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  2. Hahaha. And I've noticed that those in an uproar are the same that love to use that term the most. I haven't dropped it on them yet but it's coming.
  3. The person who wanted all their sports channels stripped away also made sure to tell me how the Republicans were the ones who freed the slaves.
  4. uh, is Strowman a face no? Or was Enzo was still a face and he is just a huge douche? either way I need a 15 minute Strowman vs Enzo street fight please
  5. I feel sorry for all the little snowflakes bothered by an inoffensive, peaceful protest by a bunch of minorities who just wanna be treated like everyone else.
  6. People are fucking nuts, man. Some people just live to be angry.
  7. Can’t you just tell them to not watch? Jesus, some people.
  8. It is I, defender of WM 19, here to stand up for this great injustice. Let's do a rundown. Hardy v. Mysterio: Best cruiserweight match ever at Mania (were there even that many?). Solid story, fun spots, quick sprint. Good opener. Undertaker v. Two Big Dudes: Worst match on the show but tbh it's not even THAT bad and at least it's pretty quick with a fun run-in from a talentless jerkoff. Far from Taker's worst Mania match because, dude, have you SEEN that atrocity with Giant Gonzalez? I'd take this over the overlong boring shitbrawls he has in his first two Triple H matches too. Women's Triple Threat: Passable but not noteworthy, basically the best you can ask of an 2000's Women's match in WWE. Triple Threat Tag Match: NOW it's getting good. Five awesome wrestlers, and Rhyno, having a super fun match. Easily three and a half stars, if not more. Show's picking up. HBK v. Y2J: Need I say more? Show-stealer, awesome match, would be best of the night on most PPVs but not this time. HHH v. Booker T: Okay the ending sucks brutally but this is still one of Triple H's less offensive Mania matches and despite HHH's history with momentum killing, the show manages to stay strong through this match. Hogan v. Vince: Now is where I start really taking issue with your opinion. Hogan's "CLASSIC" at Mania X8? That's a crowd-made classic. It was an average match with a hot fucking crowd. You know what this was? An AWESOME street fight. Vince knows how to take a beating and this match may have the best reason for Hogan to come back to WWE. Watch it again with fresh eyes, this match is a blast. Rock v. Austin: Forgotten match? For you, maybe. This is the best of the Rock/Austin series because it feels intensely personal, and unlike their WM X7 encounter, it isn't marred by an offensive and nonsensical booking decision. These guys always brought out the best in each other and this is the best Rock/Austin match bar none, in my opinion. Not even to get into the emotional aspect of this essentially being the swan song for both guys. Brock v. Kurt: Obviously awesome, we all know that. No Wrestlemania is awesome top to bottom but this show is consistently good to great, has three MOTY candidates in it plus an all time street fight. Only Wrestlemanias 17 (overrated but still a good show), 21, and 30 are in the same atmosphere as this one.
  9. I'm a little annoyed because I've had three cable customers in the last two days that I'm aware of contact us to have either NFL removed from their cable package and in one customer's case, all sports channels, because they're protesting against the protest. The latter customer's husband served in the military and they felt it was disrespectful, which while I kind of get where they're coming from, I think they're also missing the point of why it's being done. Not that it matters because we can't just strip away individual channels from their package anyway, so we end up not doing anything for them, and they walk away angry and with a grudge against us for "siding" with the protesters. It's a very uncomfortable position to be in. Me, personally? I feel like the teams have every right to protest how they want if it's not actively disturbing anyone as a result. Everything else is just noise.
  10. Man, you're real defensive over a crappy TV show.
  11. I'm guessing you didn't see Daredevil Season 2, but when he showed up there Bernthal nailed it as a combination of that give-no-fucks guy you describe and a guy who is actually fairly affable and even likable when it's just him with people he has no beef with. His scenes with Daredevil and with Karen are very touching and demonstrate that underneath the hard exterior, Frank Castle is a haunted and broken man who is maybe only alive out of spite than any real self-preservation. I'm very happy to see his further adventures, and Karen shows up in this show too, so I'm sure we'll see both the dark and the lighter sides of Frank.
  12. Are those people here? Cause if so, we should root them out and salvage their parts for future usage in the coming apocalypse.
  13. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. Punisher is an exceedingly hard character to do right, especially in a series, and I understand that even the comics have more miss runs than hits. There's a conflict in people who want to see him as this badass vigilante who gives no fucks and kills bad guys in a violent spectacle, and those who prefer his character as a tragic figure who is ultimately a total piece of shit that struggles to carry a narrative as the main protagonist. The trailer leaned a little heavier in the former direction than is to my tastes. Still, great, great casting choice.
  14. That was a fascinating segment from every angle. Only thing I would change is, if it was supposed to be a double turn, having Neville drop his heel cadence, since the crowd seemed confused about how to react. But everything else was great. The weirdness of it being the main event, Enzo being such a great natural heel, Neville being amazing, it's just really ambitious stuff that you don't see anymore. It's the kind of thing that feels like a potential turning point for the division, depending on the flow through. If Neville's going to the main roster, and it's just more goofy angles and bathroom break Raw matches, all you accomplished was Enzo totally burying the entire division. If you're going to actually start presenting the main guys and their matches and important and giving Raw viewers a reason to be interested in watching 205 Live (which by all accounts is a decent show), combined with some of the great smaller guys in NXT maybe coming in (Hideo, Gargano, Almas, Black, Strong), it could become a much-needed highlight on Raw. Shit, throw Finn in there for some added credibility, it's not like his never-ending feud with Wyatt is doing him any favors.
  15. God the end of Raw was great. Say what you want about Enzo but at least people care about the division a little now and it’s so satisfying to see him get beat up.
  16. Also the flag is supposed to symbolize "liberty and justice for all." What they're protesting is directly related to that. Your hypothetical McDonald's wage protest presumably has nothing to do with what the moment of silence is for.
  17. Your version of a protest is much more invasive and intrusive to other people wanting to show their reverence than silent protest. They're not interfering with other players' ability to honor the flag/anthem how they so choose.
  18. I love how ruiner only listens to highbrow music and only watches highbrow tv shows but also he watches pro wrestling. Yeah go figure. Stop talking shit please.
  19. NFL has lots of problems anyway. Declining attendance and tv ratings and people turned off because of the violence. Fantasy Football geeks are the main thing keeping it alive. The return to LA has been a disaster so far in terms of interest.
  20. Didnt deserve 2 downvotes. Who cares if YOU arent interested, Plenty of people are. Fuck off.
  21. Shes too old to be kicking any ass. I hope they realize that and dont have her doing crazy shit.
  22. The players have the freedom of speech to protest under the first amendment, the problem is the people cheering them on and supporting them only support free speech and the first amendment if they agree with it.
  23. All hail Aaron Judge! 50 home runs as a rookie to break McGwire's record
  24. I am completely apathetic to what the players want to do during the anthem. If they want to stand, if they want to sit, if they want to go Odell and imitate pissing on the floor, if they want to talk to their teammates, it's all the same to me.
  25. Two questions... 1. Did you all see the kick-ass trailer for The Punisher? 2. Did you all hear that THE Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, is returning for James Cameron's new Terminator?
  26. Yeah that's pretty brilliant. She must've gotten advice from Awesome Kong.
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