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  3. The one-two punch of "Some People" and "Done" are the highlight of this for me. Really good record though.
  4. Come to Dolly is feeling blessed. 21 hrs · Come to Dolly are extremely proud to announce becoming part of the Zombie Shark Records family. We look forward to working with the L.A based label and have an exciting year ahead of us.
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  6. Aquaman trailer was terrible. Tons of CGI water and more CGI. Looked liked the Justice League movie. Shazam. Intriguing premise. Looked promising. Godzilla. Didnt show much. Looked like the last Godzilla movie which was disappointing cuz I expected something completely different.
  7. This is pretty good. I can hear the emo influence mixed with hardcore but its not as poppy as New Found Glory. It sounds like Citizen or Basement or Boston Manor. Theres a lot of bands who have a similar style.
  8. I loved their first album and saw them open for New Found Glory last year. They brought tons of awesome energy and I really see potential in these guys. I'm backlogged a few months with new albums, but I'm really looking forward to hearing this new one in the future.
  9. Those were awesome! 311 is my second all-time favorite band and The Offspring is somewhere in my Top 10. I wish more bands would do this kind of thing.
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  11. This album is really solid. I enjoyed the hell out of their first one, but this one is a step in a good direction. I’m getting a lot of early Silverstein vibes with this one. @xeph @NinjaNick101 @Lucas @pen I think you all would enjoy this album.
  12. Release Date: July 20, 2018 Track List1. Inside Out2. Shade3. Nothing New4. Old Soul5. Controlled Burn6. Don't Open Your Eyes7. Crown Shyness8. Silence9. Undermine10. Love, Hate, React, Relate
  13. New EP "Private Room" out September 7th......
  14. Those are amazing!!!
  15. Japanese Bonus Tracks are on YouTube.
  16. Great song!
  17. What Pen said. That's literally the first line of my post.
  18. These guys are putting out some great new stuff:
  19. Self-titled album now coming out September 21. 1. The Armour You Own 2. The Real You 3. Change 4. Running Out of Time 5. We Own the Light 6. Heartline 7. Ladders for Leaders 8. Trade Places 9. Say It Won't Be Long 10. Home Here's another single:
  20. I think I like this song more than anything on their last album.
  21. Adelitas Way - Drifting......
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