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  3. Heard both of In Flames new singles today on XM.  “I Am Above” was good, but “(This is Our) House” was pretty cringe worthy.  It did have some sweet sounding guitars in the pre chorus, almost like something from A Sense of Purpose. 

  4. Teaser Posted.
  5. That’s a good cover. What a fake video though lol
  6. We're here again! I'll kick off all the retrospect with a handy playlist I made in remembrance of all the great live sets I saw this year in mostly chronological order.
  7. Last week
  8. They got my hopes up back when they were posting studio pics. also isn’t this a shot from the movie 8mm
  9. This has to mean something, let's see friday maybe
  10. New Raven Age out March 8th, 1. Bloom of the Poison Seed 2. Betrayal of the Mind 3. Fleur De Lis 4. The Day the World Stood Still 5. Stigmata 6. Surrogate 7. Seventh Heaven 8. Forgotten World 9. The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships 10. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 11. Scimitar 12. Grave of the Fireflies
  11. Don’t give me a heart attack. I don’t think we will ever get another crosses album but we can hope
  12. Both Deftones and Crosses in 2019? Yes!
  13. They changed their cover photo today. Last activity was 3/21/2016. I'm not sure if that means anything.
  14. Oh Netflix produces waaaaaaay too much content. It's just that the metric used to measure a show's value to the network doesn't seem like one that encourages high quality programming but instead the ability to attract people who will keep the service no matter what. It's like if AMC judged its shows based on whether the viewers it attracted fell asleep while they were watching so the infomercials afterward got higher viewership. Even assuming it's financially sound decision-making in the short term, it's pretty clear I'm not the viewer they're after.
  15. There's a fine line between integrity and stubbornness. Compromise doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Anyway, I've read in a Forbes article recently that Netflix has kind of been shooting themselves in the foot lately with all the content they've been funding, as they're not exactly profitable as of yet and the value of shares has been going steadily down with expectations for further decline once Disney releases their streaming service. I hate to say it, but under those circumstances I understand why Netflix has to be tough on the content that it puts out.
  16. McCutchen signs with the Phillies. NL East gets competitive.
  17. Video drops this Friday 12/14. Someone on reddit tracked down the actor who played the father in the music videos and it listed Tourniquet way way back when as one. Guess this 100% confirms that. Announcement, along with North American headlining dates announcement, the dates and cities are complete buns. More like, northern midwest dates.
  18. Can't wait to see the final music video! I already want new music lol.. Hoping they will come to europe again next year!
  19. It looks like "Tourniquet" will be single #3. I thought "Feed The Wolf" or "Blood" would have been a great single choice but "Tourniquet" will do just fine.
  20. I’m really loving new one from The 1975.
  21. Business was booming in WCW as they gave away their most memorable stuff on free TV during their prime. Goldberg vs. Hogan took place on Nitro and then six days later they still had their best selling PPV ever. They didn't go out of business because of giving away stuff on Nitro.
  22. I think this makes more sense with WCW (which was a show) than with my original thing (Netflix, which makes many different shows). But even then it's a weird thing. I don't want to see something I feel strongly about compromised artistically to keep itself alive, I'd rather it die with integrity.
  23. And now WCW is out of business. Casual followers care about the bottom line because they want to see their favorite product do well and not just snuff itself out with bad ideas.
  24. Reminds me of wrestling fans... "WCW sucks because they give too much stuff away for free on TV."
  25. This isnt new but I just discovered it so I figured Id post it. No idea why this went so under the radar. Industrial metal.
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