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  2. What a bizarre ending. LOL
  3. So I read what happened and here's what gets me. If Warren Beatty was confused over the envelope he received, why didn't he say something right away? Why did he let Dunaway say the wrong thing?
  4. Manchester by the Sea - 9/10. Pretty beautiful movie.
  5. I had to look up what you're talking about but that was fucking amazing. And though I haven't seen Moonlight I'm happy it won, both because it seems like the consensus rightful winner despite La La Land being the overwhelming favorite, and also because La La Land really was spectacular and I'm tired of the backlash over it getting a bit more awards attention than was probably warranted. Actually looking at the winners list it seems like a good crop overall. It's really a sham that Amy Adams didn't get a Best Actress nod for Arrival though because I absolutely would've picked her over Emma Stone. Otherwise, I wish the Oscars picked things this well when I actually cared about them.
  6. He's been easily one of the best Indie workers of the last five years. He's leaps and bounds better than he was when he started in WWE. Though the Hardys can fuck right off please.
  7. That Oscars ending was un-fucking-real.
  8. Is he as massively boring as he was in WWE or did he improve? Also, Matt Hardy is hinting that the Hardy's might be returning to WWE...yippie.
  9. The only human actor.
  10. Drew Galloway is leaving TNA. Come home.
  11. Bill Paxton is the only actor to have been killed by a terminator, an alien and a predator.
  12. Sad to see another great actor gone.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Gave this one a spin. Nothing really stuck out immediately. I'm sure I'll listen to it more this week since I'm seeing them on Friday.
  15. Sounds like a mix of Take Out the Gunman and Stinkfist to me.
  16. I agree. I like the song, but it sounds weak from a production standpoint. It doesn't have that punch I'd expect.
  17. I agree with Ruiner. Played the beta some, it seemed decent at best. As far as the best thing you guys have seen graphically... Really? Battlefield 1 looks WAY better than this game does from a graphical standpoint. This game is pretty, though.
  18. Awww that fucking sucks. So many great roles. I was just watching him in Titanic not too long ago.
  19. I meant to say it doesnt sound "huge" or "full." It sounds rather tiny.
  20. Bill Paxton has died at 61
  21. Bill Paxton has died.
  22. the production or the Chevelle thing? EDIT: so I did a little research and apparently this album was co-engineered by Matt Hyde.... I know he did Deftones' Gore, and I know people were complaining about the drum sound on that one too....
  23. ^I noticed that as well.
  24. Bradley is too streaky of a hitter and Benintendi hasnt put in a full season yet so thats why I said defensively and not overall.
  25. After getting my beloved Sale over the winter, the Red Sox are beyond a doubt the team to beat this year. If the Mariners get their rotation figured out they could definitely surprise some people this season too, The only hope for my White Sox is that they still manage to trade Quintana to the Pirate or Astros for some more young players....I am finding that less and less likely though.
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