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  3. Wow was just thinking it would be awesome if they released a new track. What a groovy song
  4. Alright everybody, it's on Game Pass now, my more excuses not to play it. Download Journey To The Savage Planet immediately.
  5. Definitely gonna happen with a confused, in over his head Biden running against him.
  6. Awesome.
  7. Really like it. Very timely.
  8. Not a bad little diddy. I like the retro sound.
  9. I'm sick of these idiots in the NFL bitching about the draft not getting delayed. By the time the coronavirus is gone and we can get back to normal life, the NFL season still might need to get delayed and these fools want to delay the draft which would even further delay the start of the NFL season. That doesn't make any sense. The NFL needs to get done with as many offseason things as they're able to now so they can hit the ground running with the regular season once they're able to.
  10. Man I thought the country was divided during the impeachment process. People are even more divided over his response to this virus. Even though I agree he did a piss poor job, I'm not really sure what he really could have done outside of completely close of the country as soon as a new virus was named but that was not gonna happen. He just made it worse for himself by talking about how great of a job he is doing about it.
  11. Really enjoyed this video....
  12. Let's hope not.
  13. Get ready for another 4 years of insanity...
  14. Last week
  15. Looks like the album got pushed out quite a bit to July 10.
  16. I was only referring to consoles. Consoles have never and will never have deals like on Steam.
  17. (continues to buy games on Steam and Humble Bundle)
  18. Most people say that they don't like to trade games in because they go back to everything but I don't believe it. I doubt people are going back to some game like Tomb Raider once they get done with it. I used to keep everything. From Genesis up until last generation I still had every game from every platform that I ever owned. Then I realized they were just sitting there taking up space and I was never using 99% of them anymore. Now I trade in everything. Stuff I'll go back to like Destiny, Halo and No Man's Sky I buy digitally. But everything else I trade in. I don't give a damn about a rich publisher saving money. GameStop thriving means the customer saves money. Trading in games isn't damaging to gaming like what pirating music is to the music industry.
  19. New Fit For An Autopsy.
  20. I could really care less about selling games back. I've almost always regretted not being about to play a game because I sold it for a few bucks. But with digital comes things like steam. They can have crazy deals because it's not a traded product. Companies lose money on resold games. They don't lose money selling them cheap once in a while
  21. Once GameStop goes out of business, gamers around the world should collectively pull our pants down, bend over and brace for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to fuck us in our tender asses. It amazes me how gamers would prefer the convenience of digital over saving significant money. With physical games you can sell back to GameStop to get almost 50% back, you can buy used games and you can rent from GameFly. It's going to be a dark day when GameStop goes out of business. Console makers will hold all the cards. Say goodbye to savings.
  22. Quite often. Especially when you consider how often games gets packed together and put on sale. It's not like Nintendo where if you can score a 4 year old zelda game for 50 bucks you feel like you need to go to prison
  23. I have many thoughts on these exciting developments... - That controller is sexy as fuck. The nicest looking controller I've ever seen (Xbox is still the best controller). It's looks like something Apple made. It makes me wonder if the console will have some white in it. That'd be refreshing. I'm sick of boring all black consoles. - They should've ditched the useless touchpad and just made a real back/select button. - Notice the mic on the bottom. You can party chat through the controller. No speaker required. I would never use the feature because I live with other people and I don't want them hearing what my friends say and hearing friends talk would sound better in my ear than on the controller. With that said, I give Sony MAJOR props for coming up with a wireless solution to party chat. Xbox 360 had this godsend. Xbox One has been using a wired piece of shit headset for this entire console generation. We went backwards with technology this generation and it bothers the shit out of me that more people aren't vocal about it. We have ridiculous, overpriced, gimmick Elite controllers with detachable buttons that appeal to 1% of gamers but we can't get a wireless chat headset like we had way back in 2005. The only solution is giant eskimo earmuff headsets that cover both ears. So once again, major props to Sony for coming up with this feature. - Even though the built-in PS4 battery is laughably bad compared to the rechargeable battery pack that I had to buy for my Xbox controller, I still give Sony credit for realizing they're not making a kids toy that needs AA batteries and included built-in charging. Maybe they can make the controller charge last for like 40 hours like that seemingly magical Switch Pro controller lasts. And hopefully they don't insult gamers this generation and they'll actually include a wire to charge that is long enough so you can play while playing.
  24. I present to you, the PS5 controller. Introducing DualSense...
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