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  2. These guys have been putting out absolutely awesome EPs this year, the fourth being out today and includes this jam:
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  4. Deluxe edition dropped w/ some acoustic bonus tracks and instrumentals.
  5. New Gemini Syndrome:
  6. New Spiritbox song. Hits you in the feels.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Really nice song:
  9. Looks like LeBron is going to retire as a Laker for sure then. Mega deal for sure for AD. Surprised you hadn't posted about the John Wall/1st rounder for Russ trade.
  10. Another Purple and Gold Dynasty?: Lakers extend Lebron James through 2023. Anthony Davis signs 5-year megadeal worth 190 million.
  11. Album drops March 26, 2021. It's 12 tracks (not released all names yet, Pen.)
  12. Official music video:
  13. These are songs on their new EP that drops tomorrow (12/4) called 'All That Is Left of the Blue Sky'. 1. Fuck Them All 2. Come Down 3. I'm Alive 4. LA in a Cop Car 5. Lie to Me 6. Come Along (feat. Aaron Gillespie)
  14. Definitely spam. Not really a purpose but yeah.
  15. Sierra kusterbeck from versaemerge started an only fans. Let's say she has seen better days. And might have the worst boob job I've ever seen
  16. Last week
  17. "Black Lungs" is officially out now:
  18. Thanks! I've been working on it non-stop for about a month, that and taking product photos. There's still a bunch of work I have left just to get it to the baseline. Everything on there is hand-made by my girlfriend, too!
  19. Site looks great man! Not something I'm really into or know anything about, but will definitely keep it in mind for my girlfriend and introduce it to her.
  20. My girlfriend and I have started a new venture selling natural products, soaps, etc via our own webshop that I built. I know it's a long shot for this audience, but feel free to check it out. We're offering 20% off to celebrate our launch during Cyber Monday Week, just use promo code: LAUNCH20.
  21. The best heavy album I've heard in a long fucking time. This album is so goddamn good. Do yourself a favor and check it out
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