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  4. I'm listening to it now and I'm loving it so far, definitely enjoying it more then I did when I first listened to The Last Hero to be honest. Loved "Godspeed" and how Myles and Mark's vocals blended together. Like @Omar said I have always enjoyed AB's songs when they have a good blend of hard rock/alternative rock, and I really think this fits that bill so far. There are still some sick Tremonti solo's in here too, "Take the Crown" has a great one at the outro of the song.. it kind of reminds me of a Shinedown song at the beginning too. I could see this becoming one of my favorite AB albums if they keep this up the whole album. EDIT: Ok wow, it sounds a lot like a Tremonti Song, but damn is Forever Falling good.
  5. Don't know if this was posted when it came out on Youtube/amazon, but it came on my release radar on Spotify and a great cover from The Wonder Years
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  7. Has anyone else listened to this yet? I'm still waiting for my physical copy to arrive in the mail (stupid Amazon Prime not shipping it until the day it's released)
  8. Best song so far imo!
  9. Looking forward to this one, Valley Of Death out 11-15.
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  11. You saying this is the least heavy AB album makes me want to listen to it more. Because I 100% agree with you about their feeling less good after their initial big 3, however I feel it’s because they have gone out of their way to lean on their metal/hard rock side rather than their alternative/modern rock side.
  12. New album "Culmination."
  13. They got a new album out.
  14. Another new Silvertomb. Best one so far.
  15. I dont wanna offend anybody but this album was way too long and a real slog to get through. One Day Remains, Black Bird, AB III, I really like but after that I liked each new album less and less. IDK why I think its because I felt each one is a "less good" version of the one before it. Not that it matters but this is definitely the least heavy AB album. Theres no songs that I liked as much as songs on the older albums.
  16. I feel like I've spent the past two years or so posting news and my thoughts about stuff and it doesn't get any responses so I don't really bother anymore. I barely check in on here at all, not because I'm busy but because it's a ghost town. I am happy you're all alive.
  17. Gaming thoughts as of late... - New Yooka-Laylee is sorta fun but too tough. - Shadowkeep is good but I'm so sick of the barrage of Destiny expansions. All I want is one big expansion a year. As much as I like a game, I don't want to play the same game year-round. - Did not like Borderlands 3 at all. It had the most annoying characters I've ever seen in a video game. - Link's Awakening was great.
  18. I feel like I've watched three hours of Death Stranding footage and I've still not seen any real gameplay.
  19. I've been extremely impressed with Dynamite so far (the name is growing on me too). It seems like each week the show is getting better. I was there week 2 and it was the most fun I've had at a wrestling show in over ten years. The crowd was electric that night. So much enthusiasm in the arena. - The wrestling has been great. Even their YouTube show Dark has some good wrestling. I am slightly concerned that pairing up all the big stars in matches each week will prevent PPV match-ups from feeling like a big deal but during the Monday Night Wars all the big names faced off in different matches on TV all the time and it didn't make PPV matches seem any less special. I'm okay with all the wrestling but there should be at least one in-ring promo segment each week. Moxley and Omega for example really need to have a face-to-face in the ring. We don't even know why they don't like each other. I am okay with the run-ins too. Reminds me of WCW and it keeps things exciting because you don't know who is going to come out. - Jericho's promo week 2 getting everyone in the group over, insulting WWE, bringing back some nods to his WWE character with mentions of the list and saying the word shit on TV was great. I'm pretty sure he's never been in a stable before so this should be good. Those Inner Circle shirts suck, though. - The announcing has been good so far, with Excalibur leading the way. Jim Ross is improving with each passing week and it's great hearing Tony Schiavone again. He was one of the most underrated people during the Monday Night Wars. - They did this at Fight For The Fallen and we saw it again this week where faces and heels are forced to team up. I love that. Seeing Mox and Pac not getting along and being forced to work together was entertaining and the ending with Mox turning on him was great. - This tag team division is absolutely stacked. Riho carried Baker to the best women's match AEW has ever had this week. She doesn't speak English and will therefore never really connect with the crowd and the extent of her character is simply waving to the audience but she's a good wrestler. I'm okay with the women only getting one segment a week as all the other stuff going on is much better. That tag division is stacked and the men's singles division is loaded. - I agree with you Ruiner, the referee stuff is really bothering me. It's really my only complaint so far. Tag matches might as well all be tornado tag because of the all the people in the ring at one time. I understand things are gonna break down near the end but I'm not even sure the legal wrestler is getting the pin or getting pinned when these matches end. And interference and weapons not leading to DQs is dumb. The one thing WWE has over AEW is that the refs enforce the rules. AEW is all about wrestling and you'd think they'd be the ones who enforce the rules of the matches. - Oh and Marko Stunt and his brand of indie nonsense needs to be released immediately. This is a major league promotion and he doesn't belong.
  20. Zion Williamson out for weeks (could be a month) to knee injury. Please don't be another Greg Oden.
  21. New Glasslands.
  22. From their deluxe edition The Silver Screaming (Final Cut) out one week from now.
  23. This album is going to be awesome.
  24. New Twin Atlantic from their upcoming album 'Power'
  25. New Savage Hands album on Jan. 31st.
  26. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Can I wait a few hours? That’s the real question.
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