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  2. Welsh "ragga metal" and SKINDRED will release its new album, "Big Tings", on April 27 via Napalm Records. On the same day, a single, "Machine", will be made available, featuring vocals by REEF frontman Gary Stringer and guitar by Phil Campbell of MOTÖRHEAD. The track was previously used as both the intro and outro theme to AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson's TV show "Cars That Rock".
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  4. - P.O.D. are one step closer to their next album return, announcing their signing with the Mascot Label Group. In a new video, the band reveal that they are working on new tunes and tentatively hope to have an album out this summer.
  5. Steelers OC Todd Haley's gone.
  6. It feels weird because they have so much success and longevity but there’s justification to fire both because you can easily argue they should have even more success than they’d had and are squandering some of the golden years for their teams.
  7. I can't even come to grips with the idea of Tomlin being fired but I could see the justification for it. Seems as weird as Mike McCarthy getting fired.
  8. Judging from what I’ve heard so far, I agree with you.
  9. Yeah a lot of the coordinators still coaching are spoken for and as much as they can say they’re not distracted I don’t think it’s humanly possible to not look ahead. Speaking Harbaugh, I heard rumblings from a podcast I listen to of guys who write for the official Patriots website that Harbaugh would by far be Kraft’s choice to replace Belichick it and when he leaves so maybe there’s a potential deal there between the Ravens and Pats.
  10. I think Tomlin should be fired but I don't think he will be. Especially if Todd Haley is gone since they can use him as a scapegoat for a lot. Also, is it me or is it really odd to have so many current coordinators committed to jobs elsewhere? I remember when most of the time teams would deny interview requests while the teams were still playing to avoid distractions. Speaking of coaching, I fully expect John Harbaugh to be canned after next season unless they go deep in the playoffs. I think the stupid DC promotion of Wink Martindale instead of getting Pagano was to help prevent a midseason firing.
  11. It depends on who they'd get to replace him. I wouldn't do it for a Mularkey. But there's no doubt that his mediocre coaching as squandered a team who has had dynasty potential in terms of talent.
  12. I think it might be better than Smile.
  13. I’m excited for this upcoming Friday. I have a feeling I’m going to like this record a lot.
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  15. I still will always prefer the first Media Lab record but Ive talked to Sean online and he's an awesome dude so Ill always support all of his projects.
  16. Y'all think Mike Tomlin should be fired? I guess there's been some pressure for Art Rooney to get rid of him. I think it's amazing that this team has had only three coaches in the last 50 years. For that reason, I don't see them making a change. Also, all of the big potential coaches are already accounted for with new teams. While I think Tomlin is very overrated and always for some reason gets spoken in the same breath as the elite coaches when he shouldn't, you can't deny he's had lots of success over the years. Super Bowl champs before and they're always a lock for 10 wins and a playoff appearance. I think if a good coaching candidate comes out in the future they should definitely consider it but as far as this offseason goes, I'd keep him if I were the owner.
  17. It has come to light that Sean Payton got caught mocking the fans doing the skol chant right before Marcus Williams turned face and helped the Vikings win. Gotta love it. No word on if he was doing a choking gesture after the game (like he did to Devonta Freeman) and no word on if he was dancing with a broom in the locker room (like after they beat Carolina) cause the Vikings sweeped them in two games.
  18. Release Date: January 19, 2018 01. Young and Menace02. Champion03. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea04. HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T05. The Last of the Real Ones06. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)07. Church08. Heavens Gate09. Sunshine Riptide (feat. Burna Boy)10. Bishops Knife Trick
  19. Chrome Neon Jesus out March 9th.
  20. The two most recent updates I've seen regarding HC for Colts and Titans are:'s Ian Rapoport reports Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is expected to accept the Colts' head-coaching vacancy. Rapsheet reported mere hours ago that McDaniels would "prefer the Titans over all coaching jobs." Apparently that's either not true or he is too far along in the process with Indy to turn back. McDaniels cannot formally be hired until the Patriots' playoff run is through. Accepting the Colts job would be going all in on Andrew Luck's healthy return from his shoulder odyssey. Rams OC Matt LaFleur will interview for the Titans' head-coaching vacancy on Thursday. LaFleur just wrapped up his first season as offensive coordinator after coaching the Falcons' QBs under OC Kyle Shanahan the previous two seasons. 38-year-old LaFleur is an outside-the-box name but one that is certainly worthy of consideration after what the Rams were able to do offensively under Sean McVay. LaFleur may not be ready for the jump, but many thought the same of McVay. LaFleur has learned under some of the brightest offensive minds in the sport.
  21. I have tickets to the show in Lincoln...saw BB's set list from the first few shows and they aren't even playing Red Cold River
  22. Cranberries was actually the first ever concert I went to along with Collective Soul as the opening act back in the summer of '98. So sad to hear the news about Dolores as she's gone much much too young.
  23. Don't the Giants already have one of the worst farm systems in the league? And now they're trading away prospects.
  24. Andrew McCutchen traded to the Giants for some prospects.
  25. What makes you think this?
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