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  3. Yep, great track. PS: Thanks for the upvote! You were my 1,000th one.
  4. Leaked on Saturday apparently (albeit it's low quality), so that's the first leak I've seen in a while that is earlier than just a day or two. I can't wait to dive into this.
  5. Release Date: March 23, 2018 1. Wishful Sinking 2. Find Yourself 3. Melodramatic 4. Feeling Low 5. Cutthroat 6. I'm Over Being Under(rated) 7. Sleepless In Phoenix 8. Keep Me Close 9. Sakura Blues 10. Welcome Home
  6. Stryper - God Damn Evil From Ashes to New - The Future W.E.T - Earthrage Breaking Benjamin - Ember Grand Design - Viva La Paradise Disciple James Christian - Craving Vega - Only Human
  7. He’s bahahahahaack
  8. That's been floating around for a few days at least, haven't seen anybody credible confirm it.
  9. So apparently Daniel Bryan turned down wrestling because they didn't want him to take any bumps. Smart move on his part. No one wants to see some bullshit Bret Hart-like return from Daniel Bryan.
  10. Listening to the teasers, this album is shooting up my anticipation charts.
  11. Really good stuff on this record. I love Haunted by Design and Turning Stones the most.
  12. Not bad.
  13. It's an HD monitor and you're using a VGA cable? If you get a DVI or HDMI cable, you're in for a treat.
  14. Saw them when I went to see Cane Hill on the Devildriver and 36 Crazyfists tour. Enjoyed them a lot.
  15. Yeah, those 4k movies I stream are real crappy quality. Educate yourself.
  16. It's a blue plug. Kinda weird it came loose as I've had that monitor for around ten years now and that has never happened before.
  17. Also, I'm predicting that Elias will be Strowman's partner.
  18. This has been the most boring road to WrestleMania that I've ever seen. In the four episodes of Raw since the last Raw PPV, there have been a grand total of three combined interactions between match participants in the big three matches...two between the mixed tag participants, one between Reigns and Lesnar and zero between Cena and Undertaker. This is worse than when The Rock was WWE Champion and was barely on TV before his match with Cena. And then on the SD side you have a bunch of completely uninteresting stuff going on. The Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens feud is entering what?'s eighth month. AJ and Nakamura are cool and all but this is yet another Royal Rumble winner in a WrestleMania match that is promoted as like the 5th biggest match on the card.
  19. Is it a DVI cable? (DVI is white; VGA is blue.) I have DVI cables go bad at work all the time because they can be made so cheaply. It's usually actually a piece just inside the white encasement where the cable or metal tips are actually loose there.
  20. FOUND this interesting about their female shredder.
  21. In their defense, they haven't done comedy well in like 12 years either.
  22. It's weird how it could even get loose because it has those two screwy things to lock it in. Whatever. Just glad all is well.
  23. It is likely this. If a display cable doesn't have a proper connection it will exhibit symptoms like you just described.
  24. Possibly the worst episode of Family Guy ever this week...incredibly boring, they messed with the canon and it had a disturbing ending. For those that didn't see it...
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