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  2. I do stand for NFL players to do whatever they want in the national anthem. That's not going to change my opinion on certain people. They're not disrespecting the flag. They just disrespect their disrespectful leader*, who has nothing better to do than tweet bullcrap and go to red states calling out those who hate him and his crooked policies.
  3. Anyone else think all these players, coaches and owners protesting the anthem are massive hypocrites? Last week six people took a knee and now because Trump was talking smack 200+ people all of a sudden pretend to care about the stuff Kaepernick and others have been taking a knee for for a year. They're essentially sticking it to the president under the guise of caring about police brutality against black people.
  4. Yeah that sucked too and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember his push being that big. Sure the match took place at Mania but it felt more like an afterthought WM match than Booker's big debut as a main eventer. Although he definitely should've won. Booker T and DDP were instant credible main eventers when they came to WWE and sadly WWE fucked them both up. Luckily Booker T stuck around long enough to eventually become a top guy. I always felt like WM19 was an overrated WM show. The main event and HBK/Y2J were obviously great and I'm sure some of the forgotten undercard matches were good but overall I didn't like the show very much. Rock/Austin wasn't that good and was weirdly a forgotten match, Booker T losing was dumb, Hogan's match was so upsetting to see coming off his classic one year earlier and Taker had his most bullshit WM match I've seen of his.
  5. Gavin can dance right on out of the tournament because Sick Puppies released their best album
  6. There really is no loser in this round.
  7. Booker T losing at WrestleMania 19 was the worst.
  8. - Jeff Hardy tore his rotator cuff and will be out for six months. - Maria is pregnant so if you weren't convinced Mike Bennett's WWE career is over yet, there ya go.
  9. That's the worst part about it. Like where does he go from here that isn't a disappointment? This is like if Benoit had not won in the main event of WM20 or if Goldberg lost to Hogan. Forgive my old ass references but WWE never properly builds someone like this so I don't have anything recent to compare it to. The closest proper build I can think of is Ryback who was getting very over but that got ruined when they strapped the rocket to his back and put him in a PPV main event with Punk. Yeah I agree with this. Cena/Reigns was very boring for the first few minutes, got pretty good near the middle and then near the end it got kinda boring again. And I wasn't a fan of the main event either. Brock's first bad match this year.
  10. What really sucks about WWE's tunnel vision is that they had an organically over powerhouse that the fans are ready to love and instead they fed him to the beast just to keep Plan Roman on track. Both main events sucked last night to be honest. Brock/Joe was a substantially better match than Brock/Strowman.
  11. Young Sheldon premiers tonight. Get the laugh track ready...
  12. Anyone have a Can Am Spyder (3 wheeled motorcycle) or know anyone who has one or has rode one ? I was looking into them but they are kind of expensive and I cant afford one plus have a car so I'd have to get a used one. As a fun weekend type of thing it seems good but as a solid car replacement it doesnt seem like a good idea I think especially since our winters we get snow and that could be a disaster.
  13. This has me excited to give this a listen.
  14. This album rips and needs to have a thread. 1. Walk Away Slowly 2. Bouquet 3. Arms Like Teeth 4. No Servant of Mine 5. Haunt Me 6. Swim Beneath My Skin 7. Thieves 8. Rope 9. A Memory Misread 10. Fragile Limbs 11. You're Not You Anymore
  15. It's definitely varied from their other records. "Suffer" opens with a piano intro. "Sleeping Lions" chorus sounds reminiscent of new era Korn. "Weapons," "Close to the Gods," and "Dead in the Air" have some electronic sounding elements going on throughout the songs. "Beautiful Monster" has a hip hop sounding beat in the verses and a rocking chorus. "Blame" has a really cool sound at the beginning. It's a well rounded record in my opinion. There's some heavier and lighter songs, some singing and some screaming. It's not my favorite album of the year, but as of now it'll probably be in the top ten for sure.
  16. It won't. Seeing him sit there leaning on the announcers table in defeat took out any of the "monster" he had in him. Honestly it happened with Samoa Joe too. He talked this big game, beat the crap out of Lesnar the whole match and then one little F-5 out of nowhere beats him. It took all his legitimacy away. At this point Lesnar is doing way more harm than good but WWE has this tunnel vision of getting Reigns to be "the guy" that they're willing to demolish everyone around them just so Reigns can get his 100th coronation that everyone boos.
  17. I'm not going to be dramatic and say Strowman is dead or anything, but he'll never ever be as hot as he just was again. If they really want the dumbass Roman match, should've just had Strowman win here and then Lesnar can win the rematch at the Rumble. I don't doubt he'll win it at some point, but it won't be the same.
  18. Bingo. After being shocked about the ending to the main event, I was wondering why Lesnar won and fucking Reigns is why Lesnar won. Clearly they're setting up Reigns over Lesnar for WM so Reigns can get yet another lame WrestleMania Moment ending. And now with Brock likely on vacation, there's no world champ for a few months. On the bright side, Brock has had a damn solid title run (way better than his last one) and since Balor messed things up last year, the Universal title has added a ton of credibility with the champs that followed. I just don't get it though. Since saving his career by being split from Wyatt, Strowman has been on a slow and steady build towards winning the title last night. He improved in the ring, got in better shape, developed a character and spent months squashing hapless jobbers before transitioning to the main roster where Big Show put him over like a champ during three big time Raw main events. He beat Reigns two or three times. This is good, solid Goldberg and Kurt Angle-like build-up that you don't see nowadays. He was ready for the belt.
  19. So we get yet another Reigns' coronation just to set up yet another coronation at WM. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  20. 2/2 for me too. Apparently Losing Control was co-written by Dustin Bates (Starset lead singer). Great stuff.
  21. Really enjoying this album. Dude has a fantastic voice, maybe my favorite in today's current music world this side of Dallas Green
  22. Jesus, I hear that the show's going well, I tune in, it immediately goes off a fucking cliff. EDIT: Lesnar/Strowman was at least good, but what a dud of a finish. Strowman absolutely should've won, and if not, it should've taken more than one F5 to put him away.
  23. Man, that Roman/John match was shitty. What a blown opportunity for something memorable.
  24. Last week
  25. About goddamn time.
  26. "Who We Are" is one I'm really loving after more listens. Great lyrics, awesome riffs at the bridge. At the moment I'd rank it my second favorite on the album.
  27. New Ashes Remain,Album Let The Light In out 10-27.
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