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  2. This one is even more catchy
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  4. Track list: 1. Made of Plastic 2. Cocky 3. Gone 4. Handsome Garbage 5. Hold On 6. Blame It On Rock N Roll 7. Let Her Go 8. Drunken Conversations 9. Right Side 10. Ghost Town
  5. Not quite to the same extent but reminds me of Hey there Deliliah. The song was a couple years old when it blew up on the radio if I remember correctly
  6. “Sitting at a Bar” by Rehab. It was originally released on their album ‘Southern Discomfort’ back in 2000. It was re-recorded in 2008 and seemed to take off then. I actually had a copy of ‘Southern Discomfort’ that I had bought a little after it came out, I was very familiar with the song, so in 2008 when it gained popularity and everyone else was like check this out, I was like yeah I know this it’s been out for a while. That started a few arguments with people.
  7. lol why do we even watch this fucking company
  8. This album is impressive.
  9. Haha yeah they reminded me in the video package that I actually attended his first ever coronation attempt at WM 31. That feels like a lifetime ago.
  10. Oh and thank goodness Joe wears good tights because AJ pulling on his tights during the Styles Clash was very very dangerous if you catch my drift.
  11. At least it's finally goddamn over. I've been wishing they'd just make the guy champion already for like a year.
  12. Well Strowman looked like a moron there and they protected Lesnar just in case he comes back I guess. Considering WWE was gonna coronate Reigns no matter what, I can live with what happened even though it was anti-climatic as shit.
  13. I have to assume they're going somewhere with the Becky thing because the crowd was very obviously super hot for her turning on Charlotte. Most of the matches have been good despite less than good finishes.
  14. I read the live results--five matches in and already two titles retained on DQs and a hot babyface turning heel on a cold babyface. Brilliant.
  15. Right, Bohemian Rhapsody became popular because of Wayne's World.
  16. Joe and Styles was amazing. Why did they have to have tha shitty finish
  17. Pretty much anything by Queen in America. They are probably way more popular now than they ever were while Freddie was alive. They had 2 songs hit number 1 in the US. A Crazy little thing called love and Another Bites the dust. Bohemian Rhapsody only hit number 9 and songs like Tie your mother down, Under Pressure, I want it all and I want to break Free never even broke top 20.
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  19. With Weezer's cover of "Africa", I became curious...what songs have become popular (or more popular) years after their original releases. I know of two Bob Seger - "Old Time Rock and Roll" (thanks to Risky Business) Journey - "Don't Stop Believing" Can anyone think of any other ones?
  20. This song is awesome.
  21. Apparently "Trust" is the second single. I'm okay with that by I think "The First The Last" would have been better.
  22. Does main roster ready refer to "best", or "best equipped to stay over without Vince losing interest and ruining them"? Because if it's the former, I'd say Ciampa, the entire Undisputed Era, Kairi Sane, and Aleister Black are at the top of the pile. If it's the second one, definitely EC3, Lars Sullivan, maybe Lacey Evans, and Bianca Belair. I'd say War Machine too, but they're a tag team so definitely not them. Velveteen Dream is a total crap shoot--he's got the tools that should totally click, but the gimmick seems doomed in a Vince-produced show.
  23. Finally got around to checking this out and damn it, it’s great! I’m not much on instrumental records, but this has got me hooked.
  24. - As expected, Cole vs. Ricochet was the best match of the night, followed by the tag match. - The main event was disappointing. I have no idea how you could possibly top all the stuff they did in their last match. But in their defense, it was supposed to be triple threat. It sucks cause it seems like NXT never main events a PPV with more than two people and seeing a triple threat no hardcore crap with those three guys would've been great. The ending sucked and was sort of just a copy of their last match but apparently Gargano really got hurt so I guess that explains it. - I'm surprised Shayna Baszler lost the belt last night. I figured she'd be champ for a lot longer. While she is terrible on the mic and nowhere near ready for the main roster because of it, I wouldn't be surprised to see her cost Rousey the belt tonight and become an enforcer for Bliss. And Kairi Sane's pirate gimmick is so goofy. I imagine Lacey Evans will be the next women's champion with Bianca Belair after that. - I'm still of the belief that Ciampa and Velveteen Dream (who I like better as a heel) are the most ready for the main roster. They're definitely my two favorites in NXT. Dream is gonna get ruined the most on the main roster. He'll be paired up with Breezango within six months. Hopefully WWE doesn't ruin him as I was shocked to find out he's only 23. His birthday is today. He's main roster ready with a great character, wrestling ability and mic skills and he could debut in WWE Monday or Tuesday and be there in his prime for the next 20 years. That's unbelievable. They need to protect him.
  25. Takeover was really good, though a notch below the last few. EC3's mediocre ring work and the thrown together main event unfortunately hurt the show--the main was great but suffered from diminishing returns, and the ending was basically a remix of the story beats for the finish of their last match. Gargano needs to go on the shelf for a bit and then go on a redemption story where he remembers who he is in the mid card while Ciampa dominates the show as champion, then you can do the final showdown at the Rumble or Mania Takeover in a proper wrestling match with a loser leaves NXT stipulation. Johnny finally wins the title, Ciampa goes to die on the main roster.
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  27. Meant to come back to this. I will never pay to see these guys live again. I got tickets to their show during that 20 dollar thing Ticketmaster did a while back so wasn't a huge deal but anyways. From when the lights went out to when they went off was an hour and 45 minutes. They played 15 songs. They spent more time pulling people up on stage and talking than actually playing music. They were worse than Shinedown. The only thing that saved it for me was they played From Yesterday in full which was apparently the first time they had done that in years. Also they did The Kill full band as well which was nice since last time I saw it acoustic. Another thing that drove me nuts too was they had this giant LED screen behind them and either over used it or didn't use it at all. It seemed like they either played in the dark or used so many lights I couldn't see anything. In case you are wondering: Monolith Up In The Air Kings and Queens This is war Dangerous NIght Do or die Hail to the Victor Great Wide Open Rescue Me Live like a Dream From Yesterday Remedy (Shannon sang) The Kill Walk on Water Closer to the Edge
  28. Him and Anthony Green are such good promoters of the genre because of that
  29. Just randomly came across them again in my playlist so why not give an update. Their 2nd EP came out a year ago. They have a more pop rock sound now. Maybe they did before, I cant remember nor can I find the old ep.
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