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  2. I was hoping they'd get Gardenhire but I kinda figured they'd get Cora...seems like a trendy type of young former player that they'd go for.
  3. There are very few superhero movies that I'm looking forward to. Black Panther is one of the ones I'm excited about.
  4. 'You condemn me 'Cause you don't understand me' @to all my haters hahaha
  5. 01. The Sin And The Sentence 02. Beyond Oblivion 03. Other Worlds 04. The Heart From Your Hate 05. Betrayer 06. The Wretchedness Inside 07. Endless Night 08. Sever The Hand 09. Beauty In The Sorrow 10. The Revanchist 11. Thrown Into The Fire
  6. Listened to this once and wasn't too impressed. This may end up being my least favorite release of theirs. I thought the chorus of You're Not The Holy One sounded like a mess.
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  8. I expected Thrice to win, but not by this much. I applaud you all either way.
  9. There guys had their first full-length album titled "Feel Something" come out today and after one listen, I enjoyed it a ton. They're comparable to a good mixture of other bands since their sound is unique such as Stick To Your Guns, I The Mighty, Can't Swim, Knuckle Puck, Citizen, Like Moths To Flames, and more.
  10. Ron Gardenhire takes manager job for Tigers. Dusty Baker out as Nationals manager.
  11. Well, this looks hilarious. Too bad I don't have Prime. :\
  12. Just a little too generic for my tastes these days on this one. It's not bad, just doesn't have anything to stand out.
  13. Sounds like the album may be done already from the way I'm reading it. So hopefully that's good news over what the new album news we've heard from Cold is. Interested to see how they sound after all these years and see in what ways the producer pushed them to evolve in any way.
  14. Doesnt seem like too much of a drastic change which is good.
  15. It needs tweaking because having Minnesota with all eastern time zone teams is odd. I think Detroit is est I'm not sure. Also I want Vancouver to get a team instead of Portland.
  16. Sounds like a great plan.
  17. It feels less odd now after Cold, Alter Bridge, Otep, Skindred, American Head Charge, Stuck Mojo, Life Of Agony, and Audiotopsy all signed to the label. Granted, Hoobastank is far less heavy than all of those bands and is easily the most pop and alternative leaning band that Napalm has signed, but it's not like they haven't been obviously moving in that direction over time.
  18. Vote right. Vote Thrice.
  19. The Snowman looks very interesting to me despite the bad reviews.
  20. Just like Cold another very odd signing for that label but hey best of luck to them.
  21. The Hooba kind, that is. Signed to Napalm Records and releasing their new album next year, produced by Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5). This is exciting and all, but I remember when Cold was supposed to be releasing a new album this year through Napalm... still waiting...
  22. I would hate to see the AL and NL go but when I saw this I hate to admit I liked it. East: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Miami, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington North: Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota, Montreal, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Toronto Midwest: Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Colorado, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Texas West: Anaheim, Arizona, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle
  23. MLB already thinking about going to 32 teams. Google it.
  24. METALLICA: HARDWIRED... TO SELF-DESTRUCT Blackened November 18th Hardwired Atlas, Rise! Now That We're Dead Moth Into Flame Dream No More Halo On Fire Confusion ManUNkind Here Comes Revenge Am I Savage? Murder One Spit Out The Bone THRICE: TO BE EVERYWHERE IS TO BE NOWHERE Vagrant May 27th Hurricane Blood On The Sand The Window Wake Up The Long Defeat Seneca Black Honey Stay With Me Death From Above Whistleblower Salt And Shadow
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