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  2. I didnt listen to any Beach Boys growing up but as a metal fan, Aerosmith and Kiss were a big influence on metal bands. Certain albums from them however cuz they have their share of stinkers. Blue Oyster Cult is good too. Very underrated.
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  4. So once again my co-workers and I have been discussing music. We have been talking about the influence that both England and the US have had regarding music and were trying to figure out the best band from each country. While the best band from England usually comes down to The Beatles, Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin (my personal choice), the best band from America is a lot more difficult. I think that The Beach Boys have had the most influence and are most popular but I am curious to know what you guys think.
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  6. I really disagree. You can argue Croatia had the better first half but they had no answer for France after halftime. You could see France was pressing way better even with a one goal advantage when they could have played defensively, and they barely gave Croatia any good looks at all. It's telling that their only goal of the second half came off a keeper miscue and not a defense breakdown. France played the way they did the entire tournament, absolutely stifling defense. To be honest I thought they were heavy favorites after the round of 16 and never changed my mind. They looked head and shoulders above the field for most of the tournament, but maybe it just wasn't flashy enough. They played incredible fundamental soccer.
  7. Croatia put in the better performance for like 75-80% of the final. They really started to deflate after Mbappe's goal. I honestly didn't think France looked as good as they should have throughout the tournament. Maybe I had higher expectations of them or maybe the teams they beat like Uruguay, Argentina and Belgium all looked worse which made France look better.
  8. I will say it's better than likely anything off of "Evolve," but I still think it's mediocre at best. I just haven't really gotten into them much since the "Smoke & Mirrors" era was done. I can't stand the shouting of the chorus as they do with many of their songs.
  9. It's doubtful that it's from a new album since Evolve just came out last year and they're still touring behind it for the rest of the year.
  10. This is really good. It reminds me of their stuff off of Night Visions. Do we know if this is a one time single or from a new album?
  11. New one-off single it seems. I like it!
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  13. I was gonna say France was without a doubt the best team of the elimination rounds.
  14. lol I dunno how you say this about a team that won by two and it would've been three if not for a simple mental lapse. France wasn't on point in the first 45 and still led 2-1. They dominated the second half. Absolutely the best team on the field today, though Croatia played their hearts out.
  15. I decided to check out the last couple matches of this PPV because they sounded like they could be exciting. Never again. I've only been tuning in to PPVs watch certain matches out of hopeful curiosity, if that, for a long while now, but I'm not even wasting my time doing that anymore.
  16. I know that things could have been different if different teams were in the tournament...but could the US have done some damage if they were in this tournament? Honestly, I think so. France was definitely not the best team today, or most of the tournament, but they got goals when they needed to. This was probably the most entertaining World Cup ever. Parity, drama, great play...what else could you want?
  17. Defy in Seattle regularly holds shows with cards that run circles around these with 25 dollar GA standing. Indie shows aren't expensive unless you're trying to go to something like PWG.
  18. It does look dire but if you're only spending 20 bucks for a general admission seat its not so bad. If youre obsessed with the best seats and meeting the stars you gotta pay a lot more which seems fair I guess.
  19. Those cards look absolutely dire
  20. So I got hit up by someone and was asked if I wanted to go to this . I normally dont care about indie wrestling and would only go for nostalgia reasons. Have no interest in autographs and meet n greet cash grab stuff cuz Im not fanboy. Would just be interesting in mulling around and checking out the atmosphere. Also would have no clue who some of the younger guys are since I stopped following wrestling over 10 years ago so that part would suck for me.
  21. My Ticket Home just covered one of my favorite NIN Fragile tunes.
  22. I got you pen ol' pal: Now I will say that while I haven't listened to it yet, historically my biggest barrier to entry with Deafheaven, who I think are an excellent band, has been the vocals, though for a slightly different reason. I don't mind screaming or indiscernible lyrics, but the black metal style of vocal that is less akin to a human scream and more a beastly growl, gives me a hard time connecting. It's harsh and ugly sounding, but it also lacks that human element that comes with higher register screaming. I've had similar issues with Opeth and some other bands. But what makes them such an anomaly is, as you said, the music itself. They're kind of like Dillinger in that they're a band that brings about this strange crossover between fans of extreme genres and alt nerds like me. With DEP it's mathy rhythm and jazziness, with Deafheaven it's the shoegaze-esque ethereal guitars and walls of sound. It's a growing trend, and it's really cool seeing these closed off niche genres experimenting and getting recognition outside of their bubble.
  23. DEAFHEAVEN // 'ORDINARY CORRUPT HUMAN LOVE' // 7-13-18 // shoegaze-black metal // sargent house 1. "You Without End" 2. "Honeycomb" 3. "Canary Yellow" 4. "Near" 5. "Glint" 6. "Night People" 7. "Worthless Animal"
  24. I didn't want to create an album thread as I don't feel it's really my place, but I did want to comment that I decided to listen to some of this album and I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like it. Normally I'm turned off by albums where I can't understand the vocals because they're being screamed at me, but the music backing up the words is so ornate and beautiful that I can't help but still enjoy it, and quite frankly, the screamed vocals compliments it. I'm surprised I'm enjoying it as much as I am.
  25. I watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space over the weekend on tv for the umpteenth time. It came out in 1988 so this year is actually the 30th anniversary and it did get a new BluRay a few months ago. This is a sci fi classic, folks. Yes it did have a low budget for its time but what they were able to do FX wise with it was absolutely amazing. Its a highly entertaining film. Its one of those rare PG-13 movies that feels like a R rated movie. They really did push the PG-13 rating and got away with a lot. Horror-comedy is a tough genre to get right but they totally got it right, here. You can bash it as cheesy all you want but its fun and entertaining and it delivers what it set out to do. A potential sequel never materialized but I wouldnt be shocked if there was a remake eventually.
  26. So the xbox game pass has become one of my best investments over the past few months. They have had several great titles that have been added like Warhammer Vermintide 2, Oblivion, State of Decay and Shadow Complex remastered. Warhammer was an awesome surprise game for me, its a blast with friends. If you liked Left for Dead you'll love it.
  27. Same old story for many bands, sadly.
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