other next-gen buzzwords are? Most people will notice going from 1080p to 4K and going from 30 to 60 FPS but I doubt the average consumer is gonna notice something like native 4K on XSX vs. upscaled 4K on XSS or any of these other upgrades.
  17. Which is weird. Sony goes back on their word so often it's ridiculous. You would think they would have this whole understand what the consumer wants thing down by now. Which is why I will never understand why Xbox is so far behind Nintendo and Sony because they have the pro consumer thing nailed.
  18. Also, don't forget that the only console you could get No Man's Sky on for a few years was PS4. I know it seems like the majority of gamers nowadays play on PC in addition to consoles but I don't and NMS was absolutely a game that I would've bought a PS4 for if I didn't already own it. If Sony kept their word, I wouldn't have a PS5 pre-order right now.
  19. I think you are missing the point. Sony literally said they wanted their games to have free upgrades just like what Microsoft is doing. That means framerates, resolution, ray tracing all of it. To come out and say that, and then turn around and make one of your most popular games require a purchase of a different game and then pay to get the upgrade is very sketchy to me. You aren't wrong that most people getting Miles Morales probably won't notice it. But some people will want to play that upgraded Spiderman game and have no way to do so without buying the new spiderman game. That is a real bull shit move. I don't know how you can say it's a non issue for you when it directly effects you. Maybe you don't want to buy Miles Morales right away but would like to play the old spiderman with some enhancements. Oh wait you can't. So yes, it is an issue. They are forcing you to buy a game to play a different game.
  20. I'm not interested in defending Sony, they're a soulless corporation that exists to turn a profit. As a consumer, however, this is a non-issue for me. You van still play an upscaled version of your Spider-Man PS4 copy, correct? That's already a huge improvement over having to drop 50-60 dollars to play games like The Last of Us, GTA, and Skyrim on PS4 *at all*. And if you're still playing Spider-Man on the PS5, I assume you're already planning on buying Miles Morales anyway. I just feel like you're having an argument where there's nobody is actually on the other side of it. Everybody is just getting what works for them and not fretting about goofy shit like Horizon getting a PS4 release. How could I possibly have the energy to care about that? I'm just trying to play video games, dude. Same goes for Nintendo's absurd software pricing. It is what it is. Re: exclusives, sure, not many people are playing all of those games. I sure as hell didn't. That's the point. There is such a wide and diverse selection that whatever your cup of tea is, there's likely something can't miss. As Mike says, exclusives sell systems. I don't care about being able to play a lot of games for little money, I want to pay specific games and I can only play them on one of these machines.
  21. It's definitely about money. It's a joke that it even needs a remaster edition to begin with but to make it a paid for upgrade to a new game is ridiculous. Especially when their competition is doing free upgrades on every game and Sony themselves said they wanted to free upgrades for games. But then don't for their own exclusives? I don't even know how anyone defends sony in this situation
  22. I mean, you can get the update for Miles Morales for free. I imagine the remastered original game is an exception because it's technically not a launch title and also because money.
  23. Because that's what xbox is doing. And Sony said they were pushing for? But then again Sony hasn't kept their word on anything with the ps5
  24. The point being that it's a bonus for the ultimate version of the Miles Morales game. I don't know why people would expect getting the update for free. I mean, I know that happens a lot on PC, but I don't typically expect it.
  25. I mean, it comes with the Miles Morales game. You can't get it by itself, as far as I know.
  26. So i looked it up holy shit is worse than I thought. You can't upgrade spiderman ps4 to ps5. It's backwards compatible but no upgrade. It's only available if you buy spiderman miles morales and then buy the remastered spiderman. So you have to buy a game, to buy a remastered version of a game that shouldn't need a remastered version. Wow
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