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  2. That new song was decent. Love to hear some new DC.
  3. Heavy.
  4. December 14th, the end of internet freedom could happen: Seriously, I hate this administration. They're continuing to undo every single freakin' thing Obama has done in favor of corporations. Making America great again must mean run it by crooks like the Dubya days and watch it crash and burn.
  5. I wanted to listen to Point of Origin on my commute this morning but could only find their Allele EP on Spotify. I hate how they reworked their original tracks... The original album sounds better IMO...more raw and dark, less produced.
  6. Yup...Any thoughts on this album that this thread is about, though?
  7. Well yeah, 'Losing Sleep" should have been a major major hit.
  8. Yesterday
  9. New song out
  10. I would. I haven't listened to Lostprophets since Ian confessed. I'm not going to judge people for being able to separate art from artist, but no one is wrong for not being able to either. I do think that drugs are not an excuse for abusive behavior and even if someone was different in the past, they have to own that for the rest of their lives, and understand they are not entitled to forgiveness. Lastly, Jonny has always been a piece of shit.
  11. People need to put controversy aside. we are all music lovers here. Stop reading about bands and their backstories. Be in it for the music. If an article came out tomorrow stating Chester Bennington molested a little girl would everyone stop listening to linkin park? also everyone needs to remember a band is a group of people....not just one person. So this news is unfortunate for slaves. An accusasion ruins careers...this isn’t just Jonny Craig we are talking about. Also every needs to remember drugs can turn people into a complete different person. Jonny then may not be Jonny now. Thats my two cents
  12. OC Mike McCoy fired by Broncos.
  13. Still Remains one of my favs.
  14. Looks like In My Coma's sophomore album finally came out. I missed it, a couple months ago. Their first one, 'Magnets & Miracles' is one of my top 10 favorite albums from the past 15 years, it's amazing. I'm prioritizing this one to check it out asap. I hope it's even half as good as the first. Here's a couple tracks from the album I saw on YT
  15. Interesting read I came across. Ill pull some quotes from it.
  16. Oh pretty damn good. That chick in the first video is amazing. Seems like they have an old school Theory of a Deadman vibe going IDK.
  17. Nothing will top Stitches for me. That song is so dark and puts me in the right spot. That being said, this new song is pretty good.
  18. Album Built To Burn out now
  19. Oh right, I remember that one now.
  20. In case you were still waiting...
  21. No, they did, called International Superhits, but that was put out before American Idiot. Enough time has passed to where a new one makes sense.
  22. Artwork is very cool and yes I know what you mean it reminds you of.
  23. I thought Green Day already had a greatest hits album but I guess I was wrong.
  24. One of the better song off of Revolution Radio but this version just doesn't do anything for me.
  25. I'm looking forward to this but I don't know if they'll ever make an album I love as much as Songs To Burn Your Bridges By.
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