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  2. Not sure where to put this, it's music. It's a movie parody too, just thought it was funny. If it's already been posted, I'm sorry.
  3. Trust me, it's a good one.
  4. Beartooth's my #1 reason I'm going to Mountain View. Other reasons: Fit For a King, Silent Planet, blessthefall, Dance Gavin Dance, Carnifex, Hatebreed, Sylar, Memphis May Fire, I Prevail, Our Last Night, Silverstein, Sick of It All, The Acacia Strain, Fire From the Gods...could I add more?
  5. I really want to see Neck Deep, so I'm gonna hit this up for sure this year. Not to mention Trophy Eyes, Boston Manor, the White Noise, I Prevail, Beartooth....and plenty more.
  6. Alright... starting now, we've got a week for this and then Paul's up.
  7. They're apparently working on their first album in forever so there might be hope yet.
  8. I completely forgot about this. I'll give it a listen tomorrow.
  9. Album 'Empowering Life' available April 14th on Victory Records.
  10. Daisyhead's 2nd album 'In Case You MIssed It' out April 28th. For fans of Balance and Composure and Moose Blood.
  11. Jesus, guys. I've got my laptop up and running--you wanna give this another shot or should we just call it? @pen @xeph @Andrew @Green Baron @Paul @American_Idiot
  12. This is one of their best lineups in years. GWAR, Alestorm, and Goldfinger alone make this worth it. Although I'm kind of disappointed that Goldfinger isn't gonna be at the stop closest to me. When in the hell am I gonna get another chance to see them?
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  14. My question is, how did you get that picture to post on here? Every time I try to post an image it says it's "exceeded the size limit"
  15. Another cover of Rebel Yell, eh?
  16. After almost 2 weeks of hunting, I finally got a Switch this afternoon. So far, I love this thing.
  17. June release 01. King Of The Ring 02. We The People 03. The Killer's Inside 04. Bleeding Hands 05. Chasing Dragons 06. Til The Head Explodes 07. What You're Made Of 08. Raise 'Em Up 09. Ignorance & Greed 10. Blind Leading The Blind 11. Violent State Of Mind 12. Lords Of Thunder 13. Rebel Yell
  18. TWIST My good friend bought the game digitally so I just got it off of his account. I think I've completed the prologue by now. Nothing so far I feel especially critical of--I'm not blown away by any means, but these games always take their sweet time getting going and I haven't seen anything to suggest that it won't deliver when the time comes to. The animations and stuff are janky as hell but it really doesn't bother me. I was curious how it would affect the experience, and at the end of the day, my feeling is... it's a fuckin' video game, who cares? It'd look fake even if the animations were good. Skyrim had way more intrusive graphical issues and they didn't bother me either. My main thing so far: is it just selective memory I'm having, or did these games always have shitty dialogue?
  19. You know what's wrong with this country? Bands getting their stuff stolen. First Fit For a King and Islander. Now Blessthefall? That makes me sick.

    1. RainbowDragon


      Dont leave the van unlocked ?

    2. Tilley


      People suck.  You shouldn't mess with stuff that someone makes their living with.  

      Not too long ago in Houston area, people were going to work at one of the plants there and came out to have their vehicles missing.  These guys were targeted while they were working, that's some low shit.  Also, the motel we stayed at someone kept vandalizing and breaking into vehicles.  One guy I know had his tool box stolen out of a locked truck and another guy had someone randomly deflate his tires and unscrew his lug nuts.  

  20. I thought that since Iron Fist came out and we have Defenders and Punisher on the way this year, not to mention other shows like Runaways and Cloak And Dagger in the pipeline, it might be nice to just have a thread devoted to discussing all this goodness, especially since all the shows are connected. Hence this thread, which can be used for anything related to the MCU on the small screen. I also finished Iron Fist yesterday, and now that I've had a chance to sit with the material, I thought I might take time out to share my thoughts. I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum at first, but eventually I'll outline my complete thoughts under a spoiler tab. First, just my overall thoughts. I believe Iron Fist is a good show, and worth watching. It is not a perfect show, and I will concede there are some scenes that could have been done better, and some missed opportunities here and there, but I haven't found anything in the show that's irritated me like the annoying neighbors in Jessica Jones or the Black Sky nonsense in Daredevil Season 2, which I forgave of those shows because everything else was so good. I will concede this may be the weakest of the Netflix shows so far, but that's not the same as saying it's not good. I strongly advise anyone going into it to try to give as many episodes a chance as possible as a lot of newer reviewers have admitted that the show progressively gets better and while people criticized Daredevil Season 2 and Luke Cage of being top heavy, Iron Fist may have the opposite issue. If anyone watching the first episode likes it right off the bat, then I think you'll be satisfied by the end. Second, and I don't think it's really spoilers to say this, but unfortunately we do not see the mythical city of K'un-Lun or Shao Lao The Undying in the show beyond a few scant snowy mountain scenes and some brief hints of the latter. This means a lot of the time the show has to tell rather than show, and I know that's a bummer, but I fully believe that has more to do with budget limitations than anything else, and the show does what it can with what it has. I don't think it hurts the show in the long run, and I'd rather they not show those things if doing so would have to be done awkwardly. With that out of the way, now to divulge my specific thoughts, which I will put behind a spoiler wall because spoilers galore.
  21. New Gideon. Cold is out 5.12.
  22. I'm glad they clarified how that guy was connected and why they were targeting him. Loved the Martha cameo too.
  23. Last week
  24. New Hell of Highwater (Brandon from Atreyu's side project). VISTA out May 19th:
  25. If they didn't vote for them now, they probably wouldn't vote for them later.
  26. Actually, the physical copy adds two previously released b-sides and three covers for a total of 13 tracks. Savvy move or dick move? You decide.
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