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  2. Two months ago, Owens offered to have Strowman’s back. He responded by practically killing him for 8 straight weeks. You had this coming Braun...
  3. I don’t know what kind of fucked up WWE logic they’re gonna come up with to sell that Shield beatdown as a non-heel move.
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  5. So, I went back to their first album today and man was it so good. Then re-listened to the new songs here and just not as good to be honest. I still like them, just not as good as their debut.
  6. Yeah, that was a fun ride. I didn't ever honestly expect his solo stuff to really entice me, but glad to be proven wrong on my assumptions.
  7. I agree. One listen in and it was pretty solid! Definitely going to keep spinning it.
  8. Normally I HATE when new wrestlers just copy old wrestlers...the Kingdom in ROH doing the Four Horsemen hand gesture and the Bullet Club ripping off the nWo in every possible way immediately come to mind. But I can't help but love when Kyle O'Reilly plays his belt like a guitar like Hollywood Hogan. I read Bobby Fish will be ready to return by the end of the year. I don't see them debuting when he's hurt. That'd be kinda dumb having a group debut and one guy is on crutches. If he's not healthy by the TakeOver in November, I don't see them making their main roster debuts until after WrestleMania. Any later than November would be too crowded and they'd get lost in the shuffle around WrestleMania.
  9. I thought the exact same thing, both now and months ago when they had Bayley beat up Sasha and tell her she ain't shit to a huge ovation. Huge opportunity to breathe some life into these characters. Let's just hope that Becky and Charlotte aren't magically best friends again in a month.
  10. A few more thoughts... - I'm assuming it was just a heel turn but WWE really doesn't need this to be a heel turn for Becky Lynch. This could just be her being frustrated with her recent failures and now she's a lone wolf out there without friends. She could still be a face, just with an edge. It would make for a better character. - I really hope Miz/Bryan doesn't end up as some lame mixed tag. - I'm assuming with the Bella twins out there at the end of the women's match that the rumors are true and it's going to be Rousey vs. Nikki Bella at Evolution. That is so lame. I'm sick of these former models that were in WWE for five minutes and then left without ever looking back like the Bella Twins and Trish Stratus only caring enough to return when they can add the first women's Royal Rumble or first women's PPV to their list of accomplishments.
  11. In that case, yeah, the guys I said are my submission. Ciampa and Undisputed in particular are really firing on all cylinders--Ciampa is a great promo, fantastic heel, and terrific worker. In Undisputed you've got Adam Cole as a great talker, then Roderick Strong and Kyle O'Reilly are two of the best wrestlers in the world. And Bobby Fish is great all-around. And I love their gimmick of "great wrestlers who are also dipshit nerds trying to be the NWO". The only way I see them going with Vince running things though is Adam Cole in his current role with Strong/KOR/Fish as his goons who interfere in all of his matches instead of accomplished wrestlers in their own right, so another scenario where I've got no desire to see them called up. Ricochet is super talented but the more I've seen of him the more I'd prefer him in a tag team where he can do awesome spots without any heavy lifting in character work. Gargano isn't a very good promo but he's got too much babyface charisma for it to hurt him.
  12. I was referring to best. My buddy seems to think Ricochet is the most ready for the main roster and a lot of NXT fans think Gargando is...apparently these people haven't heard these two guys speak.
  13. As usual, an important Roman Reigns main event match disappointed but I'm willing to blame most of this on Brock's increasingly shorter and crappier matcher as time has gone on during his most recent WWE run. I'm very happy to see the title off of Lesnar but I still hope he stays in WWE. There is no spectacle in WWE like a big time Brock Lesnar match. I imagine he'll stay for a triple threat with Reigns and Strowman next month, leave for UFC and then return after WrestleMania next year once his face recovers from the beating Daniel Cormier will give him. AJ vs. Joe was really good but like most of the matches during marathon six-hour PPVs (including pre-show) the crowd can't remain enthusiastic. The NYC crowd is still really good and much better than the overrated Chicago crowd that is just there to hijack the show and chant the name of the wrestler who left who doesn't give a shit about them. I actually really liked the ending to the WWE title match. It made me interested to see where they go from here. Outside of Lesnar/Reigns/Heyman and Miz/Bryan stuff, I've been fast-forwarding everything on WWE TV so I wasn't aware they were using AJ's family in this storyline. Bryan vs. Miz was very good. Rousey vs. Bliss was dumb. Just Rousey talking smack in the ring for five minutes. It wasn't even entertaining.
  14. This one is even more catchy
  15. Track list: 1. Made of Plastic 2. Cocky 3. Gone 4. Handsome Garbage 5. Hold On 6. Blame It On Rock N Roll 7. Let Her Go 8. Drunken Conversations 9. Right Side 10. Ghost Town
  16. Not quite to the same extent but reminds me of Hey there Deliliah. The song was a couple years old when it blew up on the radio if I remember correctly
  17. “Sitting at a Bar” by Rehab. It was originally released on their album ‘Southern Discomfort’ back in 2000. It was re-recorded in 2008 and seemed to take off then. I actually had a copy of ‘Southern Discomfort’ that I had bought a little after it came out, I was very familiar with the song, so in 2008 when it gained popularity and everyone else was like check this out, I was like yeah I know this it’s been out for a while. That started a few arguments with people.
  18. lol why do we even watch this fucking company
  19. This album is impressive.
  20. Haha yeah they reminded me in the video package that I actually attended his first ever coronation attempt at WM 31. That feels like a lifetime ago.
  21. Oh and thank goodness Joe wears good tights because AJ pulling on his tights during the Styles Clash was very very dangerous if you catch my drift.
  22. At least it's finally goddamn over. I've been wishing they'd just make the guy champion already for like a year.
  23. Well Strowman looked like a moron there and they protected Lesnar just in case he comes back I guess. Considering WWE was gonna coronate Reigns no matter what, I can live with what happened even though it was anti-climatic as shit.
  24. I have to assume they're going somewhere with the Becky thing because the crowd was very obviously super hot for her turning on Charlotte. Most of the matches have been good despite less than good finishes.
  25. I read the live results--five matches in and already two titles retained on DQs and a hot babyface turning heel on a cold babyface. Brilliant.
  26. Right, Bohemian Rhapsody became popular because of Wayne's World.
  27. Joe and Styles was amazing. Why did they have to have tha shitty finish
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