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  2. Hot damn! I was hoping it'd be released before next year. Hope they drop a music video.
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  4. Far Away is out tomorrow 6/12 :-) Can't wait to hear it
  5. Heaven is one of my favorite songs of the year. Its got some diverse sounds. Some songs sound like a heavier Imagine Dragons kinda.
  6. Some new music:
  7. Release Date: December 6, 2019 1. 1984 2. Hang Your Head 3. Plentiful World 4. Bread and Games 5. Blinders 6. Watch the Water
  8. Last week
  9. February 7, 2020, to be specific. I had forgotten about these guys. This is pretty good. Hope this is as good as the debut.
  10. This is an alt metal band from Sweden I've followed for several years; they also have done several cover songs sort of like Our Last Night does. Can't believe they've never been discussed here (except maybe one random mention on a random thread years ago from what I can find). This album rocks and has some very catchy stuff and that doesn't happen a lot lately for me. My favorites are definitely "Heaven" and "In the Dark" after first listen.
  11. Release Date: November 28, 2019 1. Brothers 2. Heaven 3. Spit It Out 4. Heavy Rain 5. Death Do Us Part 6. Pump More Life 7. Load 8. In the Dark 9. Breaking the Silence 10. Empire of the Sun 11. Serenade 12. Ghosts 13. Wish I Wasn't Me
  12. @MikeDo you like Disney+ ? What have you watched on it so far?
  13. Been listening to this album heavy this week . Probably my favorite "new" band for this year.
  14. This song is probably the closest we will ever get to a Linkin Park style song. It could have easily been pulled off of Living Things
  15. That one has been stuck in my head almost every day since it came out. Cannot wait for this album.
  16. Just finished the final season of The Man in the High Castle. What a really weird show this was. Season 1 showed a lot of potential but then seasons 2 and 3 weren't that good and I was about to quit watching but they announced season 4 was the final season so I figured I'd stick with it for one more year and then season 4 ends up like The Americans and saves its best season for last. You can really tell there were different showrunners every year because the quality fluctuated, major characters were removed from the show and replaced and it felt like a different show than it was in the beginning which felt like it was 10 seasons ago. Overall I was happy I stuck with it because the final season was so good. Also, John Smith is easily one of the greatest TV villains I've ever seen. Unfortunately some of the goodwill they accrued during the final season was ruined during the final two minutes of the last episode when they fall into the same trap that so many other shows fall into when instead of simply giving people a satisfying conclusion, they try to outsmart the audience with some ambiguous bullshit.
  17. NF just released this one-off single today:
  18. Sevendust Eye Summer 2020 Album Release
  19. New Spiritbox tune.
  20. Lol No it’s autocorrect from my stupid phone and it was late.
  21. Their songs are all starting to run together. It's alright I guess...
  22. Sounds like a typical Death Punch song.
  23. Yep, Civ. I actually ended up splurging on the DLC which hugely expands diplomacy (a UN-type world regulatory board can form and vote upon various things), natural disasters, climate change, etc. The depth of the game is just ridiculous. I'd say it's hard to learn in the sense that I've played about 25 hours in the last week, completing three or four civs, and have yet to win a game or really come all that close, but I certainly didn't have a hard time learning the mechanics of the game well enough to enjoy myself--the devil is in learning how to best strategize for both short-term and long-term. Plus even if you lose, you can keep playing indefinitely, so after I lost to Germany in the space race I just put everything into developing nukes to make them pay. Compared to something like Crusader Kings II, which I picked up a loooong time ago and gave up on pretty quickly, it's a walk in the park.
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