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  2. I'll give WWE credit for pulling off a heel turn that the fans didn't see coming from a mile away but the timing of it does leave a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. The show must go on and the heel turn happening last night doesn't bother me but I didn't like Cole mentioning it happening on this night (as Ruiner said). Unfortunately Reigns will need to be mentioned again to explain why Ambrose has been angry lately and why he turned. That's fine. I just don't want nonsense like when Eddie died and Orton was saying he's in hell and Mysterio was out there dedicating three matched a week to him. As for Dean Ambrose...he has looked totally disinterested out there for years. This is his big opportunity to prove himself. WWE killed him when he lost to Lesnar last September. He had massive amounts of momentum and it was the perfect time for him to win and he lost. That'd be like if Hulk Hogan lost to Andre. Strowman may win 99% of his matches but he lost the big one so all the other wins seemed pointless. Plus, his five minute heel turn didn't help the situation.
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  4. Target and GameStop will be releasing Red Dead at 9 pm local time on Thursday night. I'm very happy with this news. While I don't go to midnight releases much anymore and probably won't go for RDR2, it sucks having to wait until midnight and this is a positive change. Movies are doing the same thing now...doing away with silly midnight releases on Friday and moving them to Thursday night. It's better for customers, employees and employers who save money on overtime. When GTA V came out I drove to GameStop, didn't even get out of my car, and drove back home. It was the most people I've ever seen waiting for a midnight game release. It looked more like a concert was about to take place than a game release. While there is no bigger game release than GTA, I'm still expecting massive crowds at these stores. It would be nice to come straight home from work Friday and have Red Dead installed and ready to go, but I don't want any part of that chaos on Thursday night.
  5. The issue wasn't with the battery. The issue was with the controller loosening the battery to make it seem like it had a low charge. This isn't related to the controller, but I recently made a post on reddit asking why the XB1 media remote runs out of batteries quickly and someone said that they just fall out of place in there and you need to push them back in. I would've liked this info four years ago. I've gone through more batteries on the Xbox media remote than any other TV remote I've ever used. And yeah the PS4 remote battery sucks. I feel like it lasts half as long as the Xbox controller...probably because it's wasting juice with that needless light in the back. The one thing the PS4 needed was for the charging wire to be much longer seeing as how you have no way to play if it runs out because it doesn't take batteries.
  6. Bought the CD over the weekend. Good stuff. As a fan of ballads, they don't bother me that they put a few on here.
  7. Bought this CD awhile ago. Really good stuff. One of the more under rated cd's of the year
  8. So in news that took weirdly long to reach me, name changes are FINALLY coming to PSN. Apparently there's a bunch of big ifs to how buggy it's going to be, but hopefully it works out well enough with the beta phase and there aren't any outright deal breakers when they roll it out to the public.
  9. Yeah that ending killed it. Ambrose is gonna be the most hated guy since Ciampa. The timing was perfect, I got no problem with blurring the lines of real life and fiction for this. If you don't think all three Shield guys signed off on it, you're nutso.
  10. Two more weeks until I don't see these mindless political ads until 2020. 

  11. I loved the ending. People complaining about the timing are the same people who complain that WWE doesn’t do anything ballsy anymore. That was one of the best things they’ve done in years. Also, I have officially soured on Strowman. The constant turning back and forth is annoying and I find him generally cheesy now. I’m a mcintyre guy now.
  12. I think this could be a sweet gesture, reminiscent of Strait Up when Lynn Strait of Snot died, although I don't know how I feel about the tour part. There's a fine line between looking like paying tribute and looking like cannibalizing someone's legacy. I just hope they don't cross it.
  13. Im not gonna lie, the clips of the new songs sound really good. The fact that theres lots of guests tell me they didnt have enough vocal performances left of him lying around but Im ok with that. Also nice to see Tony is back on board and is no longer hostile towards Wayne. Wayne had complete control of this band and wrote almost everything so to see the other guys try to finish HIS songs is a bit weird idk.
  14. You realize Democrats have been in support of socialism for ever and do the same thing right? Hell they actually try to vote people in who want to change to socialism.
  15. My controllers last a good 15 hours or so on a charge. Can't say I've ever thought they died that quick. Nothing compared to the ps4 controller
  16. So Trump just went and publicly boasted about his belief in nationalism. You know, while I'm at least mostly comfortable at this point that a legit dictatorship or anything to that degree of insanity won't be allowed to happen, what still unnerves me the most about all of this is knowing that an indeterminate but very sizable portion of the population would totally lap that shit up. Like these fuckers would happily lead us all the way there, and even once we were there they wouldn't have any regrets. Seeing all the online support from his base for the surface level idea of nationalism, with absolutely zero regard for the deeper meaning and history behind it, is astounding.
  17. Just watched the important segments, and... 1. Roman Reigns: I have to say, there seems to be mixed feelings on the feeling that Roman's illness was being exploited in some way. With that in mind, while the cinematic camera work with all the angle changes and cuts to the crowd felt wrong, the speech itself was one of the more powerful wrestling segments I've seen. Assuming Roman in fact wanted to do it, it was an honest and emotionally wrenching display and it shows how the crowd that had just been vehemently booing him was crying and passionately chanting his name by the end of it. I hope he beats it, and I hope he comes back and earns the top spot not as any Roman Reigns bullshit, but as himself. He's now somebody I want to succeed, because he seems like a great guy. Imagine that. Dean Ambrose: and yeah, this was the most effective segment this show has produced in years. The only dark spot is Cole straight up working Roman's cancer into the fucking storyline with "NOT ON THIS NIGHT". If that's the route they take, if they have Dean's heel character be informed by Joe A'noia's real leukemia, then fuck all that and the company deserves the ground, even more so than for this Saudi bullshit and the million other things. But if that was a one-time thing and they steer clear of any more of that... they might actually have something here. Ambrose, after 6 years, finally having something to sink his teeth into is about as exciting as anything in wrestling can be. And if cartoon babyface Ambrose and shitheel Rollins feud produced produced the caliber of matches they did, I can only imagine the matches they'll have in the natural roles. This was really really good.
  18. Same here.
  19. Everybody drop whatever show you're watching and watch The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. It's absolutely terrifying and it's not just jump scares either. One episode in and it seems like it's going to have a great story and the characters are significantly more well-developed than anything you see in the horror genre. And they also have ghosts hidden in the background during some scenes.
  20. I read about it before I watched it but that was the most shocking thing I've seen in wrestling since the time Vince opened Raw in an empty arena and announced that Chris Benoit was dead.
  21. I'm going to say Sox in 6.
  22. Holy shit, you guys.
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  24. Emigrate 3rd album "A Million Degrees" out Nov. 30th.
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  26. They have a shirt of that available with the album bundles on their website.
  27. Did anyone else see Halloween? I really liked it. Laurie Strode turning into Sarah Connor was awesome. And unlike more recent Terminator movies, this movie wasn't afraid to use its iconic theme music. Some spoiler stuff below...
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