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  2. Bump! My favorites: Lustration, Premonition of the Hex, Tunnel Vision, and Flesh and Bone. This might be 2017 AOTY contender.
  3. So this totally slipped my radar until I saw they are touring with see that. This album is definitely solid. I love Long Way Home and Tusk and Bone so far after one listen.
  4. They used the most annoying text alert sound.
  5. Yesterday
  6. LOL
  7. Well looks like I better look ahead to another Red concert in the near future, these songs are killer
  8. CHELSEA WOLFE // 'HISS SPUN' // 9-22-2017 // doom metal/folk // sargent house
  9. I finally got a listen of this in yesterday and quite enjoyed it. Will be listening to it more for sure.
  10. well shit. my search somehow missed it or i'm blind... my bad dawg. @pen, feel free to delete this travesty.
  11. Chevelle to win it all!
  12. Otherwise are consistently good to listen to, so I'll definitely be giving this a spin.
  13. hardest matchup of the entire tourney so far
  14. No sophomore slump here, this album is as good if not better than their debut. Down in the Trenches, Cast in Stone, Beneath the Riverbed, Turnin' the Page and Jaded Eyes are the standouts for me.
  15. I have a free download code for this album, anyone want it?
  16. Definitely a thread for this one fam
  17. Yet another tough choice. Have to side with Highly Suspect.
  18. Somewhere out there, a band who is very competent at what they do and do well have single tears rolling from their eyes and whispering, "I'm sorry Koldes, we'll try harder."
  19. Battle of the riffs: I give Metallica the slightest edge here.
  20. Both bands are excellent, but I chose From Ashes To New.
  21. ^ What he said.
  22. I chose The Word Alive. Not an easy choice, though.
  23. Song is really good.
  24. 2 for 2. Song is incredible.
  25. I'll check it out. Any variation or is it standard active rock style formula?
  26. Never really got into these guys but this song is great.
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