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  1. Yesterday
  2. I like this one. Cant kill nu metal.
  3. I just checked this thread out and they are really good.
  4. Last week
  5. New record 'Phantoms' is out in two weeks. Here's some songs.
  6. Wow, this is excellent.
  7. Love the new Alexisonfire song. Anyway, here's new Death Therapy featuring Josh from Glasslands.
  8. One night after Anthony Davis injured his shoulder, GM Dell Demps gets fired.
  9. ^Sounds good
  10. New OM&M single...Aaron Pauley has created an absolute monster since Carlisle left the band. This goes and goes.
  11. Good stuff!!!
  12. New Alexisonfire…….stoked!
  13. Some new Halsey w/ Yungblud featuring Travis Barker (yes, that Travis Barker and drums are obviously him and awesome as always). I figure @Andrew will dig this jam and others may as well.
  14. Some new Of Mice & Men tunes.
  15. I'm a simple guy. Once I played it, I replay it.
  16. Heard this on a Hit or Miss segment yesterday. I thought it was new In This Moment at first. It isn't terrible except those horrendous munchkin vocals at the beginning and end.
  17. Now they have two overpaid quarterbacks.
  18. Joe Flacco traded to the Broncos.
  19. The In Flames influence is strong on this one
  20. Nice.
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