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  2. I like the theme for the new Star Trek films.
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  4. Right, I noticed there are no iconic themes anymore and I was wondering why that is. The Wonder Woman theme is the only good newer one. The new Spider-man or the Avengers dont have good themes.
  5. Yeah the Inception song is good. Zimmer also did the Man of Steel theme which I really like. But still, there aren't any truly iconic theme songs for movies anymore like you saw in the '70s, '80s and '90s with Star Wars, Halloween, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and the list goes on and on.
  6. I'm not even a huge fan of the dude, but come on, Hans Zimmer would like a word here. Inception probably has the most ripped off trailer music of all time. Also, 28 Days Later (though admittedly that was like 16 years ago). John Murphy put together one of the best themes you'll ever hear for that movie.
  7. Right on !
  8. LOL
  10. Im one of the few who actually likes the Phantom Menace. The kid who plays Anakin gets shit on just as much the guy who played him as an adult but to me the kid was better.
  11. 1. Lol right after they met I was immediately trying to think of all the scenes with them in VII. I couldn't believe they never met. I think they were on the resistance base together at the end of the movie but they never met obviously. 2. Honestly I think the whole deal with Luke's lightsaber is sorta overrated. It's just an object that isn't really important. Plus, as a big Return of the Jedi fan, I like the green saber better anyways. It's just that TFA brought up where it came from and made it seem important so I assumed there was a reason for that. The thing even gave Rey her visions. TFA was even originally going to open with Luke's hand in space and then the saber falls out of his hand. 1. That was awful. It didn't even feel like a Star Wars movie at that point. 2. I think people, myself included, are more upset that the actress portraying the part didn't have more of a role. It had less to do with the character. 3. Oh yeah. Same with me. I'll probably see it again on my vacation in a few weeks. 4. I can't wait to see a nice crowd-pleasing fan service sequel. 5. I'm not a Jurassic Park fan. I never saw Jurassic World. The trailer for the new one looks terrible. 6. It really does. I love the use of the Avengers theme song...which is pretty much the only memorable movie theme song since the '90s. Lots of bad composers out there. 1. The actor who played him died so he likely wouldn't have been in the next movie anyways. 2. I've never jumped off the George Lucas bandwagon. The guy created the greatest movie franchise ever and he loses all credibility with people just because of The Phantom Menace. Each prequel was significantly better than the one that came before it. I would've loved to have seen what his vision would've been for the sequel trilogy. Mark Hamill said it would've been very different but he didn't reveal anything about the story.
  12. 1st single off new album 'Ain't Always Easy' out March 2nd.
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  14. Still an iconic character, bro. That's one thing that makes the Star Wars universe great and unique is that small or background characters become popular and iconic.
  15. New album out in March. I don't know why you would release a 9 min. song as your first single when you are trying to get bigger but maybe they know they won't get big idk.
  16. It Lies Within latest single....
  17. I dunno, I think Jurassic World 2 looks like stupid fun, at least. By kid's movie, do you mean the movie based off the classic children's novel A Wrinkle In Time? Because I thought the trailer looked pretty cool, myself.
  18. Also, trailer talk real quick: Ready Player One and Jurassic World 2 both look really, really stupid. There was some kid's movie about other dimensions or something that looked like the dorkiest shit ever. And finally, as much as I don't care about Marvel movies and haven't watched any of them in years outside of Civil War... Infinity War looks pretty incredible. I imagine once the actual movie comes out everyone will be cracking jokes in the face of this dire threat to all of life, but great, great trailer.
  19. Hey @Mike, apparently the dice from the Falcon have always been there since the first movie.
  20. The more I sit on this, the more I love the stuff I loved and the less I care about the issues. In fact, though I had little intention to do so walking out of it, I'm actually wanting to see it again. I can't think of the First Order fleet getting ripped in two without smiling and wanting to experience it again--it was such a moment, a packed theater all at once gasping and laughing in wonder at this truly spectacular image. I really hope Abrams follows Johnson's lead here and doesn't make Fanservice Wars II.
  21. You're really upset that a character who had one memorable line in the whole saga was killed off? Get the fuck out of here.
  22. Congratulations to Bon Jovi on making it into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Your music means a lot to so many people and you are finally being rewarded for it. Respect !
