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  2. "Birds" is one of my favorites from this album.
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  4. That version of Wasted Years was a bonus track on A Different Kind of Pain. It's cool that they finally put out on streaming services, though.
  5. Saw this cover coming.
  6. I have been looking all over the web, i can't find a single thing
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  8. I'm so ready!!! And what an awesome album art! KSE and Tool in August.. May the lord guide my neighbors in the tough time
  9. You realize a rerelease with additional footage is exactly how Avatar made so much money, right?
  10. In a cheap attempt to top Avatar at the box office and be the tainted box office king, Avengers: Endgame will be getting re-released in theaters with some new footage.
  11. I supposed those two songs will be a metal one and a radio-friendly hard rocker. I'm ready for some new KSE.
  12. Well, that hit me right in the feels. Great song, lovely video.
  13. I’ve heard a little of this and it’s decent.
  14. Sweet!
  15. New album will drop on August 16, 2019. 1. Unleashed 2. The Signal Fire 3. Us Against the World 4. The Crownless King 5. I Am Broken Too 6. As Sure as the Sun Will 7. Know Your Enemy 8. Take Control 9. Ravenous 10. I Can't Be the Only One 11. Bite the Hand That Feeds Two upcoming singles: "Unleashed" drops on June 25, and then "I Am Broken Too" drops a few weeks later on July 16.
  16. Sudden Sky out July 19th. Tracklist: 1. (X) 2. 20/20 3. What I Am 4. BLURRY (out of place) 5. Red Pills 6. MZRY 7. Under the Skin 8. Sequ3nce 9. March of the Ignorant 10. Sudden Sky
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  18. Official video drops tomorrow. Can't wait for it.
  19. Release Date: September 6, 2019. 1. Leave It All Behind 2. Never Enough (feat. Benji Madden) 3. How It Feels to Be Lost 4. Agree to Disagree 5. Ghost 6. Blood Lines 7. Break Me Down 8. Another Nightmare 9. P.S. Missing You 10. Medicine (Devil in My Head) 11. Dying to Believe "Leave It All Behind" seems to be first single (has been posted online).
  20. Finding God Before God Finds Me to be released August 2nd.
  21. Still waiting for that album cover of a man eating an anteater.
  22. When is this coming out! These three songs are all 🔥!!! Nixon, make sure the album artwork is fucking killer because these songs are killer! hard to believe I haven’t seen you guys since rock on the range 11 years ago
  23. The field is wide open next year.
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