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  2. Streaming to Plex uses your local home network only. It is fine and can't be detected by anyone. Andrew hit the nail right on the head with the VPN. I use that very same VPN to get around blackouts.
  3. Apparently nobody can fucking read
  4. Look, I grew out of being sanctimonious and preachy about piracy a long time ago, but when you go all "woe is me" because the man is stopping poor innocent you from pirating, you're kinda asking for it And if you really want to get into it, the same network that flagged you is literally on the verge of canceling Ash vs Evil Dead, a highly-demanded, well-received show that a lot of people work very hard on, specifically because everybody is pirating it instead of watching on Starz. I understand that it's just the way of the world now, everybody does it, etc but at least be honest that it's at least a tiny bit of a dick move
  5. That's a great idea but after the fifth hour I do think there should be an intermission so fans in attendance and people watching at home can stand up and move around for a minute to avoid getting a blood clot and then after that we can continue with the final three hours. 01. Reigns vs. Lesnar 02. Styles vs. Nakamura 03. Cena vs. Undertaker 04. Angle/Rousey vs. Triple H/Stephanie 05. Bryan vs. Zayn 06. Shane vs. Owens 07. Charlotte vs. Asuka 08. Miz vs. Rollins vs. Balor 09. Bliss vs. Nia 10. The Bar vs. Strowman 11. Women's battle royal 12. Orton vs. Roode vs. Mahal 13. Men's battle royal 14. Usos vs. Bludgeon Brothers vs. New Day 15. Cruiserweight Title match Remember that time when you said Big E was going to be the next John Cena? This comment right here might be dumber than that. Daniel Bryan should instantly return to main event level on Raw preferably but if not I guess SD. He shouldn't be insulted by being on the C-show like when WWE put Kurt Angle on ECW to keep him far away from the intimidated Triple H. You called him Paul!
  6. Bill Gates walks by you and accidentally drops a quarter on the ground. You pick it up and run away with it. You impacted the financial situation of Bill Gates as much as one pirate impacts the financial situation of a TV station. You know, it's weird...I can sit at the computer for an hour or longer browsing different websites and feel fine. But when it comes to watching something for an extended period of time, I get uncomfortable and prefer to sit or lay on the couch. Plus, the quality of a download is better than the quality of a stream.
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  8. This is good stuff.
  9. I’m liking this band. Hopefully I can find it on Google Play.
  10. Yep sounds like metal core.
  11. Why don't you stream the content instead of downloading it?
  12. I watched Blade Runner 2049 again. I've been reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? lately and watching this it occurred to me that, writing-wise neither of these movies have shit on that book, which is kind of distracting and at times cheapens the deal, mainly during parts where the writing threatens to get clichéd. But holy hell, what a beautiful movie. That climax in the car, even on repeat viewings, makes my hair stand up, barely able to contain my nerding out. Fucking perfect bit of filmmaking there.
  13. Like I said, it'd be a horrible move for business. I'm just saying it'd make for some damn good TV. Obviously all the best guys can't go to Triple H's network shows, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't result in better TV. The easier fix for that is to let Paul run the TV shows more people watch, but it's not like that's gonna happen.
  14. That’s a terrible idea...
  15. What if they put him on 205 Live? Again, pretty damn idiotic business wise, but if they really want to keep him away from Reigns... I bet you anything he'd be all for it, and it'd instantly make it a must-watch show for anybody with the network (it's really damn good already, but literally the only draw it has is word-of-mouth). The thought of getting Bryan vs Strong and Bryan vs Gulak (and Bryan vs Neville?) makes my mouth water. *this isn't anything I expect to happen even a little bit, I'm just having fun fantasy booking all the cool things you could do with Daniel Bryan. Damn is it exciting to maybe have him back.
  16. I've seen it suggested that Shane will work the whole match and they'd heavily build up to his hot tag to Bryan... and then Bryan drops from the apron, watches as Zayn and Owens kick his ass. Story-wise... that's actually pretty damn solid, but booking-wise it'd be one of the stupidest things ever done by a wrestling company, which tells me I shouldn't rule out WWE doing something like that.
  17. The Owens/Zayn/Shane/Bryan storyline is literally the only storyline I’ve cared about in the last 6 months because for me it felt obvious that they were building up to Bryan’s return at Wrestlemania and I’m glad it’s going in that direction. I’ve thought all along it would end up being Shane vs Bryan but after what happened last week it seems obvious that it’ll be Bryan and Shane vs Owens and Zayn. That match is not ideal but I’ll take any Daniel Bryan match, I’m just happy to see him in the ring again. Heres hoping he is indeed coming back though and that WWE isn’t just planning to give fans some blue balls. Ive sat through hours of shitty Smackdown to see his mediocre and sloppy comeback storyline and I hope it’s not for nothing.
  18. lol
  19. If they absolutely have to have Bryan at Mania, they should just splinter the story into two singles matches. Have Owens and Shane settle their business in a street fight or something, and Sami Zayn and Bryan can have a singles match. The card is already overloaded, but just push one or two of the crappy matches to the pre-show or just cancel it altogether. You can make room for the return of your biggest star.
  20. That's exactly what I was thinking. It's actually kind of a theme on the reddit thread for this song. Really not bad, but it doesn't sound like Underoath.
  21. I like it more than "On My Teeth".
  22. Breaking Benjamin Shinedown Chevelle Muse Bullet for my Valentine Like A Storm TremontiSaint Asonia
  23. We are so close to WrestleMania and announcing Bryan's return so close would be a waste. This needs proper build-up and a return in a tag match is dumb. If he is indeed wrestling, they should just make it a handicapped match and then Shane announces Bryan as his surprise partner live at the show. And it's a damn shame he isn't wrestling the Miz. That's the big storyline right there.
  24. I definitely have to think about it a little. I might just scour the internet for download sites that aren't torrents whenever I want something. I have all the regular channels on TV, I get Amazon Prime from my mom and I get HBO Go and Netflix from a friend. So with the exception of a few things on Showtime and the one show I watch on Hulu and Starz, I actually don't download much. I haven't downloaded music on torrents in years and I never download movies. I really only use torrents for shows. It's a shame this all happened to me when this is such a victimless crime.
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  26. Add Blue October to my list.
  27. The Wonder Years, Underoath, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Sevendust, The Story So Far (possible), Beartooth (possible), A Perfect Circle
  28. I got two strikes from AT&T for downloading before I got a VPN, and they haven't so much as sniffed me since then. Could be a coincidence, but VPNs are generally regarded as the definitive way to pirate safely. The one I linked you is among the most recommended and easiest to use as well. I understand being nervous but this is the way to go if you don't wanna cut the pirate cord, so to speak.
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