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  2. Little album update
  3. Spinning it on Spotify right now. Will probably take a few listens before I can post standouts, but I'm digging it! Definitely love Maeve, with that slower bluesy sound.
  4. So I looked up this story. Theres a lot of people saying his mom is a scammer. So I dont know who to really believe. He got over $300,000 raised for him.
  5. For fucks sake man the singer for trapt really needs to learn to shut his mouth.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I think the countries that were are closest to wouldn't care about a gay president but bet your ass the countries we need to appease (Russia, North Korea, middle east) would take their shots at him.
  8. You just have to know it would come up though. He may not have a political opinion about gay marriage, he's never been an evangelist type who are the main proponents of that mentality. But he'd feel the need to come up with some sophomoric insult the same way he does with everyone else, and that's the only low hanging fruit he's got to grasp at. In 2020 it would absolutely backfire, though, because the second it came up, his base would latch onto it because they're the types who feel that world leaders wouldn't respect a gay president (this is straight from my dad's mouth). Honestly, everyone is talking about how Trump is the favorite because democrats aren't good at politics and the impeachment failed, which is valid, but I really feel like anti-Trump sentiment alone should be enough to determine the election as long as someone somewhat electable is put forth. In that respect, Buttigeig is absolutely the safest bet, and it's my one reservation about Warren somewhat and especially Bernie, is that socialism is still a boogie word for a LOT of older voters. Because otherwise, I think your average moderate voter is probably more than anything sick of the Trump news cycle and want it to end. Like if I was generally an apolitical person, that's what my stance would be.
  9. I think stripping them of the title would be absolutely ridiculous. Everyone knew they won it. Are they gonna remove videos from YouTube and pretend it never happened? It's pointless. Removing a World Series champion would've been a bigger black mark on MLB than the Astros. I think the fine was dumb. There should've been no fine. Fining a billionaire $5 million is like fining me or you $10. They should've probably lost every one of their draft picks for a year or two. They also should've put the Astros under a hard salary cap for a year or two and they aren't allowing to go over it. So competing teams like the Yankees and dodgers could spend to their heart's content but the Astros would be limited with what they could do.
  10. Fuck the Packers!
  11. I miss the days when we ran Music Madness, me being the showrunner and you being the man behind the scenes. Good times. Glad to see that you have not been et by a Grue.
  12. You know, steroids doesn’t bother me near as much as this did. I think Alex Wood nailed it about that point: To me the problem is the punishment was bullshit. The MLB and the Astros are just trying to brush this under the rug without making a scene and it backfired majorly. First they didn't want to actually investigate it, then when they finally did people are saying it wasn't a thorough investigation and then the punishment was abysmal. If they got the punishment right it would have eventually gone away, but nope, it was a slap on the wrist. Like really, one year suspensions for the manager and GM, a $5m fine and 4 draft picks? That’s nothing. Any club would pay that for a WS win. I think play immunity is a shame, but it makes sense. A longer suspension or ban would have been nice, but I think the big thing is they needed to strip the Astros of the title. Strip them of their title and suddenly I think players and opposing fans are a lot happier with the punishment.
  13. I could see buttigieg beating trump just because I feel his sexuality could be considered a big draw. People would probably vote for him just to see trump beat by a gay guy. Although I can't recall trump really being anti gay but I could be wrong about that. Looked it up. Apparently it's the 1 issue he doesn't have an opinion about
  14. So, how about those Dem debates? It's been kind of a wash up until this point and generally I'm strongly anti-bickering and attacks in presidential debates, but I can't pretend it wasn't very satisfying to see everyone (my candidate Warren especially) demolish that dink Bloomberg from every possible angle while he stammers and stumbles over his obviously rehearsed defenses. Also cool that Biden has dropped off so hard, because that is someone I really did not trust to beat Trump or inspiring much enthusiasm from anybody. Ranking the remaining candidates for my tastes: 1. Elizabeth Warren: her and Bernie are, on the policy front, seemingly interchangeable in many ways and assuming Bernie wins the nomination like he's currently on track to do, I wouldn't be shocked at all if she's made his running mate. She seems a lot more like she has her shit figured out than Bernie (or any of the other candidates), and is sharp and intelligent and when she's no concerned about toeing the line (like in previous debates) she has no problem shutting bullshit down instead of parroting the same talking points. I think her and Bernie would make a hell of a duo in a general, with Bernie's name recognition from his previous campaign and ability to connect with youth and minority voters combined with Warren's quick wit and attention to detail (not to mention, being the first female VP would be good for the country). 2. Bernie Sanders: I never figured he'd make it this far in a second campaign and have to give him credit that he's dethroned Biden to become the frontrunner. He's still a bit... cartoonish for my tastes much of the time, but I still agree with most of what he has to say and would gladly take someone prepared to actually injected some honest, truly progressive values into the US government for the first time in like 50 years. 3. Pete Buttigeig: Easily the best of the moderate candidates, the dude comes across as quick-witted on stage and is very effective at confidently getting his points across. His background is certainly a big help, and it's easy to see him clowning Trump on the general stage, because unlike the rest of the candidates, I'm not aware of any baggage for Trump to latch onto to fire up his base. Hilary had the emails and a bunch of other shit, Bernie's got the 'socialism' boogie word, Warren has the Native American heritage controversy (along with what could be easily framed as 'radical' liberal ideals), Klobuchar has a spotty track record, Joe Biden is Joe Biden, and Bloomberg got exposed from like four different angles on Wednesday. Buttigeig's an articulate Iraq veteran with non-offensive, moderate policy proposals. The only angle I can (sadly) see Trump taking is his sexuality, which I would think would backfire among literally everyone who isn't firmly in Trump's existing base. 4. Amy Klobuchar: meh 5. Joe Biden: dude has the background and the fact that he isn't the frontrunner speaks volumes to how ineffective of a candidate he's been. Does nothing but clumsily lean on his time with Obama, stumble over his words, and come across as the guy who's playing it safe with no real vision for the presidency. Glad he's fallen off so much. 6. Michael Bloomberg: what is there to say? The last thing the party needs is to put forth another incomprehensibly wealthy asshole, especially when he's running specifically to ensure the candidates campaigning strongly on dissipating wealth inequality don't make it in. I'd grit my teeth and vote for him strictly to get Trump out of office, but there are plenty who surely wouldn't.
  15. Oh shit!
  16. New Biffy Clyro.
  17. 😳😳😳
  18. I felt like I was being trolled on say you ever until it stopped and i realized out was just an intro. I thought I accidentally clicked on a kanye west song
  19. New Dropout Kings....
  20. New Dance Gavin Dance...... New album 'Afterburner' - out April 24th
  21. Hey strangers in this scary wasteland, I'm just dropping by to say hi and hope ya'll are doing great. Nixon posted up his fancy new album and it made me think of the good ole TuneLab days, so had to come searching to see if anyone was still around and say hi.
  22. New Currents.
  24. Last week
  25. New single from Solence despite just putting out their album a few months back. If you haven't heard that and like this then you should check it out.
  26. New song from The Naked and Famous.
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