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  2. This is their best album since scifi crimes. so long Mother Earth is such a jam. AOTY contender love it
  3. There's another one for those who aren't satisfied yet. Spoiler: it slaps.
  4. So I dunno if anyone here watches anime, but I just want to express my extreme pleasure that 8 years later, we are finally getting The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2. In the words of Benio from Engaged To The Unidentified, "it's happening."
  5. Yep, this album is ter-riff-ic. No shortage of riffs. Impressive.
  6. Last week
  7. He's a sneaky shit that's for sure. I cannot watch the finale until later tonight sadly as I'm going to be away for an event tonight for my oldest daughter.
  8. Yes!! One of my favorites.
  9. The initial response to what I said is really skewed. I never said anything about politicians being victims, I said they're lucky isn't wasn't worse and they became victims of assault, murder, etc. Lucky for them, the cops that these people in the Senate called traitors stood up and did their jobs to protect and serve and some gave their lives that day or days after due to the PTSD most likely. I am not defending any politicians and in fact called them out for being cowards for knowing what Trump incited and even admitting it themselves outside the context of the trial and refused to convict. Should they die for blatant refusal of holding up their oath of office? No. Should they either be removed from office or at least eventually voted out? Absolutely.
  10. I'm sorry. You said white nationalist, not white supremacist. My bad. I'm sure there's a difference that I can't appreciate. We don't need either here.
  11. White supremacist is your label, I don't feel "supreme" and never claimed to be. You can, however, quote where I said that if you can. And yes, it's cute to now get on your soapbox for millionaire politicians that have fucked over people nationally and internationally for decades. You want to keep your "humanity" by throwing softballs at criminals in DC while I believe they should rightfully hang for their broken oaths. You call what you're doing humanity, I call you weak.
  12. I don't feel like I need to take stock of the opinions of a self described white supremacist, and I'm also not willing to sacrifice my humanity by not having at least some compassion for people just because I don't like them. No one deserves to die.
  13. Two albums I have to check out tonight.. hope this is good!
  14. Can't wait to dive in tonight!
  15. You mean like when they put a bullet into the chest of an unarmed woman? Look Pen, I don't fucking play this game. If this was BLM and you saw one of them take a bullet point blank into their heart, you and every other knucklehead on this failing forum would be calling for the shooters head on a pike, and the media would have his/her name released and their address out along with their families employment so they would all get fired and blacklisted. I support any group that rushes the capitol. I wish BLM would do this shit rather than burning down an Arby's. Politicians are not victims. You don't have a group of people that ignored 6 months of nonstop violence in the streets, and then cry when it finally reaches their door step. Fuck them and fuck anyone who pretends I should give a damn that they were uncomfortable for a couple hours because they feared the people again.
  16. I'm very much looking forward to this album.
  17. I like the callback to... Skorn? I think?
  18. Sure, that justifies murder.
  19. Yeah, politicians are victims. Get your stimmy check yet or are these politicians still playing with their dicks?
  20. First it was Papa Roach, now it's BMTH working with Jeris Johnson:
  21. Track list: 1. Artifact/The Turn 2. Broken Pieces Shine 3. The Game Is Over 4. Yeah Right 5. Feeding The Dark 6. Wasted on You 7. Better Without You 8. Use My Voice 9. Take Cover 10. Far From Heaven 11. Part Of Me 12. Blind Belief
  22. And adding this video as I guess the original was removed or something:
  23. Here we go!
  24. New The Anix....
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