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  2. I watched the first episode of Counterpart last night and came away extremely impressed. The premise seems like it was ripped right out of the mind of J.J. Abrams, the story seems like it could go in an infinite number of exciting directions but really the story is about J.K. Simmons who shines in this and makes the human stuff as enjoyable to watch as the sci-fi stuff. While it's possible it might not be as good as I continue the series, just going by the pilot, I'd put it right up there with The Handmaid's Tale, Billions and Stranger Things as one of the best new shows that has premiered over the past two years.
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  4. Light This City have a new one coming out.
  5. Danny Woodhead also retiring.
  6. What a dang good surprise. This song is on par to a lot of Korn’s newer stuff for me, if not better. Really excited for this now
  7. Soilwork!
  8. Yeah, add Godsmack, Muse, Frank Turner, Pearl Jam, 30 Seconds, and Snow Patrol to my list.
  9. For artists that have confirmed release dates: Jack White, STP, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Wonder Years, Breaking Benjamin, Underoath, Pennywise, Godsmack, Frank Turner, Shinedown, CHVRCHES, Snow Patrol. For probable/rumored albums to come out later this year: Muse, The Offspring, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins.
  10. There's some concern about Hulk's screen time though some are speculating he was in the Hulkbuster suit.
  11. Man I actually think this is their best lead single that i have heard in awhile! It has a little bit of everything that I love about Sevendust. Give me more!
  12. The Russos have generally been very good at nailing the tone of their movies so I'm not particularly concerned about IW being too jokey.
  13. Death to your movement! Wait, wrong "Cutthroat". This is really good, too.
  14. This is so cool
  15. I mean, at least Spider-Man should be as that's how he deals with fear.
  16. So weird that these guys are actually back. Here I thought throwing pennies in mall fountains never worked. New song rocks. Hope there's an album soon.
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  18. A little humor will be fine because the tone of these movies to this point has been pretty light for the most part, but it's really going to take me out of it if everybody's cracking snarky jokes as they are desperately trying to stop the destruction of the universe.
  19. I know that's not really a genre but that's what they have at Facebook and I'm not good at defining genres. Maybe they're metalcore?
  20. Calling it right now, the movie will end with Thanos' infamous finger snap. It has to.
  21. I think we are being tricked and set up. Just because it looks like Corvus Glave takes Vision's Infinity stone and Ebony Maw takes Dr Strange's stone, that doesn't mean they kill them and Im gonna bet that could be the case. We see them both in pain but that could mean they are crying about their stones being taken and not crying about being killed. Plus isnt there 2 parts to this movie ? That means no one could die in part 1 and in part 2 is when it does happen.
  22. I'd be perfectly fine seeing Doctor Strange die. With the possible exception of Hawkeye, he very well could be the most boring MCU superhero. His movie did nothing for me, I have no interest in seeing a sequel and it's not like it did huge numbers at the box office. Ragnarok was a good movie so I'm not knocking it but Thor 1 and 2 were the worst the MCU had to offer so it's not really much of an accomplishment that Ragnarok did better than them. And there was waaaaaaay too much humor in GOTG 2 and Ragnarok but I didn't have a problem with any of the comedy in this trailer. Star-Lord's line to Tony was the best part of the trailer.
  23. Believe it or not I actually do not agree with this person here and when I saw this written I was quite shocked. Most people who complain about modern fx are nostalgic people and they tend to be older obviously. For the record, I dont think he looks bad at all, but Doomsday definitely looked horrible IMO and I think most agreed with that. Same with Steppenwolf. Infinity War’s Thanos proves CGI supervillains are a terrible idea
  24. Really awesome track here. Can't wait for more!
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