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  2. I'm still allowed to be disappointed though, right?
  3. I don't think it's their weakest but I'm glad I'm not alone in being a spot underwhelmed by Mothership. I definitely think it's their worst album with Tilian, but I'd probably stick Death Star and DBM2 under it.
  4. Trust me. This is one monster of an album. 1. Innocent Until Birth 2. Bite Marks 3. Picture Day 4. The Best Songs Are Dead 5. I Lost My Mind (In California) 6. Rated R 7. All Drugs Go To Heaven 8. Montreal 9. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy 10. Sunspots
  5. Oh my god, Kevin Owens was incredible on Talking Smack this week. What a great show.
  6. After the Burial released an absolutely monstrous record but there is no comparing to Norma Jean. They just get better and better on every album when it seems like they have nowhere else to go. Easy vote for me
  7. DGD may have released their weakest album yet imo, but am I voting against them in this matchup? Hellno i'll see myself out
  8. This album is my favorite of the year so far. Granted I would be hard pressed to make a list of competing 2017 albums since I keep getting 2016 and 2017 mixed up. I finally stopped writing 2016 on boards, journals, and forms a few days ago.
  9. I had fairly low expectations for the show simply because it was the very first one, but I thought it went well for the most part. At times it was a little awkward, but I think Drake and the Inside the NBA crew all handled it well enough. Highlights for me were Westbrook's MVP speech, Coach Monty's speech after accepting the Sager Strong Award, and seeing the audience and some of the greatest big men of all time all showing respect for the great Bill Russell, standing in silent anticipation for him to speak only then to hear he him say he could kick their ass.
  10. So was Hellyeah's. It might even be their best album to date.
  11. Oh also, Baby Driver is fucking great.
  12. Comes out tomorrow specifically, but y'know, preview screenings. As for why tomorrow, I haven't a clue.
  13. Big E referenced this on SD lol. "We're coming for you..." (cut off) "Usos...we're coming for you Usos."
  14. WHY IS THIS EVEN CLOSE. DGD's album was awesome!!!!!
  15. Yeah I definitely agree that he was never written particularly well and sort of just existed to be a creepy jerk, but there's a lot of writing flaws in the late Office seasons. Most important for me is that he was damn funny and I'm glad he's gotten the chance to shine more on Silicon.
  16. Oh well in the case of DKC2&3 I'd would just think it's pretty clear they probably didn't want to do any double dipping.
  17. I've been listening to this a ton lately. If this was a full length album it would easily be my AOTY, but nonetheless, it's definitely my favorite release this year. I've liked all their covers a lot, but their originals were hit or miss. This EP is the best stuff they've ever written.
  18. Indeed, that was a super funny scene. When he also tagged along on their halloween outfits as the skeleton because he overheard their plans was great, too. I guess he had some good comedic moments, but he just was completely unlovable for me. Jared I just want to have over for dinner and never disappoint.
  19. This was tougher then I thought it was going to be. Sylar took it for me simply because it is more my style of music, but the Nothing But Thieves album was really good as well. Stumbled upon their live concert from Reading when watching those songs. Dude's vocal range is insane
  20. So where do these classic consoles stop? I think N64 Classic and GameCube Classic are definitely possible. GCN games probably still have small enough files sizes where 20 or so games can be included on one mini-console and it could still be priced reasonably. There would be no need to go beyond GameCube as Wii is too recent to need a classic console and who the fuck would buy it anyways? I think after GCN Classic they should treat these Classic console releases like Disney DVDs and release them from the "vault" every few years so people have a chance to buy them again. Obviously the focus should stay on Switch but that shouldn't prevent people from having another chance at acquiring a classic console. Although I won't buy it, I think the SNES Classic has a really solid library of games and as someone who is always fascinated with canceled video games, the thought of Star Fox 2 on this seems awesome. The only time I think I ever played a canceled game before was when I downloaded the demo of NBA Elite before it got canceled.
  21. I've never been a Hellyeah fan but I have to admit this one was a good album.
  22. Rare Replay didn't include GoldenEye and James Bond isn't a Nintendo franchise. There some be some weird rights issues with older games.
  23. That doesn't make sense. Maybe for Killer Instinct, but the other Rare games are under Nintendo's umbrella because they're Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. Why would Nintendo be able to include the first game and not the sequels?
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  25. Russ' speech was so epic. Even his former teammate KD congratulated him. Now that's all over, we await on who wins the Paul George sweepstakes that 10 or so teams are participating.
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