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  2. A brief look at Wikipedia reveals that the entire album, This Is Acting, is made of songs she wrote for other artists that were rejected. Hence the title, because it's, in her words, things she wouldn't say.
  3. Where've you heard this? It was on her last album.
  4. Synth-y, nice!
  5. Project just started. Might not get finished or get shut down eventually but they are hopeful for the best. I think it could be as good as Dead By Daylight or the Friday the 13th game. I hope they have characters from the movies and try to work around not being able to use an official likeness.
  6. Not a bad song, but I don't think anyone would consider to be even nearly their best work. Particularly considering that it was written by Sia, but she ostensibly didn't want to use it for her own records.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Boston Manor back at cha with another new one.
  9. You umm gotta link on how you do dis?
  10. I saw some youtube video that had some dude recording a call into that 800 number and then there was a teaser clip after like a six minute wait and some other random stuff in it with the new logo, etc. Interesting and exciting! Always need more BMTH. I bet they'll switch gears a bit again on this one. Seems like they might be doing some kinda concept album given the marketing like this. Can't wait to hear.
  11. I was going to vote HEAVY but they want an email address, so fuck 'em.
  12. Since Device is gone. they should do 1 or 2 songs in that style on this album.
  13. Last week
  14. My body is ready.
  15. Can't wait for this new song.
  16. Primer 55 vocalist has passed away.
  17. October 19th. It's actually called Helix. 01. "The Score" 02. "365" 03. "Inferno" 04. "Countdown" 05. "Helix" 06. "Dream" 07. "GG6" 08. "Breakthrough Stardust" 09. "My Haven" 10. "Iconic" 11. "Unified" 12. "Momentum"
  18. that and the new warhammer vermintide.. gamepass keeps getting better and better
  19. Depeche Mode cover
  20. New single released yesterday. They've also announced their fifth album, titled V. As far as I know, no release date on the album yet.
  21. Doom is on XBox game pass. If you have an xbox and never played the new Doom. You need to download it now and play it.
  22. Have been eagerly waiting for this to drop on spotify, this song sounds so good. Can't wait to give this a listen
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