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  2. ... tar-987511 Oh, shit. They actually have pretty alright talent working on it too. I wonder if it'll be like an actual good movie, or some revisionist shit where Vince overcomes the odds against the big bad territories, and he's portrayed as an inspirational figure.
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  4. If you fancy feeling like useless piece of shit, try to learn to play a guitar!

  5. Do people even go to regular websites for news nowadays? This is the only social media I do. I'm not on Facebook, Twitter or any of those other sites. I still go to regular websites for news but I'm assuming the majority of people get their news from social media.
  6. It'd be my dream to make this an actual news destination again if I could but the reality is that I'm not financially stable enough to focus on something like that. Hell, I'm not financially stable enough to contribute monetarily to this site.
  7. The god awful website name Nixon came up with is keeping people away. That's gotta be it.
  8. Yeah what was the last good acquisition we had? Xeph, probably? Jamie, perhaps? Hell, I probably wouldn't join this community. Good Ruiner just kinda grandfathered in from shitty Kid Ruiner, who is the one who actually joined to begin with.
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  10. Even though I never went to it in its later years, the main website leaving really messed things up for the forum.
  11. The problem with trying to get new forum dwellers is that we're just an island on the internet. We have nothing to offer other than our company and most of us are vitriolic enough to only attract that kind of persona. Without some kind of incentive for people to join and want to take part in our community, I don't really see what can be done to draw people in.
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  13. Coming out May 12th.
  14. Well the problem is every time a new person shows up they're fuckin' douchebags. I bet less old members would leave it there was a flourishing community of both old faces and new. But if the only way to preserve the forum is to pass the keys to the kingdom to the likes of a new generation of Jmgs and Breaks, I'd just as soon let it die.
  15. I'm still here. Just busy with life. It's not as easy for me to post here as it was before at the moment. I've seen people on hiatus for months amd come back like Cfw and Koldes etc. It's too bad the forum isn't as active. Is there a better way to recruit new members or younger ones? Otherwise it will be us and maybe 1 new person a year, which seems to be the trend in the past 3 years or so. I will be participating in voting for music madness. I hope we get a lot of discussion there. I have discovered some great bands recently, so I'm psyched about that.
  16. Really? I thought just the opposite, it seemed like they're shaking up the formula in a major way for the first time. The episode itself was fine, but I got a fair bit of intrigue from Richard starting his own company, with the rest of the guys carrying on (with Dinesh in charge, no less). Now I guess they could just send Richard in the usual circles while doing funny side capers with PiperChat, but we'll see.
  17. Andrew is fine, unless somebody kidnapped him and is posting on his social media and playing on his PS4 to keep up appearances. It definitely sucks that there's so little going on though, and that so many people (including Andrew now, apparently) aren't posting anymore. If this place ever dies I'll probably just stop using the internet in a social capacity altogether. Like Omar, I feel like I grew up here in a way and whenever the time comes it'll be hard to let go of it. But not to get ahead of ourselves, the impression I'm under is that it's safe as long as Nixon is footing the bill we'll be fine, and though he never posts, he's also not given any indication that he's unhappy with keeping it alive. I'll probably always post here as long as it's still going, even if it's just me, Mike, Pen, and Omar left.
  18. Does anyone know where Chicago Animal went? I don't have Facebook. I'm not sure if any of you were friends with him on there. Koldes is also gone but I think he's left before and returned. Hopefully he didn't kill himself because Donald Trump is president. I just checked some old threads to find regulars who aren't here anymore and a lot of people have either been here in the past 24 hours lurking or have posted in the music threads. People who are gone with their last visit... EchoX860 - August 13, 2016 chicago_animal - November 10, 2016 Salemzorro - January 20 Koldes - February 13 jman3000 - April 12 There's also one person listed as "guest" and it's not Brad cause his account is still there so someone deleted their account maybe?
  19. This is what I wanted to come back to. I think the way they see themselves is as straddling genres. Not quite rock, but not quite full pop, full stop. This interview with Wentz about the song adds to that perception. And for what it's worth, they recognize that Young And Menace is out there and say it's the weirdest song of the album, although whether that's true or not, I guess we'll find out. But he's so right to say that making those kinds of songs is necessary. A band can't be afraid to experiment because that's how interesting things blossom and how they grow as artists. I was also reading their Wikipedia article today and around their hiatus and reunion, the impression I got is that when they reconvened they made a deliberate attempt to break down the band and rebuild from the ground up. The shift to a poppier direction was deliberate. And frankly that was the whole point of the My Songs video, where they burn away their past. As for why they should still be considered rock, rock is a vast enough genre to include both Coldplay and Metallica and just because FOB chooses to dabble in other genres doesn't mean the core of their approach isn't still from a rock perspective. To me the energy embedded in this song, that's making a rock song out of a pop song. Rock is sometimes about more than instruments.
  20. He looks weirdly different.
  21. That is weird. Has Andrew ever taken a hiatus? EDIT: Should I be bothered that the last time he posted was in an "argument" with me?
  22. I've seen the whole series but I barely remember much of it because I was a kid at the time. All I remember is the ending where it turned out the entire show was the Roseanne character writing a novel about her life with all kinds of details changed to make the book more interesting. And I also remember that the original actress for Becky came back and they alternated between the two Beckies for different episodes. Good times.
  23. I haven't posted much myself the last couple of months either. I always see a thread a work and say "ooh I wanna respond to that later when I have some free time" and then I end up forgetting. It sucks, but I imagine that's how things are for most guys here. I know in the grand scheme of things we are all "strangers" but there's a nice little group of guys here I felt I "grew up" with and I do like checking in on them every once in a while, which is why I hope the forum sticks around. That's why I asked about Andrew, he's historically been one of the more active users and now he hasn't logged in in a month, so I was just curious about him.
  24. He was awesome in college, he fell because he's apparently a douche off the field. He's easily the best RB in your roster right now though, you'll love him.
  25. Is Dalvin Cook any good? I don't watch college football so I have no idea. said good things about him in a video I just watched.
  26. Not like I really care where Andrew is but this forum is on life support right now. There's me, Ruiner, Pen, Omar, Jay, Nick, DD and Tanbull. Some others like Nixon or Matt will post like once a month. Chicago Animal fell off the face of the Earth which sucks. It's sad to think about but I could picture this forum being gone soon. Like I'll come on here one day in a month and it'll bring me to a page saying this url is for sale.
  27. I gotta say the first episode of the new season was kinda.....meh. Starting to feel like they're just going in circles. Still hoping for the best for the rest of the season though.
  28. I know pretty much everyone is all grown up now and can't post as much as we used so there's a lot of people who haven't posted in a while, but where the hell is @Andrew? I haven't known him to take a hiatus like this before. Anyone have him on social media or something, everything good with him?
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