  23. Wow, after reading you guy's comments I have no interest in seeing this movie. I expected them to kill off Luke, but did they really need to kill of Admiral Ackbar too ? I love how everyone who hated the prequels was excited that George Lucas handed it over to Disney but now they might be changing their tune.
  24. I also don't totally mind the idea of the war as a generally bad thing that some people want nothing to do with, assuming they go somewhere with it. And any other ideas Star Wars ever wants to borrow from Saga, go right ahead, because that's the closest that text will ever get to a proper big screen treatment. I have been finding more and more that there's an eternal conflict with adult me and Star Wars because my ideal version of Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars, and it would probably lose a LOT of money.
  25. - Actually, the more I talk about Poe, the more I hope he smartens up in the next movie, cause it's really becoming clear to me that his jackassery pretty much wrote the plot. - I dunno, I liked the exchange. I will admit it jarred me a little too because I wasn't expecting the movie to start with a comedic bit, but it made me laugh and made the audience in my theater laugh, and it does seem like something in character for Poe, so I'm ultimately fine with it. I'm fine with most things that end up making me smile. - Thank you for reminding me about that bit with Rey and Luke, I actually forgot about that, and that was hilarious. "I feel something!" - She was referred to by name in this movie at least, but like I said above, Boba Fetts gotta Boba Fett.
  26. I actually didn't like that Poe was a reckless jackass the entire movie who ultimately did more harm than good and a good ending for him wasn't really earned. And I was happy with the amount of comedy in The Force Awakens, it just felt so prominent in this one, and I think that the jokes were worse is part of it too. The Stormtroopers avoiding Kylo throwing a fit was subtle and funny, the movie opening up telling you about this life and death struggle and the opening dialogue is Poe and Hux doing a bit right out of a bad sitcom is just jarring. It feels like there had to be jokes and humor in the movie because that's what's in these days, but maybe Rian Johnson isn't terribly good at writing comedy so this is what we got. Not all of it was bad--I liked the bit with Luke whacking Rey's hand when she was trying to feel the Force, for example, but when something is trying so hard to cute and the joke doesn't land it really cuts the tension. I, for the life of me, don't understand all the hooplah about Phasma not getting a lot screen time. She's pretty cool, yeah, but she's never been anything more than a bit henchman character. I don't even remember her being referred to by name in either movie.
  27. - I actually wonder now if they're pairing off Rey and Poe. I didn't realize until the end of this movie that Poe and Rey actually hadn't officially met each other. The other option would be pairing off Rey and Kylo, like Rey has Kylo turn, but I highly doubt it. Maybe if Kylo had stayed on the light, but I think that ship has sailed now. - I don't think that bit with Ghost Luke was a coincidence. It would make sense he'd appear from that direction if his whole ruse was to help them escape --- he'd want to show them that there is an escape. - I'm not sure Maz having Luke's lightsaber actually matters that much in the long run. I mean, why does any artifact wind up in the hands of anyone? I don't expect the answer to be some great revelation that's plot relevant. - I think the purpose in highlighting Rey's parentage wasn't to make people question whose child she was, but to highlight her own desire to be someone significant. That was something touched upon several times in this movie, that Rey thought learning who her parents were would help give her answers, but it doesn't work that way. - I actually think it was thematically important that Luke passed on. The whole core of this movie for Luke is him coming to terms with what happened to Kylo and regaining his hope in the future, which he found in Rey. He's passing the torch of the Jedi to Rey to establish what that means. For him to continue on kind of defeats the purpose of passing that torch. Plus, it's obvious him doing that decoy from so far away put an immense exertion on him; it would be more ridiculous if he did that without any consequence. Him doing it as a last-ditch effort to help the Resistance makes more sense and highlights the direness of the situation. - Actually, I think it does the opposite. I think it shows a grander scope of what's going on. It makes sense that there would be people profiteering off the war because it's like that in any war scenario. People like DJ existed in the original trilogy: Han himself didn't care about the Rebellion or the Empire at first until he was caught in the middle. It doesn't lessen the scope of the war, it widens it. Not everyone is going to be on one side or the other, some are just people trying to survive in this crazy Star War. As for the backup, we don't know what that means. It could just mean people have lost hope, which seems to be a big thing in the film. It doesn't have to mean "there's no backup because no one cares about what's happening".
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