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  2. I listened to this and midway through I forgot it wasn't Scott.
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  4. Just from these three songs, I can also say that this might be my favorite album of the year. Keep in mind, by the time the year is over, I may have listened to over 150 albums by then. I haven't been this excited for a new release in quite some time.
  5. "The Last of the Real Ones" kind of grew on me, so I'm 1/4 as this one is literally a straight up Maroon 5 sounding Pop song. I doubt no song they ever make in the future will be as bad as "Young and Menace" for me, but this is another one that I would be fine never hearing again.
  6. It feels like much longer than eight years since their last full-length release. This song definitely makes me look forward for their new material. Might be their best that I've heard in over a decade.
  7. ^ Yeah. I don't love the song and I'm sure there will be better ones in the future. If their goal was to get someone to sound exactly like Scott, they definitely succeeded.
  8. I've asked this question on both sites. I pre-ordered the album. But they are still promoting it. If I had to guess its gonna be released and then they are on their own...
  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  11. Seahawks lose Kam Chancellor for the year after losing Richard Sherman. Two big blows to their D.
  12. No surprise there. I assume it's never coming out now.
  13. I got into an argument with someone about how he got dementia from all the booze he drank and they were telling me no and I was like yeah alcohol can cause dementia look it up.
  14. AC/DC Founder and Guitarist. Unfortunate.
  15. Looks like the main difference is that in the game humans turned into the monsters and thats obviously not the case here. Also they are playing up the gorilla as the "star" of the 3 monsters. I can see why they are doing that from the trailer but obviously that has nothing to do with the game, the gorilla being the star of the 3. Keeping the lizard hidden for most of the trailer seems like a good strategy I guess. The game wasnt anything deep or exciting, just a fun time waster or quarter muncher. Heres a little bit of nostalgia for you. The sequel (I dont even remember there being a sequel) on the N64. Appearantly there were a whole bunch of sequels that I dont even remember cuz I was busy playing better games lol.
  16. Good for her I guess, but I'd much rather have a new Ra record.
  17. It looks... like they combined Godzilla with Mighty Joe Young. I don't know, it's the kind of thing where the lack of a plot for the source material can either work for it or against it. The trailer is fine, but not enough to not make me skeptical of the whole scenario.
  18. Catchy.
  19. So I was really skeptical of this because they took an old game with no plot that no one remembers and use the name but it looks kinda good to me.
  20. He keeps saying Downplay isnt dead but it doesnt seem like he has the time for it.
  21. The first album was pretty good (not good enough to make it into Music Madness that year btw) but they only did like 1 tour on it and that was it.
  22. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the popular YouTube star drummer who does all the rock covers.....welll she's releasing her first album with a kickstarter. The best part of this news is, Sahaj Ticotin from Ra is producing, writing, and singing on the entire record. Having him involved has me intrigued. From Ra's Facebook page:
  23. The song is growing on me and I think that acoustic version helped.
  24. Haha yes, that's true. Can't they just both lose?
  25. Because Goodell is a bigger one. Are you forgetting I'm a Patriots fan? Plus I had Zeke! Come on Jamie!
  26. Why do you want Jerry to bury Goodell? Jerry is kinda a selfish asshat.
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  28. Just wait until Teaser 10!
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